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ArtistDark Star Orchestra
ShowDSO 11th Anniversary 11-11-08 Concord, NH
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Info hash2b1bc60085adc49baae2c68d292693ca2e99b7ee
DescriptionDark Star Orchestra
Show: 1606
Capitol Center for the Arts, Concord, NH

Notes: Dan Healy Running Sound! This was DSO's 11th Anniversary show, held in Concord, NH. The bands 1,606th show!
I seperated/named the tracks according to each set, and not buy disk number...the show is a touch over 3 hours...Enjoy!


Set #1:
Not Fade Away->China Cat->I Know You Rider, Jack Straw, Lazy River Road, Mama Tried->Mexicali Blues, Bird Song, Let Me Sing Your Blues Away, Minglewood Blues, Tangeled up in Blue

Set #2:
Viola Lee Blues->Playin in the Band->Help on the Way->Slipknot->Franklins Tower->jam->Drums->Space->St Stephen->William Tell Bridge->The Eleven->Attics of my Life->Playin in the Band

Encore: Box of Rain->Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

tape/transfer by wheresjerry
recorded at board Studio Projects C4>Oade BCM Marantz PMD 671>wav>cd wav>tlh>flac
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; generated on November 12, 2008, at 15:19:27

0ca80519a6baca9d21cc9e992e113d4c *Dark Star Orchestra 11-11-08.md5
91e019f2df0183a8b40dce0cb8e1b1b1 *dso 11-11-08set1t01.flac
6a803ff09a639087ee0d9e28e50d9b08 *dso 11-11-08set1t02.flac
5c43bae0d648336d03bbdb9203c1715d *dso 11-11-08set1t03.flac
e82ea345cd4508efcbf258d47c925c9f *dso 11-11-08set1t04.flac
5cf98c025691a4c34c0b27f3eac8d40c *dso 11-11-08set1t05.flac
5c1ca1cf0e5b90b2e751567b8f8b01bc *dso 11-11-08set1t06.flac
67c3af8c9c4fa72cec3c8ea3e8f9f454 *dso 11-11-08set1t07.flac
df10f53be1a94419c3ad9bde103dc78c *dso 11-11-08set1t08.flac
c140ba1df562d6bc2cda30b1ea036fec *dso 11-11-08set1t09.flac
f88779266c390dd630a02e51c063762a *dso 11-11-08set1t10.flac
9f9ceed82a644f95f8861a4fbcc997e2 *dso 11-11-08set2t01.flac
3bd171b9406302afc4683fdf895be8f8 *dso 11-11-08set2t02.flac
9e720e79dade8f6f51476ef6aff98edb *dso 11-11-08set2t03.flac
801bfecdb757d4f3265997b723812ca2 *dso 11-11-08set2t04.flac
8c7dbce78b627d6b6020614acb495a24 *dso 11-11-08set2t05.flac
7fd3d723ed80ebf18fbe4083da90f207 *dso 11-11-08set2t06.flac
b441843193761a56397a3f7f56bc4373 *dso 11-11-08set2t07.flac
e22e7e7b4b484c31ef79d9a53d57d50b *dso 11-11-08set2t08.flac
22491ec4b8ad4963097fd9818cb9af8e *dso 11-11-08set2t09.flac
e2bcecd242cafdc354b5d517f81c7686 *dso 11-11-08set2t10.flac
04eae04b38293ebf9bb57cf34ee425b1 *dso 11-11-08set2t11.flac
dc8c1624eb002adad982e26751d3c582 *dso 11-11-08set2t12.flac
b17abff74005d1cfdd61117fbb74427b *dso 11-11-08set2t13.flac
331745d0a146b55ff0bf744e49844a6c *dso 11-11-08set2t14.flac
TypeDark Star Orchestra
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Added2008-11-12 16:06:28
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JMcGrupp 2008-11-12 16:30:50
smi2les 2008-11-12 17:29:37
I can't wait to pick some leeches out of my teeth !

reseed please
jcolcord 2008-11-12 18:54:52
jcolcord 2008-11-12 19:05:53
By the way- a bunch of us are still looking 6/6/08 at Hampton Beach. Talked to the guy that taped it, said he'd up it, but never did. Anyone have a line on that?
roryglzep 2008-11-12 19:35:39
Hey, I didn't realize you went to this last night. I obviously wasn't there, but wanted to. Thanks for the share(s), as usual! THX!!!
Grateful_deadhead 2008-11-12 22:15:27
jcolcord 2008-11-13 08:51:17
Source is at the bottom of the notes
padelimike 2008-11-14 14:18:09
SOLD! I thought it was a SBD and had left it alone.
Healy's the Man!

Thanks for this.
Willstock653 2008-11-14 15:49:20
A recording of that 6/6 show would be much appreciated-thanks.
jcolcord 2008-11-14 15:53:50
Some folks were asking if you could get this up onto the Internet Archive for those who don't do the torrent thing?
jhnjeit 2008-11-14 21:14:56
thank you...
andthegrittys 2008-11-16 23:05:01
Thank you for this. Doubt anyone has, but anyone ever heard of a tape of 11-27-2005, Portland ME State Theater? Performance of '76 show.....Always looked for it, but never found. Thanks in advance for any info.
candymanfloyd 2009-01-11 19:22:01
Please re-seed
wheresjerry 2010-01-25 07:29:11
re-seeding original torrent...

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