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ShowPhish 12-02-2009~Madison Square Garden~New York, NY *Schoeps mk41v's*
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Torrentphish2009-12-02.mk41v's.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash24ba7e2a504f6b8260d149380805489b80720c65
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December 2nd, 2009
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

***16 BIT***

Source: Schoeps mk41v's(DINa)>kcy>lemosax>744t
Location: OTS/ROC Floor Section 10, Row E, Seat 13
Transfer: 744t>CD Wave>Wavelab 5>Flac
Taped and Transferred By: Derek Davis

Disk 1/Set 1

01 Intro
02 AC/DC Bag ~>
03 Chalk Dust Torture
04 Wolfman's Brother
06 Ocelot
07 Brian And Robert
08 Poor Heart
09 Sample In A Jar
10 Peaches en Regalia ~>
11 The Divided Sky
12 Cavern

Disk 2/Set 2

01 Intro
02 Golgi Apparatus ~>
03 Light ~>
04 Slave To The Traffic Light ~>
05 Tweezer ~>
06 Joy
07 Sparkle
08 Harry Hood ~>
09 Wading In The Velvet Sea

Disk 3/Set 2 cont.

01 Suzy Greenberg
02 Run Like An Antelope
03 A Day In The Life
04 Tweezer Reprise

Checksumsphish2009-12-02.d1t01.flac:6874fced54e2b4cd6ba7b44f654049c8<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t02.flac:b81a25e3f929e9d3df464f9007247f6d<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t03.flac:d672cab4c387973ab0c0cf9084d1193f<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t04.flac:487a61a4b6fd16dface661da8ad3cb6a<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t05.flac:c1c802594dafe3d3fc438589f121afe6<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t06.flac:60b2c7924d3c815cabd708656357acc5<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t07.flac:f059c7ab52f7acae35d9826760dcbc7c<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t08.flac:85faa79f0e29d05cf5d6af3d859a9b53<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t09.flac:e5652437b6da1cf8e982d9a4c394a5ca<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t10.flac:38ae382c150c986617fa40d138bfcea1<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t11.flac:6ae1202f86919b07d4292975e8486e5d<br />
phish2009-12-02.d1t12.flac:5acd6f5f5851ca98a7d308a471cbdc0f<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t01.flac:a658736d11bf09183809d12eff2c4a0e<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t02.flac:fdef07a7076adccab997243ab4a01d94<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t03.flac:e8ac8dffaa1dd84513dd7d9ef0c8ce6d<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t04.flac:716fe7fde201152186f626ad21c77b02<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t05.flac:3cf164d4d03bf1015f82839bc138aa8f<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t06.flac:9cd304182d73e11fe4f741a389804090<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t07.flac:12fd41702cfd551cbb457552dfa26b34<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t08.flac:fd780ece441c40e3bc8d983edb4648ba<br />
phish2009-12-02.d2t09.flac:d8de200c6be4c23d42d0be141719c438<br />
phish2009-12-02.d3t01.flac:558ee235e3f5f75947872f0932ff1b61<br />
phish2009-12-02.d3t02.flac:df46f888cb3d2ab817c14f32c75adad3<br />
phish2009-12-02.d3t03.flac:fd0283e76b1d0f176454830f6c59671c<br />
phish2009-12-02.d3t04.flac:ef479ef1873c793060da60bb39499305<br />
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Added2009-12-03 02:17:48
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discocape 2009-12-03 02:22:49
thank you
the commitment from tapers to seed like this is insane. It's greatly appreciated by many.
sonafterdark 2009-12-03 02:27:24
yesh - thank you tapers
the sound is amazing...always
daveweiruk 2009-12-03 04:22:00
maxium thanks to the taper in getting this up so quickly it,s funny i haverealy started to get into phish as a band since got into d/l am metting a friend of mine today for coffey now if only some one could seed this will be able to say hears yesterdays phish show looks amazing thanks again
bigdaddybflo 2009-12-03 08:25:34
been waitin on that peaches for a long time, thanks for the up
ncknottypine 2009-12-03 08:40:22
Wish we were there with you guys!!! Have a great time in the CITY! thanks for the quick up!
phishy12 2009-12-03 11:35:13
the internet here is SLOW, so everyone please be patient. it will finish eventually.......
ekoostikal 2009-12-03 11:47:34
Thanks Derek, I love those 41v's
zmanatl 2009-12-03 15:19:26
Nice work DD! 41v's? Why weren't you way up FOB? Tonight FOB? Enjoy the Corned Beef!
hippeefreek 2009-12-03 18:17:51
Zman, how much difference would there be between the mk41's and mk41v's?

Insane thanks as always to the dedicated tapers/seeders...your work is appreciated by so many!
ekoostikal 2009-12-03 18:52:47
>>> Zman, how much difference would there be between the mk41's and mk41v's?

The mk41V is a side address capsule like the mk4V.... from schoeps literature:

"Like the MK 41 or the CCM 41, the MK 41V and CCM 41V are useful in all situations with music or speech, either as “spot“ microphones or as overall directional microphones. However, this type of microphone is addressed from the side.

It excels particularly in the constancy of its polar response throughout the audio spectrum. As a result, sound within 90º on either side of the main axis is picked up with virtually no alteration of frequency response or tone color. This is strongly evident with sound sources that are in motion, but is also of great benefit in obtaining stable, precise stereo imaging for normal music recordings."

From listening to and comparing many scheops recordings IMO the 41v's have more precise bottom end that seems to extend a bit lower than the 41's and tend to be a bit less harsh on the high end.....
chillwig 2009-12-03 19:31:09
gotta love 41s from the section at the garden
jasonsobel 2009-12-03 20:18:04
I just added this one to the etree database:

bgiiys 2009-12-04 00:30:38
"From listening to and comparing many scheops recordings IMO the 41v's have more precise bottom end that seems to extend a bit lower than the 41's and tend to be a bit less harsh on the high end".....

ekoostikal: Why would one go with the 41's over the 41v's?

You make a great case for the 41v's and I agree with your assessment....
ekoostikal 2009-12-04 01:41:18
>>> ekoostikal: Why would one go with the 41's over the 41v's?

Price maybe?? (A single mk41 cap is $999, a single mk41v is $1500) ..... or possibly personal preference. 41's from the section or in a really bad room may be preferred because of them having a bit more off axis rejection than the the V's, but I feel they are a little thin in the bottom..... This is just an opinion based on listening but I have heard others describe the same thing. I like the 41'vs better myself as well as I like the 4v's over the 4's but I have head may folks like the 4's better than the 4v's... It is all a matter of personal preference I guess. Of corse different situations call for different mics..... Now, if I had my choice of any of the schoeps mics I would pick the 21's. I love almost every single recording I have heard made with them. (obviously running them in the section at MSG is not an option) but FOB, give me a tape mad with some 21's every time! =)

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