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ArtistKeller Williams
Showkeller wmds bonnaroo 06-16-2007
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Descriptionkeller & wmds
bonnaroo 06-16-2007
the other tent

01)? 7:51
02)? 5:14
03)? 13:06
04)?>freaker 11:00
05)brown eyed women 5:14
06)? 4:03
07)people watching 6:56
08)? 5:14
09)? 4:43
10)? 5:22
11)? 4:11
12)santeria 6:56
13)? 6:56
14)? 6:17

the stage sound was off a little during
1st song, but they fixed it right away
taped on edirol r-01 w/ mxl dual mic for
the left and right and audio tech mic for
the sound in whole.
transfered and edited with adobe audition
recorded in 16bit wave
taped and transfered by duain altepeter

04 freaker.flac:0bd7ec4241e95a880ee5a4ac9cffc4f8
05 brown eyed women.flac:30e2b3ae78cfc7f1387d5ed17ce9d85e

Visibleno (dead)
TypeKeller Williams
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Added2007-06-27 21:12:59
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indydarkstar 2007-06-27 21:28:58
I have been waiting for this to up,also would love to find the superjam.thanks a bunch!
jazzhead74 2007-06-27 21:46:03
the superjam is up on dime!
WCLucas42 2007-06-28 09:38:32
Check out this site, all the roo 07 torrents in one place...

Super Jam is on there. If you know of otheres not on there drop em a note so they can be included... He is doing a great job providing this info!
WCLucas42 2007-06-28 09:39:53
Forgot to say thanks for the show.

fleish 2007-06-28 15:41:19
thanks for posting the wmds ... which i missed in favor of ween ... and thanks for the post to the collection of links to all roo 2007 torrents
planbee 2007-06-29 01:28:19
Hell of a show, I witnessed a good portion of it...thanks for the up.

A little setlist help...this is just the way I decided to split the discs

1- Intro > Killer Waves
2- (instrumental, possibly Blatant Ripoff)
3- Still Wishing to Course* > Pets# > We Love You*
4- Groundscore > Freeker By The Speaker
5- Brown Eyed Women
6- Casa Queztal
7- People Watching
8- Got No Feathers
9- Time Is Still&

1- Doobie in My Pocket
2- Life Is
3- Santeria^ > Kiwi and The Apricot
4- Ninja
5- Play This

*Camper Van Beethoven
# Porno for Pyros
& Gibb Droll tune
^ Sublime
fleish 2007-07-03 22:25:46
d1t02 instrumental is Thin Mint

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