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ArtistJeff Tweedy
ShowJeff Tweedy 2007-01-30 The Bijou, Knoxville TN
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TorrentJeff Tweedy 2007-01-30 The Bijou, Knoxville TN.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asJeff Tweedy 2007-01-30 The Bijou, Knoxville TN
Info hashe0d5c25335b65a86ddbd7f61440d01cdfaa8313d
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DescriptionJeff Tweedy
Bijou Theater
Knoxville, TN.

Source: AT853RX's>UA-5>JB3
Lineage: JB3>CDWave>Flac
Recorded and Transfered by: Brian Meccia -

01. Intro
02. Be Patient With Me
03. Remember The Mountain Bed
04. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
05. Wait Up
06. Chinese Apple
07. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
08. New Madrid
09. Radio King
10. Wishful Thinking
11. Pieholden Suite
12. The Ruling Class
13. A Shot In The Arm
14. Airline To Heaven
15. Theologians
16. Encore 1:

Disc 2

01. Heavy Metal Drummer
02. Hesitating Beauty
03. Immigrant Song (Intro - with singing from the crowd)
04. How To Fight Loneliness
05. Jesus, Etc.
06. Cars Can't Escape
07. I'm The Man Who Loves You
08. Encore 2:
09. Someone Else's Song (without PA)
10. Acuff-Rose (without PA)

Flac Fingerprints

Jeff Tweedy d1-01 Intro.flac:99f4c06fe5547eabb3d0c08982607146
Jeff Tweedy d1-02 Be Patient With Me.flac:20f4a1840d3444d86bced71444a6b9c4
Jeff Tweedy d1-03 Remember The Mountain Bed.flac:24bf6eb56df8ec25306465aaebed1f3b
Jeff Tweedy d1-04 Spiders (kidsmoke).flac:1326a590f1c184ad83ef833a3f5e5cd3
Jeff Tweedy d1-05 Wait Up.flac:af809412cc97eb671899d1c73a9a709c
Jeff Tweedy d1-06 Chinese Apple.flac:cf1d1f0b61fafdbeffe8932bda6d04e0
Jeff Tweedy d1-07 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.flac:a6385eec98d8a0b4b6dd33c91f60ac79
Jeff Tweedy d1-08 New Madrid.flac:64ea6b4f1deb0668a535cd9236f20855
Jeff Tweedy d1-09 Radio King.flac:850e4a782a83ad5ef05a4509688a664c
Jeff Tweedy d1-10 Wishful Thinking.flac:8de0c467d498dc1233b2f729faf89ee1
Jeff Tweedy d1-11 Pieholden Suite.flac:5e5c67b59eb50dc45af9abc3ddd6ab5d
Jeff Tweedy d1-12 The Ruling Class.flac:2f1c2010ef652e13d8adb8928c67cc24
Jeff Tweedy d1-13 A Shot In The Arm.flac:0b1471310b959cc1971e80dc21549ea4
Jeff Tweedy d1-14 Airline To Heaven.flac:7621da3ab8edaf7b9bd7f1b5d2cf5015
Jeff Tweedy d1-15 Theologians.flac:16e1fc0897c8af9db71a6d928eccb1b4
Jeff Tweedy d1-16 Encore 1.flac:152c34fcde8c1079c50df65dd5d9adfc
Jeff Tweedy d2-01 Heavy Metal Drummer.flac:682537dad325d4b9612743bad64f13cf
Jeff Tweedy d2-02 Hesitating Beauty.flac:3dcf66731c26a69337ce69fda716db88
Jeff Tweedy d2-03 Imigrant Song.flac:baf294c31e257384e528ad8fc1cdbba3
Jeff Tweedy d2-04 How To Fight Loneliness.flac:bee7bc6ad5598814b3f2c078d2212db9
Jeff Tweedy d2-05 Jesus Etc..flac:29c61ad2b50146325b281b5bf46cf168
Jeff Tweedy d2-06 Cars Can't Escape.flac:7c02d19fd09584500b1de78db3c87d26
Jeff Tweedy d2-07 I'm The Man Who Loves You.flac:bab916cf14be9b9c5846246a511ef9e1
Jeff Tweedy d2-08 Encore 2.flac:ed67129c14cc789c85c67f55d72e6929
Jeff Tweedy d2-09 Someone Else's Song.flac:fb14137aadce892d0032c7418ad2a42e
Jeff Tweedyd2-10 Acuff-Rose.flac:4541216d10af578ab515669fd68665ae

TypeJeff Tweedy
Last seederLast activity 93 days, 15:17:36 ago
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Added2007-03-05 00:26:56
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PlanetChad 2007-03-05 07:55:20
Thank you!
Matt7781 2007-03-05 10:27:42
Pieholden! nice!
tiptonhr 2007-03-05 22:02:29
Thank you very much. I was at this show and it was great. As at most of the other shows on this tour, Jeff was in a great mood and was hilarious. I'm looking forward to listening to this boot for the banter as much as for the music.
iarooster 2007-03-06 07:38:32
DawgSong 2007-03-06 09:20:13
Much Thanx !

I agree tiptonhr, I too attended and will no doubt
label this as "The Pop-Top Show".

Great banter, esp. the "country ga" from Knoxxxxvilllllle
who had one too many.

Good Times.

Play Forget the Flowers....'That song is Dog Shit" JT
hummingbird97 2007-07-18 16:47:38
Thanks for making this available. Is there any chance someone could reseed it, I've got all but 1.2% of the show and I'd appreciate it very much if someone could help me out. Thanks.

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