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ShowOysterhead The Grand Pecking Order Live Compilation 2001 flac16
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The Grand Pecking Order Live Compilation

Each track is flac16 format from various sources/transfers located on

01. Little Faces 11/16/2001 Constitution Hall
02. Oz Is Everfloating 11/09/2001 Utica Memorial
03. Mr. Oysterhead 11/13/2001 Roseland Ballroom
04. Shadow Of A Man 11/14/2001 Roseland Ballroom
05. Radon Balloon 11/11/2001 Tweeter Center
06. Army's On Ecstasy 11/13/2001 Roseland Ballroom
07. Rubberneck Lions 11/11/2001 Tweeter Center
08. Polka Dot Rose 11/06/01 Cleveland Theatre
09. Birthday Boys 11/11/2001 Tweeter Center
10. Wield The Spade 11/09/01 Utica Memorial
11. Pseudo Suicide 11/06/2001 Cleveland Theatre
12. The Grand Pecking Order 11/14/2001 Roseland Ball Room
13. Owner Of The World 11/16/2001 Constitution Hall

14. The Israelites 11/06/2001 Cleveland Theatre
15. Them Changes 11/18/2001 O' Connell Center
16. Immigration Song 11/14/2001 Roseland Ballroom
Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on November 16, 2009, at 12:03 am<br />
<br />
01oysterhead2001-11-16d1t03.flac:fd5b32bd787bcc13ead460a48326096b<br />
02oh2001-11-09d1t01.flac:2dd258d43ebe671314864cb2ea122c0a<br />
03oysterhead2001-11-13d2t03.flac:a8238427c049dfa64888e21c26f0c0f4<br />
04oysterhead2001-11-14d1t07.flac:5c01b70a724c755de0b8f10e7c7bb4d0<br />
05oysterhead2001-11-11d1t09.flac:34debcf0f00cf7e979f5f2041f1a0865<br />
06oysterhead2001-11-13d1t02.flac:3620bb18fe7745df03a213de8ce00a73<br />
07oysterhead2001-11-11d1t04.flac:af03326cebacc6c5393a02632ccbeb43<br />
08oysterhead2001-11-06d1t03.flac:0107d32f1cda1f7686e3c779c768f25e<br />
09oysterhead2001-11-11d2t02.flac:8fd41936a89848f4e83dcf7c38a5c319<br />
10oh2001-11-09d2t03.flac:362b7f96d5f678443bb44947c561be36<br />
11oysterhead2001-11-06d1t05.flac:5b294e5cda1987cc980d3baed2d6a393<br />
12oysterhead2001-11-14d1t03.flac:89855731d06d02ceffcf29cc9fa93915<br />
13oysterhead2001-11-16d2t03.flac:76040e67d9be255abcef30ca0e9e5581<br />
14oysterhead2001-11-06d2t05.flac:195ed79259deefaf487a107b04c18e70<br />
15oysterhead2001-11-18d2t05.flac:5bf86ae09074803ce334eb66468bfc2a<br />
16oysterhead2001-11-14d2t04.flac:f47a759050f40fdaf837424bc72ee7ee<br />
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kkaye 2009-11-16 00:14:27
This was a fun one. This comp was created in the order of the record. My favorites are Track #8 Polka Dot Rose and Track #11 Pseudo Suicide, enjoy
pcarini 2009-11-16 00:48:29
chooglincharley 2009-11-16 10:37:32
come back oysterhead!!!!!!
andrew1 2009-11-16 10:53:14
Thank You for the work that went into this compilation!!
retsaot 2009-11-16 11:46:35
fwiw... the cleveland venue was the state theatre.....
kkaye 2009-11-16 12:11:55
whoops I labeled cleveland wrong, sh*t happens. also time for a BIG thank you to the tapers. All I am doing is transfering dats. The tape from Cleveland is fantastic. The 2 Roseland DATS are the best I have ever hear come out of that room. This compilation is in honor of a job well done by the original tapers.....
kkaye 2009-11-16 12:19:21
PS If your interested in Roseland, I have one Primus 2003 seed up now and preparing one more soon in the primus section. :)
retsaot 2009-11-16 12:25:46
which cleveland source is it? I dont think i ever upped my sources from this tour from what i remember
kkaye 2009-11-16 14:40:31
that is the Cleveland torrent. I was given DATS from David Johnston (ucusty) for this tour a while back. I seeded them but dont think many made it on to the db.etree database. these are being added now (thanks jason sobel!!) as I go. These were clones from his masters, who was given a patch at the shows. I would also say thanks to the kind folks who gave him a patch.

This tape for Cleveland smokes em all.
also many thanks to brian porter for providing me with copies of his transfers to seed. great work.

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