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The Murat Theater
Indianapolis, IN
Audio-Technica 835c(shotguns) > Aiwa Mini-disk, 5th row center
Taped By Andy Morano

Shot in the arm
Side with the seeds
You are my face
I am trying to break your heart
Handshake drugs
War on war
Impossible Germany
Sky blue sky
Jesus, etc.
Hate it here
Shake it off
I'm the man who loves you

----Disk Two------

Sunken Treasure
Heavy metal drummer
Outta sight
California Stars

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1.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
2.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
3.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
13.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
3.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
4.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
5.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
6.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
7.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
8.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
9.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
10.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
11.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
12.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
18.Wilco 6.15.07 D2.shn OK
19.Wilco 6.15.07 D2.shn OK
20.Wilco 6.15.07 D2.shn OK
14.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
15.Wilco 6.15.07.shn OK
16.Wilco 6.15.07 D2.shn OK
17.Wilco 6.15.07 D2.shn OK

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Remember this is encoded in .shn file format. You might need the correct 'add - on' in your burning software or the encode/decode software (which is free). There is a bunch info for this on etree's homepage if you need help.

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