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ArtistPearl Jam
ShowPearl Jam,Bonnaroo Music Festival,Manchester,TN 6/14/08 4011s
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TorrentPearl Jam 2008-06-14 4011s FLACs.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asPearl Jam 2008-06-14 4011s FLACs
Info hashd74dd38335dd30fc036b0cdef3f3eb567b75ccd3
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DescriptionPearl Jam
What Stage,Bonnaroo Music Festival

cd # 1
Hard To Imagine
All Night
Why Go
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Who You Are
Severed Hand
1/2 Full

cd # 2
Even Flow
Love Reign O'er Me
Do The Evolution

cd # 3
Encore 1:W.M.A.
Better Man(Save it for Later)
Life Wasted
Crazy Mary
Encore 2:No More
Encore 3:All Along The Watchtower

FOB DPA(B&K) 4011s->Luminous Monarchs->SD 722 @ 24/96.SD722 ->Wavelad(dither/resample)->CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab 5(edit)-> FLAC. Recorded and transfered by Mark Lynn(

My Rerun recording rig without the external mics and preamp got confiscated at a
Doobie Brothers show so I had to borrow some sophisticated gear.Thanks Bonnaroo.

pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t01.flac:6c69d0a44526f9c2eb2fee787fbad55e
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t02.flac:31c7be973e00c198772fb960bd3808bc
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t03.flac:fb72947f9bdc7f97de164ce3e0b6cf7d
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t04.flac:b069756327724c2bb06f4cd74c64ad2b
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t05.flac:da0242863938d7152a9a09d1d526c462
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t06.flac:a1c579484b3450574344618262fa62f6
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t07.flac:4dc3d5b919211260ffd09ec34bc12449
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t08.flac:ce3066f87304f6d02151421a04762c40
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t09.flac:bdfb086b117d712a339bc01c6929d701
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t10.flac:965b9dee1ce9441a9294b860d975dab0
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d1t11.flac:ab75e69c15be1ef6b48360cbc9f3accf
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d2t01.flac:5c0ff947e68fccc470abf661278c998a
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d2t02.flac:f600bd91936bd79fe9399b62061ce341
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d2t03.flac:96477d92813c39c0219fa92cdbbdf9c5
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d2t04.flac:e0fd9d05a6ede10217103643549d10da
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d2t05.flac:089c74277676ed4cb9ce97f0d36b02a4
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d2t06.flac:93bf5e15991332810e29b8e2b21bbf76
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t01.flac:74d0dfa5f8362c03b9f5e5e97e65fa8d
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t02.flac:98e09daa1f473bc0d6885a5289c57651
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t03.flac:19bbe26c52e4bbba2bbf18821beb4280
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t04.flac:e75305368fa184394766b2536456c33b
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t05.flac:2687932f88ce73b0e51ce4a714376dc5
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t06.flac:eda4a77cb4e24d74c014e01893734bef
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t07.flac:e439d3a4d84defa960e5156dde616f1b
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t08.flac:11bc37ffa1490fb1bdbbd727f69224e8
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t09.flac:45a993ec4baf799351e189c002c59dfa
pearljam 2008-06-14 4011s d3t10.flac:8203cf5e81b34aff21042b87ebda4876
TypePearl Jam
Last seederLast activity 3 days, 21:08:14 ago
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Added2008-06-17 00:53:47
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not_dark_yet 2008-06-17 18:35:40
Both sources sound really good but I think I prefer this source over the other...what are your thoughts?
sdicicco 2008-06-17 19:32:40
RPB140 -
You gotta read the BT & FLAC FAQ's Jack!
AndySlash 2008-06-17 19:34:57
I think I prefer this one, too, but not by much. This one is a little more uneven (more bass, slightly less of McCready), but doesn't have the distant sound that the other does. Really, it could be a toss up depending on your preferences. Both are real solid recordings and I'm glad to have both to choose from.
jpilaf 2008-06-17 20:38:30
My first Bonnaroo... thanks for sharing.
ohbigboy 2008-06-17 22:03:22
thanks for the effort!
machs 2008-06-17 22:12:02
the details of this part of the night are kinda sketchy, thanks for helping me recall my bonnaroo memories

Kick ass live show
memphiskat 2008-06-18 10:54:28
gonna download this in a minute, but I heard a rumor that all you can hear is some fat kit munchin on popcorn ;-) Thanks for sharin' this!
HollywoodCole 2008-06-18 15:15:33
Many thanks!! Great recording!!
SteevO 2008-06-19 00:49:18
thanks for sharing!!!!!
ynaught 2008-06-19 17:29:10
THANK YOU for sharing this recording!

I think I prefer the other source that's on etree right now, but they're both pretty good.
manitou_man 2008-06-19 19:33:16
Thank you for your efforts and getting this out. Will there be a 24bit version?
lynnzzz 2008-06-19 22:07:54
I can do 24 Bit,think anyone would care?
Dgold 2008-06-19 23:08:17
Thanks for this!

Great show it was,
roguediabetic 2008-06-19 23:23:00
I am so grateful to people who help me enjoy the music I love, especially Pearl Jam, and to [i]you[/i], lynnzzz, and any others who helped bring this through the intertubes to my utorrent, through my soundcard and to my ears.

not_dark_yet 2008-06-20 13:04:39
Listening to it now in its entirety for the first time and it is terrific. Really looking forward to the encores! *Can't find a better man!*
manitou_man 2008-06-21 12:59:51
If you'd rather not do a 24bit torrent, can I just do a B&P with you and get it that way? I guess the 24bit version is more of a taper thing.

Great recording by the way! Keep up the great work!
emanon666 2008-06-24 19:18:55
Thanks for this!

I, too, would love to see the 24-bit version.
reservationgirl 2008-06-30 17:04:36
Not only can you hear a fat kid munching on popcorn, but some other dude is singing 'Fly Me to the Moon!'
Happyfeet2004 2009-03-07 23:33:41
any cd artwork for this show?

thx a lot!

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