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ShowLevon Helm Band 2008-08-31 moe.down 9 Snow Ridge Ski Area; Turin, NY (neumann km184)
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TorrentlevonHelm2008-08-31.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashfc343f0e5b5bd61ce7f54840c5246cd7111a4b85
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DescriptionLevon Helm Band
August 31, 2008
moe.down 9
Snow Ridge Ski Area
Turin, NY

source: Neumann km184> v2> BusMod Tascam HD-P2 (24bit 48kHz)
[DIN 90* Right side tapers section]

transfer: CF> USB> Samplitutde Pro 7.0 (16/44.1)> cdWave> FLAC

taped/transfered by Rob Clarke RobClarke.km184 -at-

Disc 1
01. Same Thing
02. Rain Down Tears
03. Ophelia
04. Fannie Mae
05. Scratch My Back
06. Bye My Love
07. Long Black Veil
08. Got Me A Woman
09. Ashes Of Love
10. Thatís All It Took
11. Deep Elum Blues

disc 2:
01. I Ain't Got No Home
02. Anna Lee
03. Rag Mama Rag
04. The Shape I'm In
05. Everybody Loves A Winner
06. Time Out For The Blues
07. Iím Ready
08. Tears Of Rage
09. Chest Fever
10. The Weight
Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on September 1, 2008, at 15:56:24<br />
<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t01.flac:61d673af6e52f4dd337e5767c30a6113<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t02.flac:13a1aed9b8abc856d29b93a5aca53283<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t03.flac:7fc707298fe30761ce99121b8584191c<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t04.flac:900ea5339f6cc152b97b663fdca12f3b<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t05.flac:4d97b89e3bb23ed92266480c2b3fa85a<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t06.flac:6d61463b9f0503444aebb29766ec5f5a<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t07.flac:0e868bd73772a095505af3a8dd2e3958<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t08.flac:87dd0f2da617d3fb89bc3c054b331bca<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t09.flac:f115300c22fa9ee2b1b5644169d243f8<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t10.flac:bb782dcd5aeec530336b3759b3845d91<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d1t11.flac:c70a6f3138a2956c2776b46a935971c5<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t01.flac:ed900ddb5001d419b473502b5a4a3b94<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t02.flac:5384ff3670bd7308d49fc865298071bc<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t03.flac:b4dee35c392ba7d33960c474e86110cc<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t04.flac:0729e4c7aeeadc7534bdcdb64f77bedd<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t05.flac:3b71d8f24e0eea9453bd5ab252cfedd5<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t06.flac:56b30dbad2fa2d22332cf624cfda9e63<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t07.flac:22730ab9a12e2a6ad1e54caafe8657fc<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t08.flac:62c7457132db36dc4fcb575752c77d40<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t09.flac:52aa1a54240957753c9a92de8950eccf<br />
levonHelm2008-08-31d2t10.flac:8463136cd6f2bc00be7488765320b0f4<br />
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Size516.45 MB (541540515 Bytes)
Added2008-09-01 16:17:51
Snatched596 times
Upped byrobclarke
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robclarke 2008-09-01 16:34:22
I'm in SUPER SEED mode so everyone may not see a seed at their end at first.

Please leave windows open for people behind you,
I can only seed this long enough to get the first batch of new seeders done, I have lots more to upload.

to answer a few questions before people ask:

I taped everything on the main stage plus the tent on Friday, and will eventually get everything seeded here or posted to the archive.

everything in the tent was taped by others so it should get out eventually.

