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ShowNeville Brothers 6-17-2006 Bonnaroo Main Stage AKG483 Flac16 (Funky!)
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Info hash297c8961ad21316d26395911a2ec41885e57b076
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DescriptionNeville Brothers
June 17th, 2006
Manchester, TN
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Main Stage

Source: AKG483(FOB 40ft from stage about half way between board and stage on left rail)>V2>DA-P1>PC>CDR
Transfer: CDR>EAC>WAV>CDwave>Flac frontend(level 6)>Flac16

Taped by: Mark (Odartman)
1st Transfer by: Debra Jones
2nd Transfer by: Scott Brown

***This show is seamless for longer media***


1. Warhorse - Shotgun Joe
2. Hey Pocky Way
3. Can't Stop the Funk
4. Voodoo
5. Besame Mucho
6. A Change is Gonna Come
7. Fire on the Bayou
8. Iko Iko
9. Valence Street
10. Foxy Lady (Jimmi Hendrix)

Disc 2

1. Yellow Moon
2. Big Chief >
3. Shake Your Tambourine
4. Carry the Torch

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 8/11/2006 10:07:18 AM

0e3b11c0eca02e8aec65febccfdc6e9a *Neville2006-06-17d1t01.flac
0f932ff1d3181f38e8247de7f052b2e7 *Neville2006-06-17d1t02.flac
a5f6aed505052d401f02552a19d657d6 *Neville2006-06-17d1t03.flac
079bb32c66714650dfccb3b63a3b0c1e *Neville2006-06-17d1t04.flac
d38ce32083e3f406b0ded82cfc810a9a *Neville2006-06-17d1t05.flac
26ecf35eec44facd340fd98d38ceac55 *Neville2006-06-17d1t06.flac
cd9ddb97ba0a7a15de328cd5407e4f2c *Neville2006-06-17d1t07.flac
52f0e2b574ce228ebbde4ebbe2ab922c *Neville2006-06-17d1t08.flac
1a489d9ce6a8f5ed836918ce95475a3d *Neville2006-06-17d1t09.flac
ed2c03c39a389cf9d547e9e0ff47bf5b *Neville2006-06-17d1t10.flac
03df528088507694c34e947ce8220e58 *Neville2006-06-17d2t01.flac
1a631fd1331387c617d8a5da888bbee4 *Neville2006-06-17d2t02.flac
7d4ca3dfa9a7270d5fa176a601c4da9d *Neville2006-06-17d2t03.flac
94dfe78fcaf68a19cbc171acc91b8702 *Neville2006-06-17d2t04.flac
fc33648503805fb664a578cad4964526 *Neville2006-06-17info.txt
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Added2006-08-11 10:13:29
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funk_pie 2006-08-11 12:01:36
Pimp! Thanks for sharing.
scott420brown 2006-08-11 12:10:14
lehique 2006-08-11 12:45:19
You've made my day... thanx.
jonrtyler 2006-08-11 16:45:52
Thanks! I look forward to hearing this! I watched the webcast and jotted down the setlist during that. I know I'm jumping the gun a bit posting it before hearing this recording, but I'm fairly certain that the set list will be the same.

Again, many thanks!


1. Warhorse - Shotgun Joe
2 Hey Pocky Way
3. Can't Stop the Funk
4. Voodoo
5. Besame Mucho
6. A Change is Gonna Come
7. Fire on the Bayou
8. Brother John - Iko Iko - Jambalaya
9. Valence Street
10. Foxy Lady
11. Yellow Moon
12. Big Chief
13. Shake Your Tambourine
14. Carry the Torch
terra2 2006-08-11 21:01:41
thanks for this seed.i sadly missed roo this year & am looking forward to hearing this set in particular..peace :)
yipes 2006-08-11 22:32:47
This set was great and gave me the strength to stay in one spot (20 rows back) for the rest of the day. I literally was in one spot for about 12 hours with only one piss/food break. Thank you for this!
h2d24DMB 2006-08-12 00:32:37

scott420brown 2006-08-12 08:26:43
Glad ya'll enjoy it. I have the same source for Bela if anyone is interested. Thanks for the setlist!
hambone1982 2006-08-12 09:35:50
Thanks a lot!!! I've been waiting for this one.

Hey Scott, do you have a tape of Tishamingo set? I thought I read that somewhere.

Thanks again!!!
scott420brown 2006-08-12 09:41:05
I am pretty sure Phil has it. He taped it. I will inquire and she I can score it from him and get it up here man.
hambone1982 2006-08-12 11:11:42
Sweet. Thanks!!
h2d24DMB 2006-08-12 12:27:37
Didja happen to get Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk from Bonnaroo as well, please and thank you?
scott420brown 2006-08-12 23:45:14

Funny story about that tho.

So Phil and I were on our way after the Tishamingo set to see Dumpstphunk. Well we ended up at the wrong tent. We were at Super Jam......which worked out nicely. Damn brownies! :)
h2d24DMB 2006-08-13 14:08:03
No worries, bro!

That could happen to anybody, don'tchaknow -- most 'specially if your *name* includes 420 & Brown(ie). LOL

Thanks again for the Neville Brothers -- I can't put it down!!
funk_pie 2006-08-13 16:22:21
This is great! Excellent sound, superb work Mark!

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