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ArtistWidespread Panic
ShowWSP 2005-10-31 Thomas & Mack Las Vegas, NV
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Info hash483e32af755ac3c5107ddcb56f0421e3426f842b
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DescriptionWidespread Panic
featuring The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Horns
The Thomas and Mack Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Taped and transferred by Lee Hart
leehookem21 at yahoo dot com

Source: AKG 483 (DINa) > WarmMod UA5 > JB3 (SVU-1)
Location: FOB, DFC
Transfer: JB3 (firewire) > Creative Playcenter > Soundforge 7.0 (fades) > CDWave (tracking) flac level 6

Set 1
Disc 1

01 Love Tractor
02 Imitation Leather Shoes
03 Born Under a Bad Sign
04 Time Zone
05 Papa Johnny Road
06 Vampire Blues *
07 Bayou Lena *
08 Old Neighborhood *
09 Weight Of The World *

Set 2
Disc 2

01 Superstition **
02 Rebirtha
03 Climb to Safety
04 Monstrosity
05 Drums & Bass
06 Drums

Set 2 (cont.)
Disc 3

01 Arleen *
02 Spirit In The Dark *
03 I Put A Spell On You *
04 Fishwater *


05 Dark End of the Street *
06 Nowhere To Run *
07 Coconut *

* with Dirty Dozen Brass Band
** with Dirty Dozen Brass Band, DJ Method on turntables

TypeWidespread Panic
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Added2005-11-01 18:53:48
Snatched2336 times
Upped byleehookem21
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sbb 2005-11-02 18:51:26
<<i dont know if anyone else thought, but it felt like it was over in 30 minutes. What a fun time!!>>

it felt exactly like that to us too, we commented on that. the whole VEGOOSE weekend went way too quickly. it was so damn fun. This show was great. and the WSP jamming with Trey at the festival was outrageous!
Chillywilly_water 2005-11-03 00:49:55
thanks for the quick upload brother...cant wait to listen...when are we gonna see a 16 bit 10-30-05? up on here? just thought id ask.....

DID ANYONE HAPPEN TO TAPE THE CRYSTAL METHOD SET???????? If so could you possibly upload it?
paulman51 2005-11-03 15:38:07
This looks so f**king sick, THANKS : )
jericho04 2005-11-03 18:27:18
This whole weekend looks like a wicked time!
Thanks for posting!
Eaglesoar 2005-11-03 19:33:57
Yeah what a weekend what a sick set of shows... wasn't able to make it to thomas & mack so thanks for sharing! see you all at vegoose next year peace!
jsfrank 2005-11-03 22:28:07
Hey Lee. Good Job representing Team AKG. I'll be jumping on when I go to bed tonight.

Will you be at New Years?
leehookem21 2005-11-04 04:01:33
possibly at NY's. all depends on my beloved Longhorns.

Atlanta > Pasadena???
jsfrank 2005-11-04 08:57:16
No bowl conflicts with my beloved Illini this year. 4 years ago when we won the Big 10 and made the BCS I would have had easy access to Pasadena from Oakland (I was out there for Steve Kimock Band and then the Phil and Friends/Crusader Rabbit NYE), but the Rose Bowl hosted the title game that year so we were in the Sugar Bowl instead.
Skull420 2005-11-04 10:30:47
This was my second WSP show(the first being the day before) and I think it was the best concert I ever saw. Great crowd, great venue, zero stressful situations and the music brought me to a different world. Can't wait to listen to it again.
feliciaearley 2005-11-04 21:07:35
Is the show with panic playing with trey anywhere to be downloaded???
mmw247 2005-11-05 19:55:27
frisbeefish 2005-11-07 00:48:58
Mad Hatter

This was my first widespread Panic show. I recently discovered them through my friend, it was so amazing!!!!!!!
Thanks for the upload
blackertai 2005-11-08 14:43:41
Anyone else notice there are more tracks than there are entries in the setlist in the text file?
blackertai 2005-11-08 14:51:58
Ah, there's an extra track on disc 3. Instead of track 05 being 'Dark End of the Street', it's an encore break.
Psiseeker 2005-11-11 22:00:41
This show was out da frame! Please email me if you know where to get the Crystal Method sets. I would love to have the whole sound set for the entire night. Can't wait for next year!!!
nfisher2 2005-11-14 18:01:52
I have the Crytal Method sets that I'm about to BT....I'm looking for set lists...anyone?????
nfisher2 at hotmail dot com
DocNasty 2005-11-15 07:22:09
May be able to help with setlist after downloaded.

Method would be sick! Put it up.

BuffaloSabres 2005-11-21 18:23:08
Great Sound quality. Very nice audience recording.
schoolszone247 2006-06-29 14:27:26
Does anybody have the seeds for 10-29-00 in NOLA the 10-26-01 NOLA show or any of the Memphis shows from 00 and 01 if you do please post them so everyone can hear some of the best WSP shows in my oppinion. THANKS

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