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ShowPortugal the Man 2009-06-11 That Tent, Bonnaroo Manchester, Tenn.
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Torrentptm2009-06-11.etree.flac.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashb409872081b71ea97f68148c76331f11eecf362f
DescriptionPortugal the Man
That Tent at Bonnaroo
Manchester, Tenn.

CA-11>STC-9000>Edirol R-09 @ 16/44.1

Slightly left of DFC beside the soundboard; mics about 7' high; about 70' from the stage

SD>HDD>Winzip>MegaUpload>HDD>Winzip>Sony Soundforge>CDWAVE>Flac Frontend (level 8 )

Taped by MSTaper Jr./transferred by MSTaper

Set List:


Running time: 1 hour: 38 seconds

OK, this is a good story!

MSTaper Jr. is at Bonnaroo and I'm not (sigh). He taped this band (and the opener, country artist Charlie Allen) last night and transferred it to his PC. He's staying about a mile from the fest with a friend.

He zipped the wave, uploaded it to MegaUpload and I downloaded it, unzipped it, added some fades and volume in Soundforge, tracked it and uploaded it to TTD. Ain't technology great?

Sorry there's no set list but neither he nor I know anything about this band. I apologize if the tracking is off since I'm not familiar with the music. They're pretty cool, though, sort of a trancy, psychedelic rock thing. Nice Stuff.

Just wanted to offer this because I can! Enjoy!



Checksumsptm2009-06-1101.flac:12ce3a72822fb36ef313c7aff8f1ad25<br />
ptm2009-06-1102.flac:1f20c6b6d5948bebac4a1061f92ed915<br />
ptm2009-06-1103.flac:10101722efe4a38e1cc35cc64fdc2123<br />
ptm2009-06-1104.flac:a6d599999223baff42bb0006fed5878e<br />
ptm2009-06-1105.flac:d3383b31ddda38d2be50d877ca04523b<br />
ptm2009-06-1106.flac:835b794c25fbba9088657de01c0549db<br />
ptm2009-06-1107.flac:98e89c94daa17024a8fd4709df830333<br />
ptm2009-06-1108.flac:9e92cfe0b94a3ffe06ab66a117d31608<br />
ptm2009-06-1109.flac:f18055af4793cdeaa0c470f545dc7e97<br />
ptm2009-06-1110.flac:9c99747a6a86c8708c896aea5bcd7d08<br />
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tdwriter 2009-06-12 15:41:42
Crap! in my haste to get this up, I noticed that my tracks are not named according to etree standards! I can fix it if it's a problem. Everything else is cool. Sorry.

tdwriter 2009-06-12 16:49:12
Hey, I don't know why we're not connecting. My Dexateens show is uploading fine. Could be Azureus or Crapcast. Hang on.

tdwriter 2009-06-12 17:44:49
It's working now! Hope y'all enjoy this. If all goes well, I'll have some more tomorrow. Unfortunately, I probably won't have set lists since I'm not familiar with the bands he taped today either.

jookeyman 2009-06-13 10:25:18
The Vieux Fraka Toure set would be REALLY cool.
And yeah, jookey jr. is there and I am not. Gotta invest in some good equipment. Your quick turnover is quite impressive.
jookeyman 2009-06-13 10:26:46
***Farka (I'm half asleep)
concertgoer2112 2009-06-17 00:46:32
Just figured out the setlist:

1. Intro>
2. Church Mouth>
3. One
4. Lay Me Back Down
5. And I
6. New Orleans>Bellies Are Full
7. People Say
8. My Mind>How The Leopard Got Its Spot
9. Horse Warming Party
10. 1989
11. AKA M80 The Wolf
Goblimon93 2009-06-17 23:46:24
I've got to thank you guys for getting this recorded and up so fast. I was just starting to get into these guys and then was there in TN for this performance...which blew my mind! So thank you for allowing me to continue to relive an awesome night. THANKS!

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