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ShowOysterhead -Bonnaroo-2006-06-16
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Info hash92b6a55ddee6f66bd049f830c8725fb98c55dbe7
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What Stage
Manchester, Tn
June 16, 2006

Source: Peluso cemc6/ck4's(75hz rolloff, DIN, 7',FOB,DFC,50'from stage)>w+mod ua-5>jb3(44.1)
Transfer: jb3>creative playcenter>cdwave>flac
Taped and Transferred by Jon Buffington (


1. Little Faces
2. Oz is Ever Floating
3. Mr. Oysterhead
4. Army's on Ectsasy
5. Radon Balloon


1. Rubberneck Lions>
2. Jail House Rock (wamola version)>
3. Shadow of a man
4. Birthday Boys
5. Polka Dot Rose
6. Pseudo Suicide


7. Owner of the World

Oysterhead 2006-06-16d1t03.flac:6b5a02dfc2740ccda63ada68262f2c5e
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d1t04.flac:9a7d0483387527c19ed47ef191fee968
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d1t05.flac:b1151c8201e076e52ba0e7a2770be40f
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t01.flac:8ae3d88c58d46d8e51948a2d934e703c
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t02.flac:fa06470a5cfce02142bed8bdcfdeefa9
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t03.flac:95fff06436e8e3aa5ae68d238a1689be
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t04.flac:33e83388af0086770c8a02b095792e47
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t05.flac:ab07d06ef327dab820c929b5efece2f5
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t06.flac:1cf21b259236ef150c197f1faf08dfa2
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d2t07.flac:7987037dcf43b2d2e0245ca6f384186d
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d1t01.flac:6d3bba710e5813578ec8503a47cd4695
Oysterhead 2006-06-16d1t02.flac:23913508ecd56059af7a33bc54ec9b65
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Pheeln_Phine 2006-07-13 21:18:42
Would someone please open their BT client window and let me finish the download. I am stuck at 99.1% SAD BUT TRUE. It would be much appreciated, THANKS!
vocalman81 2006-07-26 10:04:29
So, how does this compare the the Mk4 source??
maxlm2 2006-08-20 04:42:16
i immensely disliked this show... too spacy and weird for my liking.... was it just me?
Spazpac 2006-08-26 11:11:03
I was at the show and thought it was amazing. Trey, Les and Stew put on one of the best shows at roo this year. This recording only brings good memories.
Title3Jimi 2006-09-24 23:56:11
i was really hoping to see some new songs on this setlist... but no.... I told Trey a couple years ago to get Oysterhead back together and put and out another album 'cause I loved the Grand Pecking Order (this is true, I saw him in Koval's in Hinesburg, VT... used to go to high school there... that morning was worth being late for creative writing...) I guess another oysterhead album isn't in the cards...
cheyneyr 2009-07-18 14:36:02
Thanks for this show!

Also, thanks seeders for keeping on keeping on!

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