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Torrentraq2006-12-31.MK4.16bit.flac.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asraq2006-12-31.MK4.16bit.flac
Info hash6b297d3df86ef252c98621012d2c68bf969b5a6b
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Visulite Theater
Charlotte, NC

**********16-Bit Fileset**********

Source: Schoeps MK4's(DIN) ~> Schoeps NBox+ ~> Edirol R-09@24/48

Lineage: R-09 ~> USB2.0 ~> Audacity 1.2.6(gain/resample/dither) ~> CD Wave ~> WAV ~> Flac Frontend(level 8) ~> Flac

Taped and transfered by Razorback (

set I *
t01 intro
t02 Shout It Out Loud ~>
t03 Walking In Circles
t04 Clamslide
t05 One Of These Days
t06 Forget Me Not
t07 Sucked Up The Chute ~> #
t08 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
t09 Carbohydrates

Set II
t01 crowd
t02 Brother ~>
t03 The Ventriliquist
t04 Will Run ~>
t05 Tone ~>
t06 Will Run
t07 Late Night ~>
t08 countdown ~>
t09 Auld Lang Syne ~>
t10 Late Nite
t11 celebration
t12 Time Bomb
t13 Back To The Head
t14 Tumblin ~>
t15 Mishreddi Solo ~>
t16 Bootch Magoo

t01 crowd
t02 Quick & Painless ~>
t03 Wish You Were Here ~>
t04 Tunnel Vision ~>
t05 Whipping Post
t06 Glimpse
t07 Dont Let Go
t08 Circumstance ~>
t09 Quick & Painless

t10 crowd
t11 Said & Done

* Raq comes out in matching white tuxes
# w/ Jurassic Park tease

**********24-Bit Fileset available**********

raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t01.flac:21ab9fe90390030a9f4c2cf0f9586c30
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t02.flac:a8960d2cf4e3cc17296b3dfd16bed4da
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t03.flac:160c75acb968295ed7520e49800e223d
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t04.flac:93390d3aea71c28960e1d39a05ea50d3
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t05.flac:d3034fa244645519c9d3e8aa640d4682
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t06.flac:53c6d304081c69243258aad77b02646e
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t07.flac:cf55fc85ac58b41b568c6b592ac5a6d4
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t08.flac:af1f24eafee1e2946aa089928731d51e
raq 2006-12-31.MK4 setI t09.flac:978ab6f44e27d433c020ad7ce4a44b37
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t01.flac:0ca2f2370eb2c0906737e8f8faea1c32
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t02.flac:448e31b9f4fb4b3e038feb5d1f232dd6
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t03.flac:9cf89ddd8236dd200952ced6722eaa3c
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t04.flac:6a8a0c27e0b1bfb947bd71062a051f84
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t05.flac:b047f76fed4a183a9bfef4faf1cbc341
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t06.flac:033f8cff7f24e6f706a46a3fe3d98c5e
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t07.flac:80d5ae0cda18c8680a566b6f41e6a04f
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t08.flac:a7f52b08813afe7c0da5cb5859ad0469
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t09.flac:5f165b7ee50b840dced7c417d907f551
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t10.flac:214b01e59ff31ada5dc8fc9af7c91d10
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t11.flac:64861d5ed3dab442d536274435405895
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t12.flac:70f8158b18b492d3c55826ed0cb77520
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t13.flac:8ae2d18c29ed6af441f9a442681daa94
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t14.flac:9b94b4993cbd8116e3a5e751ed11d353
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t15.flac:33076ebe07a12b43523f9d94eaadf956
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setII t16.flac:df6aea386f12b640132ec21973e233bf
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t01.flac:d00f0d64c98ef49dd1a8f0adc0ee757c
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t02.flac:8516b02f8f2b6931574a26dff01837a8
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t03.flac:f3b7865e7574bc084aa91557bf2074f2
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t04.flac:0ce54a2bb895dae8b6882a62c3177150
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t05.flac:048edb3012b126ac2a411a22e418136d
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t06.flac:4a485a99b7cdb295c7e6b8e5e3809caa
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t07.flac:7b6c8b3af88854e0ab3549c4a74aca5b
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t08.flac:75903fd40809b4a67fd8b60186080f07
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t09.flac:a34f0d90f2fe4c29bb8e7cec3be89b81
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t10.flac:42911ce527a1cdd2a36d6e503ef8ef8d
raq 2006-12-31.mk4 setIII t11.flac:eef17dd244970141e9aa195f98d4db29
Last seederLast activity 731 days, 09:07:08 ago
Size1.306 GB (1402422236 Bytes)
Added2007-01-02 04:10:06
Snatched388 times
Upped byrazorback
Num files
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38 files
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0 seeders, 1 leecher = 1 peer total

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SnowRide 2007-01-02 09:25:47
What happened to this? Stuck at 96.6%?
SnowRide 2007-01-02 09:45:45
That was on the 12/30. Seeds back.. THANKS!
funkdebo 2007-01-02 12:48:29
already!!!?!! excellent work!

this show was unbelievable-- !!!A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!
D Bang 2007-01-02 18:19:23
Thanks a million for Raq New Year's Run!! These guys are the bomb...Cheers.
harrylarry 2007-01-02 20:07:48
show of the year! thanks
darkstarblaze 2007-01-02 23:46:30
Show was killer! Nasty skin heads at the venue though. Bad Vibes. Music made up for it!!
featsofstrength 2007-01-03 08:21:17
skin heads at the venue???

the vibe was perfect both nights. not sure where you were standing darkstar, but those 2 shows couldn't be better.

thanks for the upload!
toadyfatz 2007-01-03 13:23:04
Didn't see any skinheads either. Had a wonderful time and Raq was incredible! Thanks so much for this and being so quick!! Much appreciated!
darkstarblaze 2007-01-03 14:49:07
Either you missed them or it was the mushies? Great music and thanks for the upload !!
diskobean 2007-01-03 16:28:11
mustve been the mushies :)
bigjahrome 2007-01-03 19:16:09
not one skinhead there unless you count jay burwick.... and we like him ;-)
thecurtainwith 2007-01-04 08:34:22
thanks for putting this up ... couldnt make it to this show, but desperately wanted to... PLEASE raq come near pittsburgh, ive only seen you guys once!
robmacattack 2007-02-05 18:00:01
Yo can someone hop on one of these NYE torrents? I haven't heard them yet...
diskobean 2007-03-09 21:21:31
If there are no seeds, the show is also available at

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