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Showwilco 2007-09-01 @ Fillmore - Denver, CO night1 flac16
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Torrentwilco 2007-09-01 flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash522900e8e2539c0afe2fbbdaf49ba06f44713e67
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The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

taped and transfered by jeromejello []

Source: AT853a (c) > SD MP-2 > ihp120
hrtf#, dfc, ots
Transfer: ihp120 > usb2 > SF 7.0* > cdwav > flac

released into the wild: 09-05-07

one set only

Disc 1
01. intro [00:55.00]
02. You Are My Face [04:41.00]
03. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart [06:21.00]
04. Pot Kettle Black [04:56.00]
05. Handshake Drugs [06:07.00]
06. Shot in the Arm [04:52.00]
07. Radio Cure [05:03.00]
08. War on War [03:51.00]
09. Side With the Seeds [04:58.00]
10. Shake It Off [05:55.00]
11. Too Far Apart [04:12.00]
12. Jesus, etc. [04:29.00]
13. Walken [04:38.00]

Total Disc 1: [60:58.00]

Disc 2
01. I'm the Man Who Loves You [03:57.00]
02. Hummingbird [03:40.00]
03. On And On And On [04:16.00]
04. encore 1 (crowd) [02:05.00]
05. Impossible Germany [06:18.00]
06. How To Fight Loneliness [04:46.00]
07. Spiders (Kidsmoke) [13:28.00]
08. encore 2 (crowd) [02:04.00]
09. Via Chicago [05:28.00]
10. Hate it Here [04:36.00]
11. Heavy Metal Drummer [03:29.00]
12. I'm Always In Love [03:44.00]
13. Outtasite (Outta Mind) [03:11.00]

Total Disc 2: [61:02.00]

~ show notes ~
# - mics mounted in croakies, stealth stylee.
* - both channels normalized to -0.1dB.

^^^^^^^^ flac fingerprint^^^^^^^^^

wilco 2007-09-01 d1t01.flac:7ebd0b5c53b3726ceb4c81023cc006b6
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t02.flac:77f14c205953d49215b1dec7248851e5
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t03.flac:82619f13b539338c764472994ce70a3e
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t04.flac:8e5c7d0ac18bf2e8ec95b93e54db9dc5
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t05.flac:f9408e3c972fec0d6eb8e42ed6749ca0
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t06.flac:ebc8ee49861f889e6a145f773861f51c
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t07.flac:0df9b28603044822d7cca1789d1d090e
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t08.flac:8b054614f2176ea3151030132648385a
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t09.flac:0374c88d9b643103913e146770dadee5
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t10.flac:88970e7dce3c1ba62e7051596ce19a4c
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t11.flac:dd6f0558fb8cc1f552390e2c864e15fe
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t12.flac:0c5e371b214b23929c0caea225d2f3c6
wilco 2007-09-01 d1t13.flac:b626e1fa283810bd6507272f8bbeacdb
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t01.flac:57ec85c978e4f1722214612d4faa3d00
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t02.flac:82365c2632de2bffc8b8d6afea03e02d
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t03.flac:d401fa99e28dd03b6d99ab9bbd38b35c
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t04.flac:53cd0860bccb881f37275232af2f4169
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t05.flac:8f44a6bea2023584d991bc349a4fa9c6
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t06.flac:825e424d77e421a4dc63070d4e75b5f9
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t07.flac:a805cc89a1df2f75ac1b5e05bdda58e7
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t08.flac:9191d45bcac1e619d381e1c8d9c7ca39
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t09.flac:8c0f21b941e9dafa3e45da10ca7c9d04
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t10.flac:c75715b75e253d57b76be493204fa262
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t11.flac:700d7e5fc995f60030067ac1f4e58e64
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t12.flac:ff0ff05a6aae7f6f5e18010af7ad653b
wilco 2007-09-01 d2t13.flac:ef8b55d8d6824125bf44c20f38b8c382
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jeromejello 2007-09-04 23:22:24
Comments welcome.

i will seed 9-2-07 (the second night) as soon as there are enough peers on this torrent.

denverapolis 2007-09-04 23:33:14
hell yes dude - thanks!
i'll seed this and the next one as long as necessary.
graysky 2007-09-04 23:36:21
Thanks for sharing, always good to get new Wilco shows. I'll look forward to the second night as well!
okebo 2007-09-05 00:04:09
buncombe 2007-09-05 00:17:25
nice to see this

Anyone know of the 8-24 show from the Greek circulating yet? I saw at least 4 or 5 mic stands there but haven't seen the show pop up yet, and I've looked high and low
skaggtana 2007-09-05 04:00:39
Wilco is absolutely on fire! I caught the Berkeley and Santa Barbara shows and can't wait until Austin!

Thanks for sharing this one!
jasctt 2007-09-05 07:50:57
Thanks for this. Had tix to both nights and had to bail due to a crisis. Seeing the boys on 9/19 and 10/13, anyway! thanks again!!!
crackard 2007-09-05 11:38:50
Does anyone have the 8-29-07 show?
suites 2007-09-05 15:58:44
Thanks for this

8/29 is up on Dime.

jeromejello 2007-09-05 18:48:00
9-2-07 (night 2) is now up:

please keep your windows open

okoenig 2007-09-05 19:27:44

Thankee, thankee, thankee! Been a fan for years, but this was my first Wilco show, and was it ever a freakin smash. The boys were tight with the new stuff, and they put just enough spin on the old tracks. They've found a perfect balance with Cline's guitar work that seemed maybe a little forced with Ghost. Just freakin amazing. If anybody is wondering, Get this show! Thanks for your efforts and quick turnaround jeromejello.
okebo 2007-09-07 01:02:18
The Radio Cure is flippin' sweet!!!!

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