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ShowFeist 2007-06-17 Bonnaroo This Tent
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Info hash8a19327e3aa2df8bef4938ff9acbbc59a55a894f
June 17, 2007
Bonnaroo - This Tent
Manchester, TN

Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Battery Box > Nomad Jukebox 3
Transfer: NJB3 > USB > PC > Sony Soundforge 7.0a
Edit: Sony Soundforge 7.0a (Splitting) > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 etree edition > Tag & Rename

00) Introduction
01) When I Was A Young Girl
02) I Feel It All
03) So Sorry
04) My Moon My Man
05) The Park
06) First New Unknown Song
07) The Limit To Your Love
08) Second New Unknown Song
09) Gatekeeper
10) Secret Heart
11) Brandy Alexander
12) One Two Three Four
13) Mushaboom
14) Sea Lion Woman
15) Let It Die
16) Band Introductions & Outro


This show was recorded in a taper friendly environment and may not be sold under any cirumstances. For a free copy, simply email the address below.

Tech Notes:

I have done quite a bit of work with this recording, due to an abnormal amount of crowd noise, and a repeated electronic interference (possibly someone's cell phone ringing). This interference was primarily present towards the end of the set. In some spots I've used a noise elimination scheme and in others I've doubled up one channel. Overall I'd say despite these few small pieces the recording quality is very high and quite enjoyable.

Recorded & Seeded by:

breathmint (
Snowden Hub (dchub://

00) Introduction (June 17 2007).flac:4b089ca4aa9e467f60dd8ec51ea34f40
01) When I Was A Young Girl (June 17 2007).flac:e82d86c7600bfe80bfc164967120abfd
02) I Feel It All (June 17 2007).flac:ccf62d71c501bc4ba723d9eb3e50f694
03) So Sorry (June 17 2007).flac:eea98819caa5fe66a3d52c26a5186a23
04) My Moon My Man (June 17 2007).flac:5ddb393187f00a9b70cab6824a701175
05) The Park (June 17 2007).flac:f1ebc4420c74fb11f441b03544cb7527
06) First New Unknown Song (June 17 2007).flac:044eeb8457d7ce8e0eeffd309fa36c3b
07) The Limit To Your Love (June 17 2007).flac:06dd2c4a247e8acf4b9e2069e6bccaa7
08) Second New Unknown Song (June 17 2007).flac:220d7d3d655eb47f65edf70b88b1548a
09) Gatekeeper (June 17 2007).flac:5135b2cb2c585ff93e4a648456cfdac8
10) Secret Heart (June 17 2007).flac:d055efdd1d2e16cdd6415c692e754709
11) Brandy Alexander (June 17 2007).flac:dfee18593c41f0173d86b260fabbf468
12) One Two Three Four (June 17 2007).flac:76a3604737bcd4d5a2bb0d1591805802
13) Mushaboom (June 17 2007).flac:23e9d690ed36461fc8cebc0a22e6161f
14) Sea Lion Woman (June 17 2007).flac:005025b32a9c14393b2c3b271962ed2b
15) Let It Die (June 17 2007).flac:4ca6522119448c537fb00a9b185f95fc
16) Band Introductions & Outro (June 17 2007).flac:15a1e1714c588a5e3d8c24cddd41b542
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breathmint 2007-06-20 11:35:54
OK, here's the Feist recording. Please check out the tech notes in the text for a summary of the process I used to clean this up a bit. Overall, I think it sounds fantastic and I hope you all enjoy it !

Please help me out y seeding as long as possible, so I can move on to the rest my Bonnaroo recordings ASAP.

Special Thanks to byl for motivating me to tape this !
breathmint 2007-06-20 12:15:10
The first unknown song may or may not be called "Phantoms" or "Phantoms They Play." I figured I might as well leave it untitled since either is a guess, and I'm sure it will get corrected someday when this song is released.

spongebobmusicpants 2007-06-20 12:15:30
sweeeet. this is one of the sets ive been most looking forward to.
soulrebel33 2007-06-21 11:45:02
thank you
RBayers 2007-06-23 11:34:01
Bonnaroo Superjam: John Paul Jones, ?uestlove, Ben Harper:
kmb187 2007-10-08 17:44:16
The second is "In My Hands" by Tony Scherr.

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