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Showgillian welch bonnaroo 06-15-2007
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Descriptiongillian welch
bonnaroo 06-15-2007
the other tent

1)orphaned girl 5:00
2)elvis presly blues 5:55**
3)rock of age 4:03
4)? 6:16
5)i wanna sing that rock and roll 3:43
6)? 5:00
7)? 5:51*
8)back in time 4:51*
9)key to the kingdom 5:20*
10)everything is free 4:59
11)? 7:10
12)stage banter 2:33
13)1st lover 3:24
14)? 4:29
15)? 3:24
16)time (the revelator) 7:54
17)? 4:22
18)? 3:38
19)i'll fly away 3:46
20)jackson 4:01*
total 95:48

* w/ john paul jones mandolin
**gillians mic pitches 2 seconds

sorry for the setlist.

taped on edirol r-01 w/ mxl dual mic for the left and right and audio tech mic for the sound in whole.
transfered and edited with adobe audition 1.5.
recorded in 16bit wave
taped and transfered by duain altepeter

Last seederLast activity 1 day, 10:00:59 ago
Size400.90 MB (420376841 Bytes)
Added2007-06-27 19:30:14
Snatched1704 times
Upped byzanos
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hailboognish 2007-06-27 20:27:32
Thanks - this was one of my favs from the weekend. Here's what I had for the setlist:

Orphan Girl
Elvis Presley Blues
Rock of Ages
Throw Me a Rope
I Want to Play that Rock & Roll
Black StarLook at Miss Ohio (w/JPJ)
Wayside/Back in Time (w/JPJ)
Keys to the Kingdom
Everything is Free
Knuckleball Catcher
My First Lover
No One Knows My Name
One Little Song (Gillian solo)
To Be Young
Caleb Meyer
Encore: I'll Fly Away, Jackson (w/JPJ)

I think at one point she played a little Wildwood Flower too but just for a minute or so.

Thanks again.
skevap 2007-06-27 20:50:46
Whatever happened to the sbd that was posted the day after the show? Was it pulled because it was from a stream?
SF702 2007-06-27 22:41:54
skevap...yeah I think it was...Im glad I got it while it was there......ELVIS PRESLEY BLUES......hell yeah
I forgot she wrote that...Jimmy Buffett sings that now live
carpetdawg1 2007-06-28 00:28:34
mrzeau 2007-06-28 07:20:09
Any way you'd be willing to do a good old snail mail trade for a copy of that SBD, SF702? I found that torrent just before it got pulled, and when I clicked the download link all I got was a page telling me the torrent was gone.
zanos 2007-06-28 09:13:14
i dont know about the soundboard, i was set up in front center of soundboard, they tried all day to shut me down, because tool was playing that day and tried to make a no taping policy for the whole day, what assholes, the only reason i was able to stay set up is because i met this cool cat named peter who had an all access media pass and he stayed with me so i could record.
scott420brown 2007-06-28 15:00:11
I have the original soundboard and I taped it off the stream. If you like a copy of it email me.
ccrider895 2007-06-28 17:10:12
Thanks! You totally rock :-)
guiness 2007-06-28 22:10:51
Still trying to snag this show.....can someone or more than one person please reseed this? Thanks!!!
spongebobmusicpants 2007-06-28 23:06:13
there's 104 seeders...if yer not able to get it, im pretty sure the problem is on yer end...
datdork 2007-06-29 02:12:16
shntool output:

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
5:00.00 52920044 --- -- ---xx 01.flac
5:56.39 62890740 -b- -- ---xx 02.flac
4:03.36 42949348 -b- -- ---xx 03.flac
6:16.43 66427512 -b- -- ---xx 04.flac
3:43.32 39412576 -b- -- ---xx 05.flac
5:00.00 52920044 --- -- ---xx 06.flac
5:51.70 62081776 -b- -- ---xx 07.flac
4:51.59 51471464 -b- -- ---xx 08.flac
5:20.73 56618608 -b- -- ---xx 09.flac
4:59.06 52758248 -b- -- ---xx 10.flac
7:10.29 75920392 -b- -- ---xx 11.flac
2:33.14 27022540 -b- -- ---xx 12.flac
3:24.19 36030036 -b- -- ---xx 13.flac
4:29.68 47611112 -b- -- ---xx 14.flac
3:24.19 36030036 -b- -- ---xx 15.flac
7:54.18 83656228 -b- -- ---xx 16.flac
4:22.39 46309200 -b- -- ---xx 17.flac
3:38.63 38603608 -b- -- ---xx 18.flac
3:46.10 39890396 -b- -- ---xx 19.flac
4:01.08 42531884 -b- -- ---xx 20.flac
95:48.46 967.08 MB (totals for 20 files, 0.4145 overall compression ratio)
kilitime 2007-06-30 16:06:46
Awesome, thanks for your efforts
taparoo 2007-12-09 03:00:38
Are there any out there that can help seed? I desperately want this show, I'd really appreciate it!
zooeyprose 2007-12-09 20:38:36
Hey, thanks for this! I'm trying to get it now, because I can't find a copy of Knuckleball Catcher or Throw Me a Rope anywhere else. Please, please, please, keep seeding... Thanks again.

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