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ArtistJeff Tweedy
Showjeff tweedy 2007-03-03 coleman home, winnetka, il (sbd)
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Info hashcb977b573a64559b25d8e30478161f7116c05b30
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DescriptionJeff Tweedy
Letters to Santa Benefit
Living Room Concert (#3)
The Coleman Home
Winnetka, IL
Saturday March 3, 2007

Recording and Transfer By: ckc

Source: Multi-track Soundboard + Room Mics (Studio Projects C4, X/Y 12' back, 6.5' up) > MOTU Traveler > MOTU Audiodesk > SDII Audio Files (44.1kHz/24-bit)
Transfer: SDII Audio Files > ProTools 7.3.1 (Mixing, Processing, Mixdown) > AIFF > Peak 5.2 (Mastering, Dither, Tracking) > AIFF > xACT 1.58 (Level 6 w/verify) > FLAC

Disc One

[First Set]

01 [pre-show banter]
02 [requested by: Erin]
03 Spiders
04 [requested by: Jen]
05 Someday Soon
06 [requested by: Wendy]
07 Radio King
08 [requested by: Jackson]
09 Reservations
10 [requested by: Leo]
11 Pot Kettle Black
12 [requested by: Christine]
13 Muzzle of Bees
14 [requested by: Jenny]
15 Not for the Season
16 [requested by: Johnny]
17 No More Poetry
18 [requested by: Chris T.]
19 Dreamer in my Dreams
20 [requested by: Tom]
21 Jesus Etc. (w/ Erin Coleman on violin)
22 [requested by: Melissa]
23 Heavy Metal Drummer
24 [requested by: Vanessa]
25 One by One
26 [requested by: Mike]
27 Impossible Germany
28 [requested by: Donna]
29 Who Were You Thinking of?

Disc Two

[First Set continued]

01 [requested by: Kevin]
02 Gun
03 [requested by: Amy]
04 New Madrid
05 [requested by: Steve]
06 ELT
07 [requested by: Susan]
08 What Light
09 [Set Break/Second Set]
10 [requested by: Kristen]
11 Theologians
12 [requested by: Kristen]
13 I'm a Wheel
14 [Jeff's theories about guitar shapes]
15 [requested by: Mr. Scheyer]
16 Passenger Side
17 [requested by: David]
18 Family Gardner
19 [requested by: Anna]
20 Magazine Called Sunset
21 [requested by: Ken]
22 Is That the Thanks I Get
23 [requested by: Doug / Jeff talks about Letters to Santa]
24 Forget the Flowers
25 [requested by: Morgan]
26 Always in Love
27 [requested by: Chandler]
28 Love and Mercy
29 [requested by: Chris C.]
30 Can't Keep From Talking
31 [requested by: Adam]
32 I Got You (w/ Jen Reinking and Chris Cross on background vocals)

Disc Three

[Second Set continued]

01 [requested by: Chris N.]
02 I am Trying to Break Your Heart
03 Misunderstood
04 [requested by: Warner]
05 Pecan Pie
06 [requested by: Chris H.]
07 Should Have Been in Love
08 [requested by: Kyle]
09 Acuff Rose (w/o P.A.)
10 [requested by: Edie]
11 Hate it Here (fragment)
12 [Wilco Ruins Records]
13 Can't Stand It
14 Candyfloss
15 [requested by: Gail]
16 Pieholden Suite
17 [requested by: Rich]
18 How to Fight Loneliness
19 [Thanks to Susan Miller Tweedy]
20 I'm the Man Who Loves You
21 California Stars (w/o P.A. on vocals)

