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Torrent1974-04-27-28 Marin Bluegrass Festival.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as1974-04-27-28 Marin Bluegrass Festival
Info hashcfa71197e09b0903b35f0e5a8274da51bb3b1673
DescriptionMarin County Bluegrass Festival
April 27-28, 1974
Golden State College, San Rafael, CA

source: sbd reel
exact gen unknown
Jerry Moore's copy

lineage: reel playback on Sony TC-765>sbm1>dat>cdr>soundforge>cdr>eac>flac
transfered by Rob Berger '99

disc 1: 75:25

Cornbread: (4/27)

01: Old Joe Clark
02: I Don't Believe You Met My Baby
03: Fire On The Mountain

Homestead Act: (4/27)

04: I've Been Everywhere
05: Take Five
06: Columbus Stockade Blues
07: Chime Bells
08: Diggy Liggy Lo
09: The Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Emmylou Harris: (4/27)

10: Jambalaya

Tut Taylor and Norman Blake: (4/27)

11: Instrumental
12: Southern Railroad Blues

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/27)

13: Footprints Through The Snow
14: Keep on the Sunny Side
15: Wabash Cannonball
16: Mule's Done Gone Away

Jim & Jesse McReynolds: (4/27)
17: Are You Missing Me

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/27)

18: Poor Boy Blues
19: Wabash Cannonball (same as above..)
20: Salt Creek
21: Tennessee Stud

Great American String Band: (4/27)
(Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

22: My Plastic Banana Isn't Stupid
23: Dawg's Rag (with Richard Green)
24: I'll Be The Gambler If You'll Deal The Cards

disc 2: 73:23

Great American String Band: (4/27)

01: Sweet Georgia Brown

The Hired Hands: (4/28)

02: Bear Tracks

Buck White & The Down Homers: (4/28)

03: She Left Me Standing There

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys (4/28)

04: Pick Away
05: Cotton Mill Man/
06: The River Of Jordan

Great American String Band: (4/27)
(Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

07: Maybelline
08: Johnny B. Goode

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys:

09: Dueling Banjos

Tut Taylor and Norman Blake:

10: Instrumental #1
11: Instrumental #2

Taylor, Blake, & Mac Wiseman:

12: The Wreck Of The Old 97
13: Catfish John
14: Love Letters In The Sand
15: Shackles And Chains
16: Prisoner Song
17: Jimmy Brown
18: The Old Folks At Home
19: Man Walking On The Water
20: Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life

Frank Wakefield :

21: Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player #1

Wakefield, Garcia al

22: Heartbreak Hotel
23: Orange Blossom Special

Doc & Merle Watson: (4/28)

24: Doc Bog's Country Blues
25: Movin' On
26: Wabash Cannonball
27: Tennessee Stud

disc 3: 79:50

Ramblin' Jack Elliot: (4/28)

01: Talking Fishing Blues
02: Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
03: Down The Line
04: Pretty Boy Floyd

Doug Dillard & Frank Wakefield: (4/28)

05: Dixie Breakdown

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
with Garcia, Vassar Clements, Doc Watson,
David Nelson, John Hartford, & Jerry Mills: (4/28)

06: Tulane And Johnny
07: Cosmic Cowboy
08: Jambalaya
09: Sally Goodin
10: Battle Of New Orleans
11: Teardrops In My Eyes
12: Bonie Maronie
13: Randy Lynn Rag
14: Flint Hill Special
15: Mr. Bojangles
16: Honky Tonkin'
17: Diggy Liggy Lo
18: Will The Circle Be Unbroken*
19: Way Downtown Fooling Around*
20: Down Yonder*
* w/Doc & Merle Watson

disc 4:

Old And In The Way: (4/28)
(Garcia, Grisman)

01: High Lonesome Sound
02: Pig In A Pen
03: Panama Red
04: Wild Horses
05: The Hobo Song

marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t01.flac:a5c743fe4d5c2eb6314743bb07faafe9
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t02.flac:775decec49f2e2e611c803d927b25fee
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t03.flac:c6229d04db7b8eec771c33977b267fed
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t04.flac:f55e8845fb50459651779c7f021982a1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t05.flac:1aace7cafcac036da747230e12dc1982
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t06.flac:b607e98abf88fb04178165f1e4f19457
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t07.flac:2acfe7e79454ab01b3bf2bbb2c019f7c
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t08.flac:ab8a76a264e2f07ca07cd76f6cbada31
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t09.flac:0be86abedbdee67cc8c0941e2d76241a
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t10.flac:f37920f6f49ae981a4ebb72173b6da5c
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t11.flac:5140416ff2896a5256a24126caf5d7b1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t12.flac:00f03f25a18f84b9b7fefce39b1428c4
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t13.flac:ac68b9a77e795bf5e9f8f657bc8dd4c5
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t14.flac:d636bdcf3f537348b49fa78074abac95
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t15.flac:bf4227956d3016cd333dccc3e6804b9c
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t16.flac:9419ba9977e993d4d4a6af0f4784c925
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t17.flac:c223e4b88baeb340d4076eb3d33aecbb
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t18.flac:7e8a6bcc82741e5816c01f61a5db3d64
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t19.flac:e7aeaf95bf2cf13a05de0ed2e67f3057
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t20.flac:1e12b1bcb3e227be8414cd02571dba31
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t21.flac:f4b290de9b5a41665ffa45c4cf2699ff
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t22.flac:90a65b570a44f73b8839dcd8119f2ff1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t23.flac:6130564a3cae5dc57e5adb5f2712cae1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d1t24.flac:2db069f3dfc9cb8c99b00fc835c6ae03
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t01.flac:d6d51ba022a2904a8487933a9c470a1f
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t02.flac:8e20a179817b142eec2d968f2f47e81b
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t03.flac:1bf1462d609b9007a6922605a9d4f21d
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t04.flac:a6d9950da7ed78944bb4559ac3d6fe1e
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t05.flac:c23825a2903d705e2f458b6066a7202f
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t06.flac:5c72207ebf01ebc98884a65f1fcfb9a1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t07.flac:e91574fab267e3f1f9e9616f5d197e81
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t08.flac:a1fc3085588e0be360ecdab8ff8b2dd1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t09.flac:8b80894013906434342c04242b3ce195
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t10.flac:be34ad6d47175d977fa9e43ab315a6dd
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t11.flac:a11f69905f08a3c73d0c4cff4550fa3f
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t12.flac:45291bbd78ef831750b151eca0c9a1d4
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t13.flac:88abd4c9175080a9a96b1e368ac58140
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t14.flac:3150a40ef6e284632c13a0b6b7524b8a
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t15.flac:1acb52df2480e89e251b62904a6c7b6a
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t16.flac:2b25bff9652c2f3e61d8ac7a51226dbf
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t17.flac:f681df474a06341861c703e4650879d1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t18.flac:cba81d7382390a426c192de0f04ea4d0
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t19.flac:f08c799aa839a9a890aab4730092b5df
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t20.flac:2a06970e01213f422e15c30fd9d0ce46
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t21.flac:de61e53cb3d8acaff172f3a2719b9ba5
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t22.flac:bfb6b9831def9f3e4ff7e86d09551f0c
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t23.flac:e9a5c369056d4a649cb466fd7efb5bbf
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t24.flac:6477b75a448a7152e0334dc6079c953f
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t25.flac:618a364ad863da4d697d36dc7f457dd1
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t26.flac:ca74bd55f006be76bcb0cd49eaf92f99
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d2t27.flac:e54c0685a53b18a7112af5290c4fb599
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t01.flac:df5f0bcc7a5ef6ca13205e7105716c11
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t02.flac:2c23a4376936f814c7aa8cc2f85e1edc
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t03.flac:9822eafb36407894c3df886c37d9b6f5
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t04.flac:a181bf6c08ab3dbe1cdb0d765a7a5429
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t05.flac:422bf4d265b32bdd9370db0b95d829bb
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t06.flac:cf6e6951e7c56839960c4ac3b4216c04
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t07.flac:22812fb849b4818fa3250f0ff91a58d0
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t08.flac:63f758087155bbdb704810f16b74c1d4
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t09.flac:5ed6656566683926c7b2984045a087eb
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t10.flac:af198894126d1c92e47904bf2fd4a25a
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t11.flac:b888754426d27dd939f0a6e063d0de32
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t12.flac:f6e3ece885fc33a94afaab00f58d0cdd
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t13.flac:88370039e463204abcb7dce2c487d44a
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t14.flac:f040b0518c7d931a5119daadb97c1939
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t15.flac:08b819223d128a79fb8b97d756f9d046
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t16.flac:61e323d2daf25c5a869690253a1d97d2
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t17.flac:dd16b55f9ac705d544a238fc5bf918b3
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t18.flac:52214316e577922f2380e5b23b783e94
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t19.flac:64a9e673a965a03dcedc8a708cda0cc4
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d3t20.flac:33a944430555c803618f5e4c955b4eff
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d4t01.flac:5085cc5e94495772677ef1c77363464b
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d4t02.flac:0e8d974a0c1b1c9d6bfddf6f1b4541a0
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d4t03.flac:fb208d7667cd1f7f2dcd83c06beead88
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d4t04.flac:db90834fcb3e59f43e964d65cbe124a3
marin bluegrass1974-04-27-28d4t05.flac:ce3df7097f74bc621a72cfc6b582c93e
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Burnsie 2008-12-24 15:34:42
Wow, this looks great. What a nice lineup. Thank you
Rabork 2009-01-25 18:51:52
Aside from the Doc and Merle vs. Mac Wiseman mislabel there are other issues. I'll bet big money the Maybelline and Johnny B. Goode credited to The Great American String Band on disc 2 are actually performed by Jim & Jesse & the Virgina boys. Any one out ther have any info that could help nail down these setlists?
ezmrnrebel 2009-09-13 16:31:08
Not too familiar with torrents...

says there are 2 seeders, but i'm getting next to no d/l rate..

using bit tornado.

help!?!? stuck at 65%.

mmoonnchild 2014-08-15 01:50:46
I've received two re-seed requests from LL here recently. Hopefully we can get this music into a few more collections, eh? Thanks to those who seeded, shared, and then got it into FLAC format.
candymanfloyd 2014-12-05 20:53:25
I think this is the same music, but in different order that I found at youtube.
Glad this is circulating in FLAC. Thanks for the share.
vedavaughn 2015-11-10 21:30:31
I have been looking for this for YEARS!! Just reconnected with Miss Judy Lammers, who put the whole festival together. Also, saw a post from her from 2011, but I think there was a misunderstanding about what a sharing site is. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed here. I still have to figure how how the site works, but I've got more -- including home tapes of Vassar Clements singing and fiddling in the bathtub at Doug Dillard's. Old, but still gooood! Veda
thela 2016-03-21 16:23:40
Thank you, this looks great.
Are there any seeders out there? I'm stuck at 10%

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