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ArtistPearl Jam
ShowPearl Jam - June 25th, 2008 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY - AT831->R09 - FOB center
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DescriptionPearl Jam
June 25th, 2008
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York

taper: Edgar (

source: AT831 > SP-SPSB-11 (rolloff @ 107 Hz) > Edirol R-09 @ 44.1 / 16-bit

location: Section 7 (floor, approx 7 rows FOB, and 6 seats left of center)

transfer: SD Card > SD Slot > PC > Soundforge 7.0 > Cdwave > mkw > shn

***NO EQ***

***NO DAE***


01. Intro
02. Release
03. World Wide Suicide
04. Severed Hand
05. Corduroy
06. All Night #
07. Cropduster
08. Garden
09. Remembering George Carlin
10. Marker In The Sand (aborted)
11. Marker In The Sand
12. I'm Open
13. Wishlist
14. State Of Love And Trust
15. Even Flow
16. Who You Are #
17. Rats
18. Given To Fly
19. Do The Evolution
20. Go
21. Inside Job
22. W.M.A. #
23. Lukin
24. I Believe In Miracles +
25. Let's Go Rangers
26. Better Man
27. Rearviewmirror
28. No More *
29. Last Kiss
30. Why Go
31. Black Diamond !#
32. Alive
33. Yellow Ledbetter
34. Star Spangled Banner ^

# - with guest vocalists Fonzi Thorton, Arif St. Michael, Vaneese Thomas

* - Eddie Vedder solo

+ - with CJ Ramone

! - Matt Cameron & Mike McCready sharing lead vocals + guest guitarist Ace Frehley

^ - Mike McCready Solo

Just a 'lil something to hold you over until we get the "officials" - IMO this turned out very nicely. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to my Cali pal for the last minute ticket swap -> you know who you are ;-)

Chris...I told you it would A. be worth the trip and B. all work out !

Finally, here's a shout out to all the cool, kind and incredibly friendly PJ fans I met in NYC this week. You all know who you are.

compiled by edgar, June 26th, 2008

Checksums174c4f5e784a87242a2ff49ce667af90 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t24.shn
016abe8fed9b704b751c8212071f3f64 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t25.shn
b28223fa3c76cd460f62ab972ed9aec2 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t26.shn
6bbf85303624e9a5dede7f887fd4ad9d *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t27.shn
96e813323bc4ff081776f00e9a74edc0 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t28.shn
15dcaa4c6964bd994576188148b7c0e4 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t29.shn
7ca0476eaa5278b5cfc338e7f62944b6 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t30.shn
ac66123e146f4239fdcbd3bfd179db1a *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t31.shn
e0f96b86a07a1b6e128ab0179600b69c *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t32.shn
65a1236e27b47a78ad9ee5340f715c80 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t33.shn
20a94fea9a64fbb1b92a6a48d9f57729 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t34.shn
84d69898a4ff65aeed47d9b0137720ec *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t01.shn
8d5a5bfca30b2313007dcb46143a8e9c *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t02.shn
933585ea3b3be2c84fb42cb7d253ee4b *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t03.shn
21ece80c3a1a5fa4fafb7cad840d289c *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t04.shn
3a2f2b7766f45747ab07f7f41c75f5a8 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t05.shn
1aef6dc301374d0046995238931f7bf4 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t06.shn
edce04e1a3a06b1dfc69b7434feed02a *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t07.shn
1dacd08e2f3da8522164ed9df1f3658a *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t08.shn
5530e04127ce1eb1f9b083ca5d5249ae *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t09.shn
5c813b0a02dd6b7ef1df58ac3534b284 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t10.shn
d8030cff127ddd22bff0b799148c5f6d *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t11.shn
494c81cd200e3510f02bf3465e713b8e *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t12.shn
566e69b5a36b562302a8363a10ecec7b *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t13.shn
b2bb7d0883c0e45c358a20bb93959d61 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t14.shn
337e540b138a293cec5ada3af6511b09 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t15.shn
0929415384272385f4964374c997d092 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t16.shn
18ff5418ae922fe57a01f92ddbfdc545 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t17.shn
fff6f4e190b60dd579f46d6f2e129892 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t18.shn
d555d410196526e71f0788949f264b97 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t19.shn
e0968e7034f5483ce5279761b99e3354 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t20.shn
71d555e096afc908a0902be0059e6934 *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t21.shn
b75a15eac8324f5805cccf5e2a01b8cd *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t22.shn
34c2593250fd4ebfffa4c04e145223eb *pj2008-06-25.at831.R09.t23.shn
TypePearl Jam
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firemt66 2008-06-29 19:24:49
thanks man. why get the sbrs when we can d/l the auds.peace
rnbbird 2008-06-29 20:52:16
We buy the sbrds to support the band and dload the auds to hold us over.
Notch89 2008-06-29 21:08:05
Thank you very much!!!!
kagee 2008-06-30 07:20:58
Thanks for sharing.
tetrapod 2008-06-30 07:48:17
Thank You! I wasn't sure if this was recorded. Rats, and the Release opener were highlights, but the whole f'n show rocked
gratefulsteve 2008-06-30 08:41:40
Thanks so much - the sound is great and as I was told, an awesome show. Thanks again
PhilipRBowl 2008-06-30 13:44:07

My friends thank you

Rock on!

redfeather 2008-07-04 12:18:17
Thanks for sharing!!!! Was at the show and it was one of the best! Peace.
Max_Pain 2008-08-12 06:03:42
Thanks a lot! Can this be shared on another tracker with my friends?
cutuphalfdead 2010-08-29 23:46:40
Can anyone reseed this?

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