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ShowTom Petty - Bonnaroo - 2006-06-16
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TorrentTom Petty 2006-06-16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asTom Petty 2006-06-16
Info hash0e3cb0c162751ecb7d50cb99ebe0c07a8f5c2cbf
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DescriptionTom Petty and the Heartbreakers
What Stage
Manchester, Tn
June 16, 2006

Source: Peluso cemc6/ck4's(75hz rolloff, DIN, FOB, DFC, 50' from stage)>w+mod ua-5>jb3(44.1)
Transfer: jb3>Creative Playcenter>cdwave>flac
Recorded and Transferred by Jon Buffington(


1. Listen to her Heart
2. How it Feels
3. Won't Back Down
4. Free Falling
5. Saving Grace
6. Mary Jane
7. I'm a Man
8. Oh Well
9. Handle with Care
10. Stop Draggin' *
11. I Need to Know*
12. Melinda
13. Insider*
14. Learning to Fly*


1. Don't come Around*
2. Refugee
3. Runnin Down


4. You Wreck Me
5. Mystic Eyes
6. Gloria
7. American Girl*

* w/ Stevie Nicks

Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t02.flac:2dd3a3d14bc83d86fff26b39ebc72455
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t03.flac:709df807ce8a7faf06f9f847d57b88d5
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t04.flac:c1dce9c176758f548b383ebfed60c5de
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t05.flac:00258ed46d7a94a40bdb43f9a588ec27
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t06.flac:97d236f2c0d231491721990cafa57afd
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t07.flac:aa9352d6efe5cc9158af460c6b6e0933
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t08.flac:69393940dfb28bbc0b1285ea2b2988ef
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t09.flac:8a9769a719417f9bb22fd08a59dbed11
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t10.flac:4bb2716ac35324fab31b2a6f8ea2b88e
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t11.flac:f1cc0a6811612904685cbe2e98036daa
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t12.flac:86e421b07394c350e3a06c3022360dbd
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t13.flac:22ca2c54e11035aeaac591079f87666e
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t14.flac:0af5dc2789184edb56dbc2f714d78cf8
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t01.flac:34d623fcf8dc077bd579bdf3e4036a95
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t02.flac:24d690d0f7ea40ea74534118e5fdf11d
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t03.flac:c4f5a6ac1ecb4478cb2e9b15578d3ea2
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t04.flac:3dc371a9e20b60256c60810052ecd91f
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t05.flac:bf070ce4da788af77648202955415ea8
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t06.flac:270b7483de8204678f767a6bfeaa2a29
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d2t07.flac:19f9b69ba1bbf00d3b6013464df99d6f
Tom Petty 2006-06-16d1t01.flac:719e13558c86a0e83d26f7801e4ff35b
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jryanutk 2006-06-22 15:38:32
dorrcoq, I talked to a taper at the Buddy Guy show who said he would send me a copy via snail-mail once he gets home and processes his recordings. It could be a little while but I'll up it as soon as I get it. I saw at least three other tapers there so I would imagine that something will pop up here pretty soon.
dorrcoq 2006-06-22 16:02:09
Thanks for the info jryanutk
newpotat 2006-06-22 23:49:03
Thanks. Great recording.
ljramsey 2006-06-23 10:55:41
Thank you for recording and sharing. This is a great recording!!
MikeG 2006-06-24 01:17:16
this recording is great, there was another that came out 1st that the vocals are washed out, this is a nice tight recording IMO, thanks for sharing.
robsjamz 2006-06-24 02:20:03
Never thought I'd see this band here.
mojowrkn 2006-06-24 21:10:00
Very nice, thanks a bunch!
ct 2006-06-27 18:40:01
Thanks for taping!

Does anyone have the Son Volt show from Bonnaroo?
osubeejay 2006-06-30 11:36:43
anyone know how to convert flac to either mp3 or wav? any help would be much appreciated!
egeffy 2013-03-29 20:21:11
looking for the '97 fillmore shows, would love to collect all 20 of em

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