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ArtistPatterson Hood and Friends
ShowPatterson Hood Jack In The Wood Asheville, North Carolina 12/13/2008
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Torrentpattersonhood2008-12-13.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashc6561d2dd20c88fce313acd751de23139311e484
DescriptionPatterson Hood Solo Acoustic
Jack In The Wood
Asheville, North Carolina

Source: Schoeps CCM4V'S(din)>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
Location: FOB/DRFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 20' From Stage, 7' High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 7.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man

Disc I

01 Intro
02 *Nine Bullets
03 Pollyana
04 Grand Daddy
05 The Living Bubba
06 Banter
07 Sweet Annette
08 George Jones Talking Cellphone Blues
09 Dead, Drunk, and Naked
10 Tails Facing Upwards
Kevn Kinney Solo Acoustic:
11 Intro
12 Which Jesus >
13 I'm Goin' Straight To Hell
Col. Bruce Jam Session:
14 Feelin' Good All The Time

* With Kevn Kinney on Vocals

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on December 14, 2008, at 22:46:19


shntool 3.0.4
Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Jason Jordan <>

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
0:32.44 5748332 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4102 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t01.flac
5:21.69 56786732 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4944 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t02.flac
5:54.55 62575004 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4971 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t03.flac
2:44.59 29068412 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4035 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t04.flac
5:46.39 61126172 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5190 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t05.flac
1:35.11 16783916 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.3741 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t06.flac
4:34.37 48420668 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4352 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t07.flac
4:15.23 45036140 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5274 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t08.flac
5:52.51 62212796 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.5018 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t09.flac
5:54.20 62492684 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4599 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t10.flac
0:54.54 9652652 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4186 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t11.flac
6:11.27 65507948 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4689 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t12.flac
9:17.30 98325404 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4324 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t13.flac
4:32.18 48024140 B -b- -- ---xx flac 0.5667 pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t14.flac
63:28.12 671761000 B 0.4772 (14 files)

Checksumspattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t01.flac:bcd2d1af52b45586fc4df05193609f4b<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t02.flac:a3cd7049cbe809db67875e395f29feb9<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t03.flac:6aeb36d6655aabe3bd8c34122f50bb1f<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t04.flac:2d11057a410a7055e7bd0e32ccb79f69<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t05.flac:ef94c2ae17b9a8e25e3c7adda41b40a4<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t06.flac:e2be4121f6ad451ea0f0ffdd51b6ce1f<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t07.flac:7d085225463b67318a768acf0184d189<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t08.flac:269491c7df301d63b8440e932e6c7f1d<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t09.flac:70b0835f6f5af7195e2aab15e113d058<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t10.flac:55a78564075a7de104599560a2b30ccf<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t11.flac:4865e51d7fd4be961837ffbeb1b6a458<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t12.flac:080e91554ec7f818065f73f5487c6d76<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t13.flac:8313a1e376898814f2a258474dfeeef8<br />
pattersonhood-kevinkinney-colbruce2008-12-13d01t14.flac:e08e02d0191ecf27410c1e82853b1ce5<br />
TypePatterson Hood and Friends
Last seederLast activity 82 days, 22:12:54 ago
Size305.70 MB (320547297 Bytes)
Added2008-12-14 22:53:01
Snatched336 times
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raimax 2008-12-14 23:06:10
thank you
zmanatl 2008-12-14 23:22:25
Here is a little gem of a show from yesterday afternoon. I grabbed my gear and headed to the Jack in the Wood for Patterson Acoustic. The place was packed with a lloonnnggg line way down the sidewalk. I was cool to tape per Matt D. I was stopped at the door and had to do some fast talking as the place was buswting at the seams. I made it back in front of the board. Jason, the sound engineer was way cool about letting me set up in front of him! A guy with his young son also made room for me. Without these folks, this recording may not have happened, THANKS!

I walked in on an incredible jam session with Col. Bruce. Was I kickin' myself for not getting there earlier! I threw the little bit at the end of this torrent. Also included a couple of songs by Kevin Kinney.

Lots of chatter at this pub, but still listenable.

taperhead 2008-12-15 00:28:36
; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on December 14, 2008, at 22:46:19

Glad to see you got it figured out!! Great hangin' with ya this weekend.
zmanatl 2008-12-15 00:34:02
dmonkey 2008-12-15 01:09:04
RalphPa 2008-12-15 08:25:39
Kevn Kinney is the correct spelling (with no "i" in "Kevin")
ABBDutchFan 2008-12-15 08:54:08
Thanks a million for taping. Watching Patterson with a few pints of Porter from the local Green Man brewery was a great warm-up for the XM-Jam. Jack In The Wood is a great place.

zmanatl 2008-12-15 09:04:56
My error Ralph. My intention was to get the torrent up to share as I was the only one recording. Mr. Kinney is the only person I have ever seen spell his name Kevn. A very small error on my part. Hopefully you will still enjoy the torrent.
EcoBen 2008-12-15 10:11:05
notice that ZMan corrected the spelling of Kevn.

Formerly of Drivin' and Cryin'

good stuff Zman.

Did you get the Pre-Jam or lose it the meltdown?

deadlie13 2008-12-15 10:56:09
Thanks for the Kevn Kinney!
RalphPa 2008-12-15 11:40:41
Thanks, Zman. I hope you didn't interpret my comment as negative. It was more of a courtesy FYI. I am looking forward to listening to this. Thanks for taping!
olychild 2008-12-15 13:03:41
You always deliver the goods Z-Man, thanks.
bouwser 2008-12-15 16:54:48
This had to be ridiculous. Jack in the Wood is so tiny and to see some of these heavy weights must have been a true treat.
allenwoodyforever 2008-12-16 12:06:28
What an awesome show! Thanks!!! For me, one of the highlights of the weekend.

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