fea55bdf54fdfb3ae54bc2fd5e4c62ae *jtweedy2007-03-03_artwork/03-03-2007 - Back traycard for fullsize case.pdf
c03b6452669977cccc46538c33e50eb6 *jtweedy2007-03-03_artwork/03-03-2007 - Cover fold for fullsize case.pdf
97a084bc333e7ada9aa35de580bde579 *jtweedy2007-03-03_artwork/03-03-2007 - Fold for slimline case.pdf
0208617eecbaacfa006a00129fdde36d *jtweedy2007-03-03.txt
fd2ff390a4fb354c61a6b5852ceb6f86 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t01.flac
5b6b8a08545a3dbb13654f5592cf210b *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t02.flac
dc27b0c93124cfedb239bc6c565c5cf4 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t03.flac
462de1654634915941e22b476e001968 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t04.flac
9e4c7455bdc1bae04d22f43f2d3117c9 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t05.flac
a6083a56c102b8c12fceb9879191c4bb *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t06.flac
7af393463850c4195be0d4f2ec894750 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t07.flac
d09614dc01a96fab48a30980433aff55 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t08.flac
bf9c3756fad1ba2d3f2129f1f592ae69 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t09.flac
1d1e3fdaebeb1e39a9f32aed47761b06 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t10.flac
f14bdf7760a93b6aac7963ea7601999c *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t11.flac
7ef02efc12fc22e758eb498c1bb160ab *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t12.flac
0dd8aa8c55d885987cafe8e3418dce7c *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t13.flac
bf1ccab3aefe2d5dc3e336074cc1d883 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t14.flac
8e371e371a5b99c66213be242f163c3f *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t15.flac
91a6d5ebf476c63f5047f5e855a2fa16 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t16.flac
b1184ec9b68adb3d422ea2548c8ac9ce *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t17.flac
53ecb5e5dba676be8586966e20f03d0f *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t18.flac
f0dd223a44e127a5d8a4e2a49263c92a *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t19.flac
dd063fcdb7f4679d1a9ea8ad7927a001 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t20.flac
8cf9ea44d08cfb26e81050cb2a8b0cb3 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t21.flac
e4a22ea6720eb6600d42a225a7830803 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t22.flac
40e37a521b06b09154bc82d7abb3842a *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t23.flac
6c190e29c01f9a5bada424a2ce7c9a25 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t24.flac
d0397438fc70b9e8b3fc923b0ea0a47b *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t25.flac
1b7d4b35e48f096f842270ba9c3b89d7 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t26.flac
ff4494d4e8ae753744bf9f7e575a2f3a *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t27.flac
e1163058d65f209978080ea0115f9559 *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t28.flac
7cf43e9577721834b99cbe9c38224f0c *jtweedy2007-03-03d1t29.flac
e3d72e02ca93ee58bd6e5a537afafab9 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t01.flac
f9afc2af622da485b02652397ec01017 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t02.flac
ac1865540f4cf1e015677518aee8b625 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t03.flac
c6656b2e47584115a9fff353e8cd8e40 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t04.flac
3813e63772bb95c48f92305bcafc1d3e *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t05.flac
ce071fd4f7996377fb9000f0041a5c7a *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t06.flac
ad40c38e584198bd4d8d7fbb54ed1307 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t07.flac
414843e119a21ff5b27f891a936db4d9 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t08.flac
7f1714b7c28e103a6534784b8f84a262 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t09.flac
a526223848811cc40cb1299a463331cd *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t10.flac
f46de99de1788b0851a25d27a2e9ac0b *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t11.flac
0435453ef07094fe5301499bfa6b7803 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t12.flac
5af82c3e2aa331b96bebfa543ff0daee *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t13.flac
6f5e5404f7b71f5dca4f7986ffa44cac *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t14.flac
266ce27f67ad558c5a89c9cd1af96bf9 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t15.flac
4807315bb8cf245176934f378aba5b18 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t16.flac
20afb1020f98667beeee9c1fb41c5635 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t17.flac
e8f1b3062ec7b23f8997bd47b5529f97 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t18.flac
ebb03bf29b90d206e8541cc601eeda6e *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t19.flac
28172f77c7b122bf5917736cadb634ff *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t20.flac
dfe8f9a1f18898022689042e5f278be7 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t21.flac
a183efccd9cb005a6d2e89dc27223ab5 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t22.flac
ad9f22536171dd9e6736bd85aec44201 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t23.flac
3b8d55208158c9ae9e9bc5d46f2dd2d0 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t24.flac
e2169848c94a9499c2a67e920a04ba48 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t25.flac
f1228626b53fc1a356dc4be6265edcb3 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t26.flac
099a99388d76a19abfcdcae68d7e2dec *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t27.flac
2253089ffd8391088af7a4ef16c09d2f *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t28.flac
d18fd117a0d6bb1e011e8e92fb54b932 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t29.flac
62087f79f1408c584536ded54acdfd82 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t30.flac
8cd9a1a987a06d8c64bd59aecc7b8179 *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t31.flac
505402677fb5312299a5d0ecaa93439b *jtweedy2007-03-03d2t32.flac
7eff7aea808fc8dd000600caef62aa8f *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t01.flac
56bb011b7cfba5f9307ea9ee8a8a69c3 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t02.flac
6829ca732ce613dcc0ccfe65f0b314e4 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t03.flac
1cb5202a79d0434cd5a019a6696cebcb *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t04.flac
0fe72244fb89350180f69c06d1b27de6 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t05.flac
8e165c0c6ba66cfc52e154c4228bbf4e *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t06.flac
e890530fe9d092aded20b51c742e4231 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t07.flac
5af4a565d1de7b68ae6c0bb65dc5929b *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t08.flac
ac08b409112a4be38ffc288ec7690f90 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t09.flac
04048e94ef73a62660b0b38304f8605f *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t10.flac
4f2ed65832f598b820aae5fdabed0674 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t11.flac
2092a18ee5ab47692cccdc0a39a27445 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t12.flac
10fda20cc67f579f1b3e1f439f1fcbe7 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t13.flac
dd61dfece70182e4e619445b92782305 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t14.flac
32b3d877a95324d91785d824742770ca *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t15.flac
361912ce14a4c0afbee2107a8ee70583 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t16.flac
81534e385b57fbef674099d21599a10e *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t17.flac
f4f0614b002f7b12a036e3e5860aeaf7 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t18.flac
f033494aa7f30c43cd9e3ecceb9dc374 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t19.flac
5c8caff738eba10c73c5dd7fd3230a50 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t20.flac
23026768ad474bb2dc6e9baa0370e8f8 *jtweedy2007-03-03d3t21.flac
TypeJeff Tweedy
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_davieto_ 2007-05-28 23:19:03
Holy crap. This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

