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ShowTodd Snider 2009-05-29 Southgate House-Newport, KY.flac
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TorrentTodd Snider 2009-05-29 Southgate House-Newport, KY.flac.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash8dd4b94986a6389cc9b13063b5d625098e9f64c7
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DescriptionTodd Snider
Friday May 29th, 2009
Southgate House - Newport, KY

Source: SBD RCA Output > Sony DSR-45AP (DVCam)
Transfer: DVCam > DVD > Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper 4 > Audacity (removed 50/60 Hz hum) > CDWav > flac

~~Tried my best to remove the hum that was present in the SBD feed~~
~~As the only taper there that night, this is what we get, sorry~~

Taped & Transferred w/ permission by: Patrick & Jennifer Metsker
**Always freely traded**

01. Ballad of the Kingsmen
02. Bring 'Em Home
03. Todd Introduces Himself
04. Greencastle Blues
05. D.B. Cooper
06. Just Like Old Times
07. Stuck On the Corner
08. Horseshoe Lake
09. Can't Complain
10. Play A Train Song
11. The Devil You Know
12. Alright Guy
13. Beerrun
14. Easy Money
15. Sunshine
16. Tension
17. America's Favorite Pasttime
18. Conservative Christian
19. Life's Too Short
20. E: Slim Chance
21. E: Come From the Heart
22. E: Accentuate the Positive

Big thanks going out to Todd Snider, his management and the Southgate House.
Please go see Todd Snider live!

**Always freely traded**
**Always freely traded**
**Always freely traded**

toddsnider2009-05-29d1t01.Ballad of the Kingsmen.flac:25bf7d8d4e52d5296cd47a6bd0ef66ec
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t02.Bring 'Em Home.flac:7572bcb4ff3fc2e839d93bdddf60ec75
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t03.Todd Introduces Himself.flac:56392723eb91fe13ad7b4edf3e6ed7ea
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t04.Greencastle Blues.flac:19a05497b3dc26cb4d0fb77339b9728e
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t05.D.B. Cooper.flac:26995040d22e7a63205dd5a8ef0da537
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t06.Just Like Old Times.flac:bec789e64b7d9d2e14e9c9549c56ac93
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t07.Stuck On the Corner.flac:efed001347a80f30ca4b4563e87b4aae
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t08.Horseshoe Lake.flac:8ea83e2670955ea1e5dc7b7a8c0d3719
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t09.Can't Complain.flac:d167ed382c884ee5dbd60dc4d8ee64e1
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t10.Play A Train Song.flac:9ea0e0bdcc8c8691387d119eb2b00ea2
toddsnider2009-05-29d1t11.The Devil You Know.flac:a65dc16120ff6e1d09281f20d09023d2
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t01.Alright Guy.flac:770442ef3ae05cfcbfba3ff101ba3c0d
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t03.Easy Money.flac:7a988b704df96e8313e97b111cf6a47f
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t06.America's Favorite Pasttime.flac:b327b056767628e916d3feac59a560d3
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t07.Conservative Christian.flac:6d373555d800786e6157fd6eaea1ba9e
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t08.Life's Too Short.flac:acb787e10e02fd94a09919dc1c9419f7
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t09.E-Slim Chance.flac:a3502f7855bfb4015ee6eac64edd120c
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t10.E-Come From the Heart.flac:37e31728aa2a211964407ca9465cfae7
toddsnider2009-05-29d2t11.E-Accentuate the Positive.flac:c6a963da7db278c41afb634e8c2b6c3b

Visibleno (dead)
TypeTodd Snider
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Added2009-06-27 18:52:12
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metsker 2009-06-27 19:48:53
I would LOVE for someone to try & remaster this audio for me.
I wasn't at the deck personally while this was being recorded, I checked levels & left it. Got home... major hum, I ran it through audacity & tried to pull the 50-60 Hz range out, and it came out MUCH better,.. but it IS still present. Any takers?
wryman 2009-06-28 03:02:13
Thank you for your efforts. ( No comment on quality, I am downloading anyway ).
mariemarie 2009-06-28 11:07:21
Thank you very much
metsker 2009-06-28 13:48:01
listenable: Yes/No ?
Remaster needed? anyone willing to attempt?
cakeking 2009-07-06 22:31:16
soon as i get this downloaded i can try a remaster for you. good reason to spend more countless hours at my new console.
metsker 2009-07-07 14:59:25
cakeking: i can get you the source files if that helps.
metsker 2009-12-11 12:30:59
Still hoping someone would like to try & remaster these files... the hum is still bothering me.
I have a really poor AUD source if anyone can do a matrix...
metsker 2010-03-27 18:32:16

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