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DescriptionElvis Costello and the Imposters
feat. Allen Toussaint and The Crescent City Horns
What Stage
Manchester, TN

Taped by: Kenny Endlich [nikres] (

Source: Binaurals > Sony D8-DAT
Tracked using CDWave
Encoded using Flac Frontend

01. What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love And Understanding?04:18.36
02. Monkey To Man 03:53.54
03. Tears, Tears And More Tears 04:01.74
04. A Certain Girl 02:25.60
05. Clown Strike 04:01.52
06. talking 00:49.49
07. Broken Promise Land 04:49.09
08. talking 00:49.45
09. Freedom For The Stallion 02:58.02
10. The River In Reverse 05:17.65
11. Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further? 05:55.46
12. talking 00.53.01
13. International Echo 05:16.65
14. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) 03:50.63
15. Bedlam 05:48.62
16. Watching The Detectives 06:07.29
17. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down 03:22.43
18. High Fidelity 02:50.67
19. Pump It Up 04:30.05
01. E: Alison / Tracks Of My Tears 04:34.52
02. That's How You Got Killed Before 03:21.06
03. Yes We Can Can 02:45.16
04. The Sharpest Thorn 05:34.19

- missing first couple seconds of track 1 (also, the problem with the vocal
in the beginning was present at the venue, not a result of the recording)

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Added2006-06-20 05:41:36
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caf 2006-06-20 08:58:14
I heard the World Party and Ben Folds sets on XM Radio but did not know Elvis was playing at Bonnaroo too.
tkvindy 2006-06-20 10:45:04
Oh yeah! Elvis was there. This was a great set, in my opinion this was the second best performance of the entire fesival. Really looking forward to hearing it again. Thanks
rev_pyro 2006-06-20 14:15:40
thanks for this.... i missed the first few songs because I was leaving Buddy Guy since he was starting to get boring, and all a sudden he starts showing promise again, and then he just went back to borring

but looking forward to listening to this in a place with a/c, i was sitting right in the sun and at one point even tried to block it with my poncho.....
bephillips 2006-06-20 20:36:26
Thanks for seeding this. I'm seeing them tonight at the Paramount in Oakland, CA. Yay.
Reelboy 2006-06-21 05:39:07
Thank you very much!
krsvnhrn 2006-06-21 11:58:07
this is unlistenable....i hope another source is out there, thanks anyway
Adam2 2006-06-21 17:07:48
while the quality is not perfect, it is certainly enjoyable. please feel free to tape some of the upcoming Elvis & Allen shows so you can show as all how much better you can do. thanks to the poster for putting this up!
martinfoyle 2006-06-21 19:59:12
The recording isn't really at fault. Unfortunatedly the bass seems to have been too high in the mix where the taper was, an all to common occurence at festival shows when there rarely is enough time to get a good soundcheck done. Still I'm sure all Elvis Costello fans, particularly those of overseas, are grateful to hear any recording of this fine live collaboration. Many thanks.
krsvnhrn 2006-06-21 22:06:09
"while the quality is not perfect, it is certainly enjoyable. please feel free to tape some of the upcoming Elvis & Allen shows so you can show as all how much better you can do. thanks to the poster for putting this up!"

Not Perfect, it is awful! but if this is all there is than it IS better than nothing I am sorry if I am an Audio Snob, I cannot listen to this without rolling off the low-end. at Any rate I did say "thanks anyways" by which I meant "I do appreciate the taping and all the effort that went into it" as for you Adam2 "please feel free to enjoy this recording while I do not, I did however enjoy the show so much that I would attend another performance by this duo, however I will be unable to, and you can take your self-rightous attitude else where buddy"
Adam2 2006-06-21 22:12:28
I agree that it is bass heavy, but I made my original comment because so far this is the only EC & AT show to surface and I think the term "unlistenable" was overly harsh.
martinfoyle 2006-06-22 06:48:23
A mp3 from last nights Saratoga show is floating around and it's excellent, so hopefully a full recording will surface soon.
reece107 2006-06-22 14:45:06
Thanks so much.

If it is bass heavy can't we just adjust the bass on the EQ?
bephillips 2006-06-23 04:35:06
The show from 6-20-2006 at the Paramount in Oakland is up at dimeadozen:

No word on the sound quality yet.
bephillips 2006-06-24 01:11:33
Sound quality is similar to other Paramount recordings, one hears a lot of the room, but this is an improvement on the Bonnaroo show sound quality, hope we get another source for the outdoor show. Thanks again for this one.

hamilton 2006-06-24 11:55:12
Interesting arrangement of Watching the Detectives, with the horns.
martinfoyle 2006-06-27 17:06:48
Another 'improved' version of this show is now available
jethrowhitefish 2006-07-09 03:31:33
Unlistenable is complete bullshit. It may not be the greatest, but that's what the Japanese make equalizers for, fool. I missed this set, but my boy caught it and told everyone in my family how lame we were for missing it all the way back to California. After I listened to it I suppose there might be some truth to what he was saying. (I still ain't gonna tell him that though.)
forest_scamp 2009-12-27 15:12:17
Thank you for sharing. I don't mind the bass I find it alive. I can hear the vocals and not a lot of yapping. I made the mistake of reading the comments and just now took the time to listen. Thank you for taking the effort to tape and share. Allen Toussaint's lots a fun

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