can't wait for bonnaroo and Atlanta.
DawgSong 2007-05-29 10:28:14
Much Thanks pwig and to all involved.

Good Times indeed
bouwser 2007-05-29 16:24:05
I can't wait to hear this. I have heard great stories from Chris Cross.
crovaxthecrazy 2007-05-30 21:48:38
Stuart Coleman's house?
fr0g_D 2007-05-31 10:43:45
Kick Ass Man Thanks!
noahz 2007-07-15 12:40:31
Yeah this rules thanks!!!
drumxpx 2007-08-22 23:01:45
Hate to ask here. But, can anyone post the other living room shows from 2/24/07 and 4/8/06?
lintoni 2007-09-21 17:08:52
"Hate to ask here. But, can anyone post the other living room shows from 2/24/07 and 4/8/06?"
Ratskin 2009-11-01 20:49:24
Thank you so much for making this file available. I will make sure to spread the joy and keep it loaded indefinately.
Ratskin 2009-11-02 10:42:45
Oh my gosh! I shouldn't have said anything! The seeder is gone and I have only 20.1 %. Could you please seed until I am complete and THEN I will share indefinatley.
jmrrow 2009-11-05 19:10:42
Have you been able to download the entire file? I too am having trouble downloading this, the best I can get is approx 4 kb/sec. I want to get this downloaded so I can seed this. I actually used to have this but lost it.... :(
UrbanSurfer 2010-08-20 08:16:37
It is just trickling along, quite slow, but am hoping it will be worthy of patience. Thanks for keeping the tap on and the seed going.
brakshow 2012-10-26 14:25:09
Any seeds out there to help me finish this show up? Been off and on and have seen a couple other leechers trying to finish up. Thanks in advance!
brakshow 2012-11-12 22:34:59
To the seeder who hopped on this evening--- thanks!! Will keep this seeded to help out the other late comers.

MrWillikers 2014-01-20 01:42:54
Thanks for hanging on to this show, my friend!

romasb 2014-02-25 14:09:10

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