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Torrentraconteurs 2006-10-28.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash77650257ca288efaba698f9cc147154e53413c64
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Vegoose - Snake Eyes Stage
Star Nursery Field
Las Vegas, NV

record: Oktava MC012 (card) fob 60' center > Graham Patten Dmic20 with Todd mod> maudio c02> jb3 @ 48k
transfer: jb3>wavelab(resample and fades)>cdwav>flac
recorded and transferd by

01. Intro
02. Intimate Secretary
03. Levels
04. Steady As She Goes
05. Together
06. Store Bought Bones
07. It Aint Easy (bowie cover)
08. Broken Soldier Boy
09. Blue Veins
10. Hands

raconteurs 2006-10-28t01.flac:afa1d238e9c075e5e6562a237a43cfb6
raconteurs 2006-10-28t02.flac:19869cf2250e242c07b7fabd107f9d1c
raconteurs 2006-10-28t03.flac:a4fd5cf2c6606162f7e135188eb40ac4
raconteurs 2006-10-28t04.flac:70fec2a4a2b6d4168a8eb6c608fc5ab6
raconteurs 2006-10-28t05.flac:188753ab7554a3076d8590d37ff47794
raconteurs 2006-10-28t06.flac:cfcd10da6b22571f890246d68ee156bb
raconteurs 2006-10-28t07.flac:921af7a3f7554f204a7265adcfad3a92
raconteurs 2006-10-28t08.flac:e1216fda08662f067baf28a520b88307
raconteurs 2006-10-28t09.flac:20be046d8add70485c5470b0ac7ce81d
raconteurs 2006-10-28t10.flac:02f161f50c188bf977741523fa10b345
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O.D.Jubilee 2006-10-31 16:16:35
Walked in just as they started their set, really enjoyed it & loved seeing a FOB taperssection, thanks for sharing.
benanderson 2006-11-01 21:18:06
Thanks so much! I thought they put on a great show. Vegoose had a different but very cool vibe this year. Did anybody happen to see a taper at The Coup or Jurassic 5 shows?
waxandwayne 2006-11-02 11:58:27
The sound quality on this is unreal. I wasn't able to make it this year, but my friend who went was raving about this set the most. He was only able to go Saturday, not both days. The Mars Volta set is incredible too. Do yourself a favor, if you're a fan of Raconteurs or you need some proof of their greatness, this one is not to be missed. Many many thanks for this incredible gift. :)
stripeydave 2006-11-03 00:04:14
Sweet thanks and many of them! Wonderful share, now I feel a whole lot better!
mrsimonray 2006-11-03 10:01:00
Thanks for the seed.
Here's some cover art for those who might want it.

adeathletter4u 2006-11-03 19:06:31
Thanks a bunch for sharing!
phaterphish 2006-11-03 19:50:20
Thanks for the work and sharing! I didn't really care much for there music though. Guess ya had to be there!
kirklwa 2006-11-04 18:59:09
Thanks for the seeds! These guys were the highlight of Vegoose this year. They owned the stage for the brief time they were out there. Amazing show. Jack White exudes charisma and true rock power. Great quote from the Spin review of the show, talking about them playing "Blue Veins": "If anyone in the crowd told you they didn't wish with all their heart that they were the glowing Jack White at that very moment, they were lying straight to your face. It was almost as if this band was destined to melt faces among the crazy-costumed freaks who rightfully welcomed the blues-rock band to the Nevada desert."
BluesFan 2006-12-05 11:47:14
Many thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to hear it.

I caught the Racs opening for Dylan in Philly and they absolutely stole the show IMHO (this coming from a 55 YO who's been going to see Dylan for over 30 years).

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