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Info hashf484758d2788efa4a16d90dc3708d44d7a137af8
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New England Dodge Music Center
Hartford, CT

Recorded- Sec 600
Row- GGG
Seat- 612
AT897ís-Marantz PMD 660- CD Wave-FLAC
Micís on stand at 9í, pointed at stacks.
Recorded By Ė M. Laurentus

D01T01 Jam -Lady with a Fan-Terrapin*
D01T02 Jack Straw
D01T03 All Along the Watchtower
D01T04Weather Report Suite
D01T05 Prelude-Part 1
D01T06 Let It Grow
D02T01 K.C. Moan@
D02T02 Victim or the Crime@
D02T03 Tennessee Jed
D02T04 Uncle John's Band
D02T05 Stuff
D02T06 Knockin on Heaven's Door
D02T07 Touch of Grey
D02T08 At a Siding- Terrapin Flyer#
D02TO9 Uncle John's Band (reprise)
# -with Warren Haynes (Guitar/Vocals)
* Opening Jam Cut at 03:41:02 can be Patched Alternate Source

ChecksumsD01T01 Jam -Lady with a Fan-Terrapin.flac:a643d288037dd809364950b2e9679c3b<br />
D01T02 Jack Straw.flac:2f1eecc2f4ccaa7b83d1f15e2215bd77<br />
D01T03 All Along the Watchtower.flac:efa2fb9bf188f32548a1cb30d9409b45<br />
D01T04Weather Report Suite.flac:4f9e769443e25223ac8c592f3ab179ef<br />
D01T05 Prelude-Part 1.flac:4ff51fcbf02dabe93fd99cd5fee63672<br />
D01T06 Let It Grow.flac:5e862d0cae48af7525af74d7c22fe5bc<br />
D02T01 K.C. Moan@.flac:8172d63339d7fa9f93d7d1f47058c857<br />
D02T02 Victim or the Crime@.flac:7f55f2ebecc475965c7b89ae9b3c1099<br />
D02T03 Tennessee Jed.flac:8bd7c946ab1bad4df8cdd78d5f1db03b<br />
D02T04 Uncle John\\\'s Band.flac:1119a0462b2b48557d1b20229f77596b<br />
D02T05 Stuff.flac:31171109814afb2df81dc15a27421bb7<br />
D02T06 Knockin on Heaven\\\'s Door.flac:8a287f12873f940d61c16736ef6f6be3<br />
D02T07 Touch of Grey.flac:0349a79183ddefd3ab42f8fd27f89b04<br />
D02T08 At a Siding- Terrapin Flyer.flac:fbe92ecd1190f342558feb268cfed331<br />
D02TO9 Uncle John\\\'s Band (reprise).flac:d908d27bfb378b5df9323a795eedae92
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Added2008-09-06 09:43:31
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Upped bymlaurentus
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oldmule 2008-09-06 10:14:13
Thank You.
mfhendi 2008-09-06 10:43:45
Good show. The band started slow and started to kick it in with WRS/Let It Grow. KC Moan was a nice treat also. During Uncle John's, the PA went out several times. The band keep playing through it as it would cut in and out. By the third or fourth time, the crowd sang the verses until the band came back on. I've been waiting to hear an AUD tape so I can get the full effect. At the Sliding and UJB reprise were a suprise and very hot jams. Can't wait for it to finishing downloading. Thanks for the show!
cornbred 2008-09-06 11:34:33
thank you. This was the first post dead show I have seen since the other ones in 2000 so it was pretty special to me.
RowJimmy1 2008-09-06 13:01:19
Thanks much for putting this up, was at this show and it was incredible!!
djdaganator 2008-09-06 17:07:13
thanks for putting this up! great show.
mlaurentus 2008-09-06 19:06:23
Thanks for seeding, hope it sounds OK.If anyone wants to put it on LMA, no Problem.
jsullivan 2008-09-06 22:52:02
thx a lot ml...nice setlist...ct dog shows always shine!
BigMack420 2008-09-09 00:18:29
I have the SBD of this show with no cuts but not shore where to post it. Ratdog SBD's are not allowed is that right? I also have the Allman Brothers SBD from the same night. Any suggestions.
wowjackstraw 2008-09-10 08:54:27
BigMac420, I would love to get my hands on those SBD's of yours. Could you drop me an email? Thanks for the help.

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