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ShowSonic Youth - Manchester, TN - 6-18-06 (DPA 4061s)
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DescriptionSonic Youth
That Tent (Bonnaroo)
Manchester, TN
June 18, 2006

Taper: Aaron
Source: DPA 4061s (NERF) > SP-SPSB-1 > iRiver H120
Location: FOB, DFC, 9' up
Conversion: iRiver H120 > USB > Cool Edit Pro (fades) > CDWav 1.94.5 > FLAC Frontend 1.1.1. (Level 8)

*Please don't sell this recording. Trade it freely.*
*Please don't trade or distribute lossy compressed versions of this recording.*
*Please support live music*

Disc One

01. Intro
02. Incinerate
03. Reena
04. Sleeping Around
05. Pattern Recognition
06. Do You Believe in Rapture?
07. Jams Run Free
08. 100%
09. Turquoise Boy

Disc Two

01. Rats
02. What a Waste
03. Pink Steam
04. Or
05. Lights Out
06. Shaking Hell
07. Expressway to Yr. Skull

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hailboognish 2006-07-06 18:03:45
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! One of my favorite performances of the whole weekend. It is greatly appreciated, can't wait to hear it again.
spongebobmusicpants 2006-07-06 22:53:20
ooooh. not much of the old stuff. oh well...ill probably dl it anyways
newplanet7 2006-07-06 23:33:57
Not a fan of Sonic youth but for those who are this show is up at

Sonic Youth

Gothic Theater
Englewood, CO 2006-06-27

Taped and Transferred by SxPxDxCx
Source: MBHO KA-200N > JK Labs DVC-V12 > JB3
Transfer: JB3 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Thanks to Twister for the loan of the rig.
Run time - 94:13.38

01. * intro *
02. Incinerate
03. Reena
04. * interlude *
05. Tom Violence
06. What A Waste
07. Mote
08. Do You Believe in Rapture?
09. Catholic Block
10. Turquoise Boy
11. Rats
12. * interlude *
13. Schizophrenia
14. Neutral
15. Pink Steam
16. Or
17. * encore *
18. Jams Run Free
19. Sleepin' Around
20. * encore 2 *
21. Lights Out
22. Shaking Hell

tris1979 2006-07-07 02:21:53
thank you!!!!
foldback 2006-07-07 02:34:04
Far and away, my favorite performance of the weekend. SY blew the roof off that tent, they were killer.

Thank you very much!
papagiorgio 2006-07-07 04:23:53
You flipin' rock!!!!!! Thanks so much for taping and sharing this, I was starting to think no one got this show and that would have been a shame. They were so good. They were a big part of the reason I went this year! Thanks again!!!!!
toxaaa 2006-07-07 06:30:41
spoogles 2006-07-07 10:13:28
set list note: Steve Malkmus sits in for Shaking Hell
spoogles 2006-07-07 10:43:16
oops i meant xpressway to yr skull
vern234 2006-07-08 20:35:39
Thanks, I was hoping I would see this eventually. I'm a big fan of your microphones too, did you get the Jicks set also?
jethrowhitefish 2006-07-09 03:15:05
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I still can't decide if I liked SY or MMJ better that weekend. Maybe now I can decide. Maybe not. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sonic Death forever!!
nuno157 2006-07-10 00:36:24
I can't begin to describe my thanks -- have been hoping someone would post this show -- what an epic performance. Thank!!! You!!!
mittenmission 2016-04-13 16:49:27
Can anyone seed? Been trying to get this forever.

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