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Showthe richard thompson band bonnaroo 06-15-2007
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Descriptionthe richard thompson band
bonnaroo 06-15-2007
the other tent

1)needle and thread 5:32
2)shame on you 6:01
3)take care the road you choose 7:44
4)dads gonna kill me 6:12
5)hold on me 9:28
6)where it hurts 4:23
total 72:11 min/sec

this was my first time seeing richard
so im not sure of the full setlist.

taped on edirol r-01 w/ mxl dual mic for the left

and right and audio tech mic for the sound in whole.
transfered and edited with adobe audition 1.5.
recorded in 16bit wave
taped and transfered by duain altepeter

01 needle and thread.flac:cd2bab674c89e8467228ca2e8011f7c0
02 shame on you.flac:bfe4e5596ebe3400a69b5a9e59b02c5c
03 choose your road wisely.flac:3fcd04c72378b97e17f3a86d998b4f43
04 war song.flac:b01f3b2184d9fa9bb50452c9ece013c3
05 hold on me.flac:a27e2346f674ffc3111a2cfee63198de
06 where it hurts.flac:c8d177cf506e865f03edb92047a26abd
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Northerntube 2007-07-21 01:35:44
yes, thanks for this. RT is criminally under-appreciated and her's 65 minutes or so of proof. Thanks again.
CamLwalk 2007-07-22 00:05:51
Oh good heavens! Richard is so unknown we can't even come up with a setlist. Richard is the greatest musician in the world...really. I've been an enormous fan for decades. I saw him at the Egg in Albany and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. I shouldn't complain about his ridiculous lack of's very easy getting tickets. Thanks so much for the recording and here's the setlist...

1. Needle & Thread
2. Bad Monkey
3. Take Care the Road You Choose
4. Dad's Gonna Kill Me
5. Hard on Me
6. I'll Never Give It Up
7. Al Bowley's in Heaven
8. Vincent Black Lightning 1952
9. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
10. Wall of Death
11. Read About Love
12. Tear Stained Letter
PedroH 2008-07-08 13:37:34
I just saw him the other night in Toronto (7/6). RT is always the best. Looking forward to hearing an electric show!

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