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ArtistGrateful Dead
ShowPigpen Demos 1966
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TorrentPigpen Apt Demos1966.shn.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash01c5f19a8d69b430baf724c8ccdf9d716e17a9ae
DescriptionPigpen's Apartment
Solo Acoustic Demos

4-track master> ?> CD> wav> shn

01. Two Women
02. Michael
03. Katie Mae
04. New Orleans > That Train
05. Instrumental
06. Bring me my Shotgun
07. C.C. Rider
08. Katie Mae
09. Hitchhiking Woman
10. Two Women
11. When I Was a Boy
12. Bring me my Shotgun
13. I believe
14. She's Mine
15. No time
16. Sweet Georgia Brown > Betty and Dupree

Tracks 13 -15 are Pigpen's final recordings, 3\9\1973
Track 16 is Pigpen and Jorma, 1964

Checksums23915a46b1597ffd73b5e0473dfe506d *Track01.shn
141f687fa0f20eb1dd94b4690d5c435f *Track02.shn
a62c3cbe3ea615e61170f3caa65d12ac *Track03.shn
68de13b2312db690c4e22981e9e9a2b6 *Track04.shn
c6379dd237fcfb231a7c2a111b6936c8 *Track05.shn
dd899833e30a8471a1d588937e81fb3e *Track06.shn
0214621e06480c43844962300fee75fb *Track07.shn
524070094965a38beee845eaebcf664d *Track08.shn
29def4e982dddb18af3a0ea3274bc640 *Track09.shn
fe854af7b4e1cd14a81c77775f595b86 *Track10.shn
d5d492860f9cc40c5e755c0d0c72ac27 *Track11.shn
065482027f021b3be6f93bc500420976 *Track12.shn
01ceb327c37508217115c47be8cfaaf4 *Track13.shn
3152bedf9f60b47f2859f59b232d47f0 *Track14.shn
73811e80de6aa9f9d1cbc17a57e8f534 *Track15.shn
418211c1ae2f92c9a15c993ea78000be *Track16.shn
TypeGrateful Dead
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wyvernwy 2010-09-03 16:51:16
This is deeply disappointing, because it's yet another version of No Tomorrow that fades out before the last 2 verses. I know that a recording exists, because I've heard it. And I've been searching for that recording to hear it again and to preserve it, for decades. If anyone out there has a full tape of No Tomorrow (or "Like a Long Time" or whatever you want to call this tune), please please please share it and don't let it become lost.

When I needed you
I needed you to lean on
You took my love and never gave it
Well this time is goodbye, so long
Maybe I must say, "take care and goodbye, so long"
Goodbye little girl I'm gone

You can go out and take your love
And give it to anybody
Who but a fool like me, would take it?
And maybe if they got a strong, strong heart
Then your love won't break it
But I'm gone, goodbye so long
whisperingdove65 2010-11-22 17:26:37
Thank you much!!!
hucklive 2013-11-23 11:51:48
Many Thanks!
hans59 2015-03-11 12:02:36
Thanks. Much appreciated.
jpmusik 2015-10-08 07:57:09
Thanks a lot from France.


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