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ShowBright Eyes,Bonnaroo Music Festival,Manchester,TN 6/16/06 4011s
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TorrentBright Eyes 2006-06-16 4011s 16 Bit.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asBright Eyes 2006-06-16 4011s 16 Bit
Info hash63fe51559ed9013cbc96918897f69944342a76f6
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DescriptionBright Eyes
Which Stage,Bonnaroo Music Festival

cd # 1
Four Winds
Train Under Water
First Day of My Life
Ship In A Bottle
Take It Easy
Poison Oak
Lover I Don't Have To Love
Soul Singer in the Session Band
Another Travelin' Song

cd # 2
Laura Laurent
Hello Sunshine +
Singing A Song In The Morning *+ ^
An Attempt To Tip The Scales
Well Whiskey
June on the West Coast

* w/Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
+ Gruff Rhys
^ With Jim James (My Morning Jacket)

FOB DFC DPA(B&K) 4011s->Luminous Monarchs->SD722@24/96.SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab 5(edit/dither/resample)-> FLAC. Recorded and transfered by Mark Lynn(

brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t01.flac:7c33d8c72ebc13399cb40a455f508f10
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t02.flac:c0c50cfaf40cf7f7e91b48c9f599c0c3
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t03.flac:8171d4d8fdc072a60b8423b71433ecd6
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t04.flac:1045731eebc47448b5c2a16fc2a1f2a7
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t05.flac:0016d022970d1c269b35c0d38f992a79
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t06.flac:f934c4fbcab0858c4d5f311cab376969
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t07.flac:b33062b4e65f29b1a9dbb3fe8062c630
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t08.flac:b169e33061d64f67b1cea84e0419b0e5
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d1t09.flac:d5832a5d8e500a237906fbf6d347fd23
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t01.flac:29dcc68d92cc8b59b11fed98e594c230
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t02.flac:ee627bb4f185098502141c5a0611bbe3
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t03.flac:263a004ae0a84eed6d3176a2635bc6b3
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t04.flac:2174f53b109d3f3b802197fb7e59df57
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t05.flac:a852f80bcfa8677eb0b63df0bc275635
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t06.flac:324d948e36765d133bf7932668b52129
brighteyes 2006-06-16 4011s d2t07.flac:8fbac938213f85d74ef93ff373a77c73
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Added2006-06-22 16:07:26
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spongebobmusicpants 2006-06-22 16:22:00
dangit, i was just about to come download the other source for this right now and now i have to figure out which one is better. darn the great options!

thanks for taping and sharing!
timgondek 2006-06-22 16:24:44
Yeah, f'real. I'll have to grab this one, then compare it to the other sources I've heard. I figure I'll grab every source I can, why not?

Also, any chance the taper of this set stuck around for DCFC?
brg35 2006-06-22 17:20:10
I've downloaded both sources; this one has less crowd noise, but is fairly bassy and doesn't have quite the precision of the other source. They're both very good, and others may have other opinions, but I prefer the dpa 4061 source.
spongebobmusicpants 2006-06-23 14:26:35
death cab @ bonnaroo!

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