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ArtistBen Folds
ShowBen Folds - 2008-11-13 San Francisco, CA
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DescriptionBen Folds

November 13, 2008
San Francisco, CA
The Warfield

Source: DPA 4061 > MMA6000 > Edirol R-09 (@24-bit/48Khz ---> 16-bit/48Khz)
Transfer: SD Reader -> PC, Adobe Audition (Volume/Resample) -> CDWave -> FLAC
Taped/Transferred by: Danielle Hashem


01. (Intro Music)
02. Way To Normal (Fake Song)
03. Brainwascht
04. Effington
05. You Don't Know Me
06. Annie Waits
07. Dr. Yang (Fake Song)
08. Dr. Yang
09. Cologne
10. You To Thank
11. The Frown Song
12. Kylie from Connecticut
13. Landed
14. Banter (prepared piano story)
15. Free Coffee
16. Free Coffee Town
17. Zak and Sara
18. Banter (fake song-the bitch went nuts story)
19. The Bitch Went Nutz (Fake Song)
20. (Encore Break)
21. Still Fighting It
22. Fair
23. Bastard
24. Army
25. Rockin' the Suburbs
26. Kate
27. Philosophy
28. Frown Song (Feeble Anthem)
Checksumsa77e57eb1c5c5bcc1a1c471fb413a6cb *bfolds2008-11-13-t01.flac
a56f4c8acd275be4c73789d79a1effb5 *bfolds2008-11-13-t02.flac
84932c35f587f05dc402de17313bf60f *bfolds2008-11-13-t03.flac
ad879a88f106ad20b6a63f5ac32b3c76 *bfolds2008-11-13-t04.flac
8d27fe7ca10f1418a7e3a7a7a0f544e9 *bfolds2008-11-13-t05.flac
a6714b066cc200b1657fc3c6a8c37ec7 *bfolds2008-11-13-t06.flac
6c624758e9a657b1665f0b28f6ab18f1 *bfolds2008-11-13-t07.flac
9a15239495e945a88bbfa0b948b198b9 *bfolds2008-11-13-t08.flac
1133684d84f0aa94bd9e6744768ffd96 *bfolds2008-11-13-t09.flac
3828be724282dc1774392d8cd44e42a4 *bfolds2008-11-13-t10.flac
8ec90fcb433b408015be8dc703f4ff11 *bfolds2008-11-13-t11.flac
8bc0903d8f0ff47b63075d3a567ec34e *bfolds2008-11-13-t12.flac
7b7987867c30001ba6836ca057866e31 *bfolds2008-11-13-t13.flac
510881f81b283a80ed88875af6efecf3 *bfolds2008-11-13-t14.flac
5809e0f7ee130445feafee4fb8f258ad *bfolds2008-11-13-t15.flac
347c5bec05d9a8b119e3406061443544 *bfolds2008-11-13-t16.flac
776649858771da3ab4f66885589a8c74 *bfolds2008-11-13-t17.flac
956eb2c6d78a6b37e187289ff6ac426a *bfolds2008-11-13-t18.flac
9ad7277838dfdea64e04311cdd6037af *bfolds2008-11-13-t19.flac
eb44f9f64208d9790a1ac5bd8c9972a5 *bfolds2008-11-13-t20.flac
e8e154e6990285c0af77bf2b88ab43d1 *bfolds2008-11-13-t21.flac
fe6f57a7e94031eadb91088cecb78fa0 *bfolds2008-11-13-t22.flac
58bd512d4970b98668d4e09a6c841bd1 *bfolds2008-11-13-t23.flac
97841ebd606f136596f8a94ff31e86fe *bfolds2008-11-13-t24.flac
acfaad31a68674f58c1075d8a87cd1a6 *bfolds2008-11-13-t25.flac
6fd1d4356e4c5ff5db7cab1b3f6215a4 *bfolds2008-11-13-t26.flac
d2c31f1643d6376cf84033d4c6297cae *bfolds2008-11-13-t27.flac
b37a72c21171ef600d267b642b3920e8 *bfolds2008-11-13-t28.flac
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HEDSPACE 2009-01-02 23:45:03
very, very cool!! I was at this show and was hoping it would turn up one day. Thank You!!!
BrianCT 2009-01-03 00:02:03
Thanks for sharing Ben.

I'd love to see more of him on Etree :)

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