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DescriptionBroken Social Scene
June 15th, 2008
Bonnaroo (Sonic Stage set at 2:15 PM)
Manchester, TN, US

Source: SP-BMC-2>SP-SPSB-10(95)>R-09
Position: Front row, in front of right stack
Editing: Audacity (fades/amplification), CDWave (splits), FLAC Frontend (level 8, align on sector boundaries)

01. Cause = Time - 6:58
02. Almost Crimes - 5:20
03. "Put down the bong and vote for Obama" - 3:40
04. Looks Just Like the Sun - 4:44
05. "Take a hit from the bong and vote for Obama" - 0:42

Did not see anyone else taping at this set. They also played later in The Other Tent. Photos included...

Recorded, transferred, and seeded by rhinowing
Checksums460c46596958488957703a1aa59ab5e3 *bss2008-06-15sonicstage.txt
6d2127d699148c7bbf9ed30d85f07f93 *bss2008-06-15sonicstaget01.flac
2c6ae9670271d1a0046679420cb7ff02 *bss2008-06-15sonicstaget02.flac
874ecbe910584b44b7fa7587b5cdca36 *bss2008-06-15sonicstaget03.flac
97fbe25c2d76033f0afbc51d2a87795b *bss2008-06-15sonicstaget04.flac
9b43fbdc57acbbc5be36479fe1bb456e *bss2008-06-15sonicstaget05.flac
8ef341d9c6b1e11b3d6c5ac3c32c4fb3 *IMG_8465.jpg
04ccdc492d67533890110a0956cbf5cc *IMG_8466.jpg
d90892abf8a0756642940088da7ae281 *IMG_8467.jpg
b5d4c8871c890a216ad5086e7fd99ab8 *IMG_8468.jpg
d525d04cb93f440f25b8f8cfc4604594 *IMG_8469.jpg
5e9311df752de77148d744a338d9c6cf *IMG_8470.jpg
c50b0c4c29fcd264adc0828fe17e4c29 *IMG_8471.jpg
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rhinowing 2008-06-16 14:30:53
Forgot to mention that this is 16/44.1. Good show...
rhinowing 2008-06-16 15:02:17
I am will pick up when there are more leeches, I promise.
jman88 2008-06-16 16:51:04
thankx...who else did you tape?
rhinowing 2008-06-16 16:57:27
Bela Fleck + Abigail Washburn on the sonic stage and Jake Shimabukuro (I only took my rig in Sunday). I will post them once I finish editing, they sound rougher than this one is.
MrAmeche 2008-06-16 23:46:44
thanks for this! BSS is always appreciated
huntr 2008-06-19 00:28:53
thanks again!

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