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ArtistLittle Feat
ShowLittle Feat - 2008-05-07 Innsbrook Pavilion Richmond VA *AUD*
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Torrentlf2008-05-07.aud.Manning.sbeok.94538.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads aslf2008-05-07.aud.Manning.sbeok.94538.flac16
Info hash2c90e876083ba76e30583ea6b044cf66dda38858
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DescriptionLittle Feat
Innsbrook Pavilion
Richmond, VA

source: AKG 461s(ortf)>MP-1s>SBM-1>PMD670(16/48)
location: FOB CTR (Golden Circle)
taped by Brad Manning

FLAC'd (level 6) & sector boundaries verified by George Berridge

1 CD -- 73:15

01. Spanish Moon >
02. Skin It Back
03. Feels Like Rain
04. All That You Dream
05. Oh Atlanta
06. Willin' >
07. Don't Bogart Joint >
08. Willin'
09. Dixie Chicken >
10. bass solo >
11. keys solo >
12. Dixie Chicken
13. Fat Man In The Bathtub >
14. Get Up Stand Up >
15. I Walk On Gilded Splinters >
16. Fat Man In The Bathtub

Note: Little Feat opened for Creedence Clearwater Revival Revisited
Checksumslf2008-05-07d1t01.flac:bdc2c5605f88aa534cd3590a402405c4<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t02.flac:f8e80211058e1334b3a44ec7a38a83c2<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t03.flac:e5db3755f886deb25c8ee35a03d2bf88<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t04.flac:c14c92fe7da12cef5733f317ba5c0266<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t05.flac:ba54e59df2b2e3122e32fd254bfadddf<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t06.flac:e1239cc6edab372ba5dc206774dc4e6e<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t07.flac:620738d2dc9f26bfd543ab38b21cdf9c<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t08.flac:6611e259542d63d0933de5329d379aea<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t09.flac:a4f6dfe85386923006445ecf61e5240f<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t10.flac:ba4304e7df1fc85523f6300c5ca93721<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t11.flac:ba4f12944a7d06bc86fe140f88acd38b<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t12.flac:f574b85156bca839ed0dd43e05d6ad1b<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t13.flac:224b4eace2a2f5a33d77259dedecbbd9<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t14.flac:f2866f489a3bfd8b7ccd6a745b01aba8<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t15.flac:686399f6995c9108adef7a4bcb32ba0e<br />
lf2008-05-07d1t16.flac:81f720ea269e73cfab07f0fcf7e91f0b<br />
Visibleno (dead)
TypeLittle Feat
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lf2008-05-07.94538.txt685 BN/A
lf2008-05-07.ffp1022 BN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t01.flac38.08 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t02.flac34.94 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t03.flac32.18 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t04.flac34.27 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t05.flac23.26 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t06.flac28.72 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t07.flac6.29 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t08.flac4.07 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t09.flac15.47 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t10.flac9.04 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t11.flac9.50 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t12.flac36.15 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t13.flac35.81 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t14.flac9.17 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t15.flac5.59 MBN/A
lf2008-05-07d1t16.flac34.69 MBN/A
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whitemarkd 2008-09-15 14:19:07
Thanks for the Feat!!!
Albix 2008-09-15 14:38:35
Thank you Brad and George!
moemon 2008-09-15 21:05:21
Thank you very much for the feat. Really appreciate it. :)
sfprankster 2008-09-16 01:03:07
thanx...always appreciate another feat show...peace
alfredleiser 2008-09-16 11:41:07
Brad Manning recordings are cooooooool.
DATBRAD 2008-09-16 22:11:03
Al, Thanks

Edit to correct venue spelling:

Little Feat
* Innsbrook Pavilion *
Richmond, VA

And, many thanks to Chris, Denny, Howard, and Stevie.
philegidi 2008-09-16 22:29:06
I think the promoter had the billing backward - CCR Revisited should be opening up for the Feat! Where is the justice I say?
Happy Trails!
Thanks for all the Feats
Featroller 2008-09-17 13:20:32
Thanks for pointing out the spelling error. As for the Feat opening, that's probably not accurate either. These shows are more of a double bill, with both bands playing equally long. Of course the Feat still should have gone second (i.e., top billing), but the promoters clearly aren't as smart as we are. :-)

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