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ArtistNorth Mississippi Allstars
ShowNorth Mississippi Allstars 2002-01-27 Rialto Theatre - Tuscon, AZ *uncirculated show*
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Info hash122ab6e711b4c397ca850e7ea7b9d9629401a443
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DescriptionNorth Mississippi Allstars
Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ

Source: DPA 4022 > mp2 > ad1000 > DAP1
Location: 15-20 ft. from stage
Transfer: unknown
Lineage: CDR(1) > EAC > WAV > FLAC(6)
Recorded by: Richard Skaggs

Disc One:
01. Fifty-One Phantom
02. Snakes In My Bushes
03. Sugartown
04. Lord Have Mercy >
05. Lord jam > Lord Have Mercy
06. Storm
07. Freedom Highway >
08. Freedom Highway outro
09. I Got The Blues
10. Bad Bad Pain
11. Shake Em On Down
12. Po Black Maddie >
13. PBM jam > Skinny Woman
14. SW jam > drums >
15. Po Black Maddie

Disc Two:
01. Shimmy She Wobble > Station Blues
02. Never In All My Days
03. Circle In The Sky
04. Can't You See What You're Doing To Me
05. Goin Down South
06. Dropdown Mama
07. Someday Baby
08. crowd noise
09. Psychedelic Sex Machine
10. All Night Long > Lovelight > All Night Long
11. Shake Your Money Maker

Luther Dickinson: guitar, vocals
Cody Dickinson: drums, electric washboard
Duwayne Burnside: guitar, vocals
Chris Chew: bass
Checksumsnma2002-01-27d1t01.flac:b217fd04af903493325aeab936601030<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t02.flac:6cd180e620a369e155fee762216ac11d<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t03.flac:e35ef1bef44e99403c273e0e7dd6b0e5<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t04.flac:8b099891d782e6ab0114d3b587625706<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t05.flac:1db4f7f09e5e5e1bf51738db65a9f2b8<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t06.flac:79cd53aad71e01cf186f744b293ba8a8<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t07.flac:373c8618bf7a6f93f020cbe28744de28<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t08.flac:0c514ebcf459b4eb63f9b2cad7435507<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t09.flac:02201da1c7dabcf5f755735c6c60968f<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t10.flac:19a443c0d21b27063c0261a0203df9df<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t11.flac:735ac4d1c11a7457e4c4d85874a82e6a<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t12.flac:6dc7250695580790abab3e485d127250<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t13.flac:65d37ecccbf86dfe8db833f42aa14fa3<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t14.flac:ce292f9bfc7986ef23c812f4977966bc<br />
nma2002-01-27d1t15.flac:b5f4674749841f88a57fe69eabe0a53f<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t01.flac:c45682b97732a8886c7e28b4c81ed0ae<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t02.flac:a6c57ac87af5aa54881eec228c00da98<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t03.flac:2481cf40373be4bd2f344e7eddf0891a<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t04.flac:e5a424b78de438f9bcaabe0c131a9187<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t05.flac:75d2d71313e71a0c34611e6449f31209<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t06.flac:db18029d03d7d6de4dc999788d75acdc<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t07.flac:b901bb402c34754072eb17f043cf1345<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t08.flac:a5b39b63fc3ba731a73feec0ccaafba1<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t09.flac:9e040dd852dfe6989ccf6f770f809519<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t10.flac:c8a7fde7d56bca02f681109dbc264dae<br />
nma2002-01-27d2t11.flac:819d4846f4cac503ad8c38c66ae2cb1a<br />
TypeNorth Mississippi Allstars
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nma2002-01-27d1t13.flac29.72 MBN/A
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nma2002-01-27d1t15.flac8.12 MBN/A
nma2002-01-27d2t01.flac57.04 MBN/A
nma2002-01-27d2t02.flac19.95 MBN/A
nma2002-01-27d2t03.flac18.44 MBN/A
nma2002-01-27d2t04.flac16.94 MBN/A
nma2002-01-27d2t05.flac33.34 MBN/A
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dorrcoq 2009-11-17 23:09:14
Thanks, Rory
vanark 2009-11-17 23:13:40
My pleasure, Dennis. Many thanks to the taper for sending me his uncirculated recordings. I have 2 more uncirculated shows from 2004 in CO that I'll try to get up this week. They are ready to go, just need set lists. A buddy is helping out with one and hope to find someone else will help with the other.
dorrcoq 2009-11-18 00:26:37
Yeah, Richard sent me some uncirculated stuff, too. Nice recordings. Reminds me - I think I'm still sitting on one of his Los Lobos recordings.
Tomahawk-Kid 2009-11-18 04:06:04
Thank you!
EarthRocks 2009-11-18 16:17:46
Thanks for this, it looks great. Also thanks in advance for those CO shows, I am hoping they are from shows I was at, That fall Fox Theatre show with Dirty Dozen was sick. I was also wondering if anyone has the show from Boulder Theater with Dirty Dozen in the spring of 06. This show was off the hook! Thanks again

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