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ShowBeastie Boys 2009-06-12 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Manchester, TN *Schoeps mk21*
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Info hashbf2ff01e3333c3935f110e95d70486fc9dcb3ba3
DescriptionBeastie Boys
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Manchester, TN
What Stage
2009-06-12 (Fri)

01. Biz Us Nuge
02. Time For Living
03. Super Disco Breakin
04. Sure Shot
05. No Sleep Til
06. Shake Your Rump
07. Gratitude
08. Sabrosa
09. Egg Raid on Mojo
10. Body Movin
11. Pass The Mic
12. Root Down
13. Too Many Rappers^
14. Paul Revere
15. Ricky's Theme
16. Something's Got To Give
17. Tough Guy
18. Remote Control
19. So Watcha Want
20. Crowd
21. Mix Master Mike Solo >
22. Intergalactic
23. 3 MCs
24. Heart Attack Man
25. Sabotage

^ w/ Nas

Total Time: 80:22

Notes: Lost the mk4 > vms02ib source about 20 minutes in, but the 21's vms5u sound pretty good on their own.

Source: Schoeps MK21(nos) > kcy > Schoeps VMS5U > Lifted Chris Hall interconnects > Busman Mod R4 Pro

Location: FOB @ 11'

Lineage: Edirol R4 Pro @ 24/48 > HD > Wavelab 5 > CDWave > TLH

Tape and Transfer: Jeff Hatcher (
Checksumse9e53818157f5f8020e41e07394a415c *beastieboys2009-06-12_t01.flac<br />
08639a3e9a13f6ff47a88a4db3497c07 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t02.flac<br />
9c4d5aa22c924397d7f0bbac6da1c18a *beastieboys2009-06-12_t03.flac<br />
e5cd0de1cfe6f94e3e2c7d918c771a9e *beastieboys2009-06-12_t04.flac<br />
2fcc6843bc983bd5e8be8126dc1e7f11 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t05.flac<br />
64a037102bf30d3f287f008b0f8dc157 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t06.flac<br />
0be555615906c45d18b64e563eb5d2c3 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t07.flac<br />
882cbc08e9a9a77b90916b7a322cd594 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t08.flac<br />
99c44820280c9feea5a02078bab7b5d0 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t09.flac<br />
3499b8866a8a8db7e1632229f5b2d479 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t10.flac<br />
d355e071d2192479697fc7a7d3c3babb *beastieboys2009-06-12_t11.flac<br />
dbd7a1a617cf56437fc6aec67d635977 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t12.flac<br />
12d8c68cd385bf8fb20495162a388ce6 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t13.flac<br />
8a101c50f65971ef5df146920f663f90 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t14.flac<br />
bc2ab07aeb8afd88574aa4b43ba0654f *beastieboys2009-06-12_t15.flac<br />
48254711f5e7506bfdeccee477597203 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t16.flac<br />
61e8cc1ca3efddd0c5c87f50ee56078e *beastieboys2009-06-12_t17.flac<br />
65138cee0a7dccaf6597f47138d3f405 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t18.flac<br />
18bb067e03b6be98a315ddedf54f68c7 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t19.flac<br />
5063b8393eeecad20be28fa713a5fbc0 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t20.flac<br />
7bcc64fbabdede63953d92eb4e951a57 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t21.flac<br />
995aef17bb26b016537a484624d72301 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t22.flac<br />
5b582b3f8bb9f338f1b5965912b404c8 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t23.flac<br />
392de5826afd0480794f59c7c2c85615 *beastieboys2009-06-12_t24.flac<br />
3481e3fad02b2382c3c0d36cfdf84c3a *beastieboys2009-06-12_t25.flac
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Added2009-06-16 20:33:10
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O.D.Jubilee 2009-06-16 23:32:31
Come on people, these tapes don't make themselves. Thanks for sharing!
reece107 2009-06-16 23:35:40
sonicjames 2009-06-16 23:57:13
Many many many Thanks for all yr efforts!!!

My first BB show, & I was right up front. One of the best moments of the whole week-end.

Anastasio 2009-06-17 00:23:49
Thanx for the "KIND" post!
machinelf 2009-06-17 09:23:46
Thank you!
dmlindsay90 2009-06-17 09:49:16
Yeah, thanks - can't wait to check this out. It's been over 20 years since my first and only Beastie's show (with Murphy's Law and Public Enemy opening). Nice to see them still turnin' it out.

jchristo 2009-06-17 11:57:20
Thank you for taping and sharing - we all appreciate it I'm sure.
su6oxone 2009-06-17 12:29:15
Curious why you didn't just make this a two track show if you lost one set of mics, to keep the entire show sounding consistent... thanks for putting up the show though!
sleepypedro 2009-06-17 16:24:55
su6oxone, i'm not seeing in the lineage any indication that he matrixed the first 20 minutes, just that there was a second source intended but it died prematurely. i could be wrong of course, but that's how i interpret his source note.
habit1973 2009-06-17 17:38:14
Definitely only a 2 channel source. I mentioned the mk4>vms02ib source in the notes just for the fact that my other sources had all been 4 channel.
Just listened to the entire show on a nice drive and the 2 channel gets off pretty. In many cases I believe a good 2 channel is hard to beat, but I enjoy playing with the 4 so that's generally what you get.
O.D.Jubilee 2009-06-17 19:29:15
Sounds really great, thanks again.

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