I didn't tape the Ha Ha the Moose set behind the soundboard, but it did get taped.

sethalb 2008-09-01 17:33:37
Thank you. Levon was definitely a hi-lite of moe.down
Laveduds 2008-09-01 19:57:38
thanks a ton.

that guy that ever so peacefully walked across stage made my day. I don't know why but it did.
redmule53 2008-09-01 20:02:08
Levon is a true master. this is Red. Rob haven't seen you in awhile.Thank you much!
davmar77 2008-09-01 20:03:17
thanks! this looks's about the same set we saw at his ramble earlier in the month when our friends chris and lorin rowan opened.seeing him at his own place was fantastic.
zebweber 2008-09-01 22:24:17
thanks Rob - looks like another great Levon set!

did anyone tape Levon / Dylan at SPAC from last weekend? - I'm surprised to have not seen it seeded anywhere yet...

thanks again - Zeb
oldjembo 2008-09-02 03:08:29
Thank you
Concord_Eric 2008-09-02 15:17:56
Levon Helm carries the true spirit of The Band... Robbie gave it up years ago, decades, even (which is too bad, Robbie is AWESOME, when he wants to play nice with others). LEVON, THANK YOU! Support the torrent community, WE SUPPORT YOU! ..and buy Levon's "Dirt Farmer" CD, it's FANTASTIC!!!
ragtimewillie 2008-09-02 17:30:36
Thanks a lot for the upload.
gordo55 2008-09-02 22:05:37
thx for sharing...I taped the Helm set from SPAC - just haven't had time for the mastering work. Posted the Steve Earle from SPAC already on Dime. Expect to see the Levon w/n the next couple of weeks - and I'll post it here first due to the request.

diskobean 2008-09-03 03:11:54
Thanks ALOT for the setlist Rob ;) And once again, it was GREAT hangin w/ ya in the section bud. You and TJ and Marcus and GREAT peeps and alot of fun to hang and tape w/ in the section :) It was nice and comfy and we had a decent amount of room in the section. Im glad that a good amount of tapers went FOB :)

If there is any interest for anotehr source, I will UL mine here as well. My source is:

MBHO KA500HN[Hypers]>MBHO 603A>SD 722

I taped the Bridge set in the tent RIGHT before Levon's set. I didnt plan on taping Levon because there were a good amount of tapers already taping him, and only 2 other tapers recording at the tent stage mostly, and 3 of us for The Bridge. And the setbreak between The Bridge and Levon's sets was the ONLY TIME ALL WEEKEND that the next set on the opposite stage didnt start IMMEDIATELY. So THANK YOU LEVON for starting a few minutes late, and allowing me to SPRINT from the tent stage to the main stage, and clamp my mics at the main stage JUST IN TIME. I had PLENTY of time(about 2 mins) to get up there and clamp back onto Shane's stand like I did all weekend. So needless to say, I made it from The Bridge's set at the tent stage to Levon's set at the main stage ON TIME and in about 2 minutes I sprinted from the tent stage to the main stage and clamped my mics and therefore got to record the Levon set PLUS The Bridge's set beforehand. That made em a HAPPY TAPIR, since I chose not to record at the tent stage except for the Bridge's set since my good friend TJ Samulitus recorded EVERYTHING at the Tent Stage AND the Main Stage. Way to go TJ :) I took moedown off taping-wise and only recorded moe/YMSB/The Bridge/Levon Helm. I normally record EVERYTHING I possibly can like I do at All Good and most every otehr festival. I had a BLAST relaxing this time around tho and only rtecording at the main stage mostly :)

I'm VERY GLAD I made it up there in time to record Levon's set, because I agree w/ most everyone else, his set was def one of the best of the weekend. I was in HEAVEN being able to see and record BOTH The Bridge & Levon back-to-back, because those were 2 of my fav sets of the weekend :) YMSB was up there as well, along w/ the 8/29 moe show :)

Sorry for the rambling and long post. And thanks again for the setlist Rob. And if there is any interest in my MBHO>722 source, just reply to this torrent and let me know, that is if you dont care Rob ;) I havent ehard your source yet Rob, but my MBHO>722 sources ALL came out FABULOUS IMO! I already DL'd your 8/31 show, and now I have to get this and your 8/29,30 shows as well! Thanks Rob! And once again, it was a PLEASURE to hang w/ you again my man!

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