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ShowA Christmas Gift from Trey, December 1985
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TorrentTrey's 4 Track Project, Dec. 1985.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asTrey's 4 Track Project, Dec. 1985
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DescriptionA Christmas Gift from Trey, December 1985

Trey's 4 Track Project
December 1985

Source: Master > cass > cass
Transfer: Cass2 > HHB > CDR > Flac

01. And So To Bed >
02. You Enjoy Myself
03. Green Dolphin Street->
04. Harry Hood
05. Slave to the Traffic Light
06. Antelope
07. Divided Sky
08. Letter to Jimmy Page
09. Dave's Energy Guide >
10. Fluff's Travels
11. "A Last Surprise"
12/01/84 Skippy the Wondermouse >
12. 12/01/84 Fluffhead (CUTS at very end)

*Slave: drums by Pete Cottone, Keyboards by Tom Marshall.
*Back-up Vocals: Marc "Daubs" Daubert, Tom Marshall (Slave, Antelope)
*Slave, Antelope and Ltr to Jimmy Page are from Bivouac Jaun
*Dave Abrahams may sing vocals on one or more of these tracks... (?) I have conflicting info.
*Daubs plays percussion on DivSky
*THE DUDE OF LIFE on Tracks 11-12.

I was generously given this music on a 90 min Maxell XL2S tape by a friend of Trey's, who (among many others) had
received the tape from Trey as a Christmas present a few days before Christmas in 1985. As this friend put it, much
of this tape "is the fruit of an entire semester of 4-track experiments by Trey . . . I remember him doing overdubs of all
4 vocal parts on YEM, and using the pitch control knob to vary the harmony."

Trey's "4 Track Project" is profound. Most of it was recorded in Fall/Winter 1985, possibly on Mike's 4 track, but I am not
sure. Trey is his own worst critic and he may reflect back upon this music and scoff (or perhaps worse), but his creative
genius, his humor, and his love of music brilliantly shine through in this material. Whatever he might think about his early
music, he created this tape out of love for his family and friends, and it shows.

A few of these tracks appear on Bivouac Jaun, while other tracks (eg And So to Bed, YEM) appear on "The White Tape,"
which I hope you purchase from,
It is possible that some of the versions on here are somewhat different from those on The White Tape and Jaun;
I have not analyzed them closely. See pages 13-14 of The Phish Companion 2d edition for more information.

The master cassette and my copy conclude with "A Last Surprise," i.e., 12/1/84 Skippy the Wondermouse > Fluffhead,
featuring The Dude of Life. I debated whether to include it here, because it already circulates in low gen, it cuts on here
at the very end, and it is "just" filler. But it is what Trey put on here as filler, so here you go.

Is this the longest .txt file for a torrent that is only of *one* disc ? (lol) Hope you appreciate this, in any event.
Merry Christmas.
Checksumsta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t1.flac:aa48fe754a51171750259ec4c47d685f<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t2.flac:3ae8eca83cadd59781de89964316c330<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t3.flac:35e923dafa3d050effbf9340f5bb6422<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t4.flac:efdd6e431f3622810fc651f685f26d16<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t5.flac:1c1588c2fa987448e2090b65472d34a1<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t6.flac:845fac3110084203034d53458e5caa90<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t7.flac:e9ada633ffbaa93c9be2797df4c7d9c4<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t8.flac:e47528585d68577cac5d350d516896ec<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t9.flac:d65987123cdbc6cb08b971f295daacd4<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t10.flac:c926bb62c78a7c226380a952003579b8<br />
ta1985.12.FourTrack.d1t11.flac:a54cdc0fa73b193526dc7fb656a61764<br />
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taperwayne 2009-10-21 00:21:41
Phish: Project 1983-1993 (The First Ten Years Of Phish.)
Installment #14

The project so far:



Stay tuned for details.
Please help seed for as long as possible!
taperwayne 2009-10-21 00:26:49
I know this was recently seeded here, but here it is again for those who may have missed it the first time around.
Again, I omitted the filler, because I am trying to keep things in chronological order.
Thanks to everyone who's been following the project and helping seed! This wraps up 1985. (unless someone out there has something rare that I don't know about!)

Part of my hopes in this project is to coax some missing sources into circulation.

It might be a great time for me to solicit anyone who might have a stack of old analogs that they never play anymore sitting around gathering dust. Looking for anything not in circulation or bizarre or rare filler material on old Phish tapes.

Would be happy to transfer and share anything that anyone would have to offer up to the community.

Huge shout out to shnfamily as well as all the tapers, and people who spend their time, and talent to transfer this old material.
They have done GREAT things to help get this music to your ears.
cleeetusg 2009-10-21 11:00:36
Thanks for getting this stuff around. The sound quality may vary -- it was over 20 years ago -- but there was a lot of good music in Vermont back then that people should hear today. Plus it's a fascinating historical glimpse through the time portal.

I remember thinking back then, listening to Phish jam in someone's living room with about 10 other friends, that this must be what it was like hanging out with the Grateful Dead in 1965. A passing stoned thought...I never realized until much later quite how right I was!
drdapsoy 2009-10-21 14:34:42
The last couple of my posts may seem a little "nit-picky" and critical and I haven't said "Thanks" in a while, so Thanks! This is an awesome and much appreciated project. Of course a great show is a great show, but I especially LOVE the rare "studio" stuff.
stash.420 2009-10-21 18:43:58
thanks again!
toomanycds 2009-10-21 21:10:26
Taperwayne - I was allowed to plug my tape deck into the sbd at the Bayou in Washington, DC for the 2-24-90 show on Maxell XL IIs with dolby B. The sound was not a bright and crisp as I was expecting but it certainly is an enjoyable listen. If you to transfer this, please send me or post your email address and I'll gladly send you the tapes.
mcbender 2009-10-21 21:25:57
Hey all - I'm desperately trying to find a copy of the 6.20.05 Phish show at Blossom Music Center. Would someone be willing to seed and post a link?

Many thanks!
discocape 2009-10-21 23:20:16
Phish did not play that date, if you figure out the correct date go to
taperwayne 2009-10-22 00:08:04
Cleeetusg - It's great that someone who was there back in the day is commenting on these seeds, and sharing their music. I'd be interested if there were any more oldies but goodies floating around in your music collection that you could get into circulation, thru Charlie or whatever. Please continue to add your comments and memories!

toomanycds - I'd love to work on that recording from 2/24/90. Hit me up at Thanks for the offer!

Everyone else, thanks for following and enjoying the project! I'll start 1986 tomorrow.

toomanycds 2009-10-22 06:34:50
The Phish Companion from 2000 lists this show at the Bayou on Sat. 2-24-90 with the same setlist as my tapes. The Companion also lists this as circulating as a sbd>cass1>dat so this should be an upgrade of a minor sort. I didn't develope an OCD about Phish like I had the GD, but I don't think I would have written down the wrong date.

At any rate, thanks to the folks here who taped and seeded the Red Rocks shows this summer. They and a video of the Hampton first night got me "sharing the groove" again after a long, long time.
mcbender 2009-10-22 08:59:20
Crap - really sorry. its 6-20-95. Thanks for the heads up!
cleeetusg 2009-10-22 13:09:09
thanks taperwayne. You know Charlie -- he's many good things and one of them is thorough. he got all the rare goodies I had from the old daze from me back around 1997, and I've since seen them all in circulation.

There's not really all that much when you get back to the pre-Paul era (he started in fall 1986). Not even the band taped shows consistently prior to that, and almost no one in the audience, except a few Goddard phreaks.
mcbender 2009-10-22 15:09:44
Tracked down a copy. Thanks again.

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