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ShowWilco 10-12-2006 Will Rogers Auditorium
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Will Rogers Auditorium
Fort Worth, TX
October 12, 2006

Source: Milab VM-44 Link -> RME QuadMic -> Edirol R4 (24/48)

Location: Right Center Orchestra, Row D, Seat 4, stand at 8’ first 30 minutes, 7’ for remainder

Transfer: Edirol R4 -> Audacity (16/44) -> CD Wave -> FLAC

1. Airline To Heaven   
2. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart  
3. Handshake Drugs  
4. new song (Impossible Germany)
5. Muzzle Of Bees  
6. A Shot In The Arm  
7. At Least That's What You Said  
8. Poor Places  
9. War On War  
10. Jesus, Etc. 
11. Walken
12. Theologians  
13. I'm The Man Who Loves You 
14. Via Chicago  
15. Hummingbird  

Encore 1:
16. The Late Greats (dedicated to Dallas legend Bobby Patterson) 
17. Ashes Of American Flags 
18. How To Fight Loneliness 
19. Heavy Metal Drummer  

Encore 2:
20. new song (Let's Not Get Carried Away)
21. Kingpin

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Mitchell613 2006-10-13 23:46:21
Hey man. Thanks so much for this. I talked to you right after the show to ask if you were going to torrent the show. I should've thanked you more than I did. You're a very generous guy.
_davieto_ 2006-10-14 00:40:21
looking forward to hearing those mics. Love seeing new toys in circulation.

congrats on the mics.
Ricksmith 2006-10-14 10:08:51
Thanks for posting this! We were the guys sitting right next to you; really looking forward to hearing this from our exact vantage point!!
echo2536 2006-10-14 10:15:34
Looking forward to hearing this! I was sitting in row E, right behind you. It was a great show and I really appreciate you sharing the recording.
knevitt 2006-10-14 11:59:47
I have to add to what everyone else has said. I was row F behind you. Thanks so much, great show, can't wait to here it. I really appreciate you sharing this with the rest of us. Thanks.
echo2536 2006-10-14 18:07:55
Excellent sounding recording!
bleedorange 2006-10-14 18:21:11
Holy S#!% This sounds incredible. I was a few rows behind you. Thanks a lot!! Any chance you were at the San Antonio show, too?
suites 2006-10-16 10:05:25
This looks super sweet.

Javit1972 2006-10-16 15:32:41
I'm downloading this to check it out, will be my first experience with these guys but am thinking of taping them on Friday in Latrobe. Thanks! 2006-10-19 16:06:54
does any one have san antonio?
rcb30 2006-11-06 14:26:09
Finally getting around to this and just had to add to the pile -- great sound! I've heard worse sbd's. Terrific job, thanks for the work -

Music, politics, culture, food ...
darkstar1977 2006-11-16 19:50:24
Any way someone can open this up so I can spread it around? Im stuck at 98%...Thanks!

babelbear 2007-05-13 17:03:54
I was also at this show, and it was excellent. any way somebody can open this back up so I can get it. Thanks in advance.

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