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ArtistMy Morning Jacket
ShowMy Morning Jacket - 2006-06-16 - That Tent, Bonnaroo - FOB km140 source
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Torrentmmj2006-06-16.km140.flac24.torrent (click to download)
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Descriptionnote: this is the 24bit copy, I'll be releasing the 16bit cd version tomorrow.

My Morning Jacket
That Tent - Bonnaro
Manchester, TN

Taper: Ed
Location: 15' FOB, JROC, 8' Stand
Mics: DIN
Source: Neumann AK40/LC3/KM100 > Lunatec V3 > Edirol R4
Format: 24-bit, 96khz
Conversion: Edirol R4 > USB > PC
Edit: Fades in Sound Forge 8.0
Tracking: Cd-Wave Editor

**This show was recorded by permission of the band in a taper friendly enviroment. Please help us keep it that way by sharing this recording with your friends. By sharing this and other similar recordings you can help keep live recordings free. Do NOT sell this show.**

Set One
01 Intro
02 Wordless Chorus
03 It Beats 4 U*
04 What A Wonderful Man
05 One Big Holiday
06 Older Guys# > Head Held High@
07 Lowdown*
08 The Way That He Sings
09 Masterplan
10 At Dawn
11 Golden
12 Gideon*
13 Xmas Curtain
14 Dondante**
15 Dancefloors
16 Anytime
17 Interlude
18 Mahgeetah

Set Two
01 A Quick One$**
02 Loving Cup > Easy Morning Rebel Jam%**
03 Attitude^**
04 Off The Record
05 Lay Low
06 The Dark
07 The Bear*
08 I Will Sing You Songs
09 Heartbreakin' Man
10 Evelyn Is Not Real**
11 It's About Twilight Now
12 It Makes No Difference
13 Phone Went West**
14 Run Thru

*With Andrew Bird
**KC Guetig on Percussion, Mike DeSalvo on guitar
#Flying Burrito Bros.
@Velvet Underground
$The Who, first time played
%Rolling Stones, first time played
^Misfits cover, first time played

TypeMy Morning Jacket
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aron41 2006-06-21 16:35:07
Ed's tape brings the hotness. Download this tape! Possibly the best set at Bonnaroo.
erik7socr 2006-06-21 18:25:17
is this version better sounding than the 16 bit one already up? i dont know much about source info
kmess 2006-06-21 20:04:47
this should sound better.... this looks like a killer set...finally!!!

Not that others were bad, there just wasn't enough. Can't wait to hear Phone Went West

Thanks for the seed.
cbd 2006-06-21 20:21:16
<<this should sound better>>

I guess I need to somehow obtain the magical talent of being able to know that this siource sounds better than a B&K4011 rig without even hearing them both

no offense ed, I'm sure it sounds great, its just people comparing sources without actually listening to them has always been an issue with me
kmess 2006-06-21 21:00:41
"its just people comparing sources without actually listening to them has always been an issue with me"

Sorry man, didn't mean to get under your skin.

I was only giving an opinion. And if you notice I used the word "should" rather then "will". When he asked about the 24, I thought he meant how it sounded in relation to a 16 recording.

Peace out...
speshuled 2006-06-22 14:25:04
I haven't grabbed the 4011 source, haven't had time. Can't say who's is better. The sound was spot on just about anywhere in that tent, so I'm sure the 4011 source sounds quite sexy as well.
owenecnerwal 2006-06-25 11:22:10
thanks for this. So far I've been amazed at the recordings people have come away with from Bonnaroo. For a festival that can have some questionalbe and bleeding sound, all the shows I've gotten sound excellent. Yet to hear this, but it did sound great in the tent. Thanks again.
snoknight 2006-06-28 10:59:22
howdy ed. you are the darnd coolest. As for the tard farmers who think that Bonnaroos sound is killer in the first place... dont know audio reinforcement. the sound is dry and hollow... period... not nearly enough digital ref was applyed. dont get me wrong bonnaroo peeps, we love you so!!! mind u, this is no complaint just a observation. as for source info, km140's rule over 4011's period!!! id bet 95% dont even have the playback system to tell the diff betwixt 24 and 16. leave alone the fact the bass response between the 2 is completelt diffrnt'. so shut yer cake holes.
end rant!
Schizoid1 2006-06-28 21:48:52
I know nothing about audience recording other than I generally am disappointed. I have been listening repeatedly to the official flac from last years performance and while it is unfair to compare, I'll say that this is very listenable and will tide me over until makes their own release. Thank you very much!
jethrowhitefish 2006-07-09 03:36:06
Great fucking set from a great fucking band. One of the two best performances of the weekend (can't decide if liked these guys or Sonic Youth more that weekend.) Misfits cover is the shit!

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