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ShowGlobal Noize (DJ Logic, Billy Martin, Oteil Burbridge, Bernie Worrell, Karl Denson, Topaz, Jason Miles), The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA 5/1/2008; never circulated; Neumann TLM170 BARN43-Jazzfest Appreciation series
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DescriptionGlobal Noize
The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans, LA

Original master recording: Neumann TLM-170 (cardoid, just in front of the SBD) -> Apogee AD1000 -> Teac DAP20 (@16 bit/48 khz)

Transfer: Sony R500->Sound Devices 722

Mastered: Soundforge Pro 10.0b - *All file manipulation in Soundforge done at 24 bits*. Volume normalization, sample rate conversion 48khz to 44.1khz using iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter, then dithered back to 16 bits using using iZotope MBIT+ with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings. Tracked in CDWav.

1. crowd/tuning
2. ?
3. banter - band intros
4. Bollyhood *
5. ?
6. ?
7. banter - Bernie speaks
8. The Souk *
9. banter - Falu appreciation
10. Planetary Beat
11. banter - we'll come to your town
12. A Jam 4 Joe *
13. thanks/encore break
14. Spice Island
15. thanks/outro

setlist help is appreciated

Transferred, Mastered, and Tracked by Scott Bernstein (5/17-21/2010).

* = w/Falu on vocals

Billy Martin - drums
Oteil Burbridge - bass
Carl Burnett - guitar
DJ Logic - turntables, effects
Jason Miles - keyboards
Bernie Worrell - keyboards
Karl Denson - saxophone, flute
Topaz - saxophone
Christian Scott - trumpet

Taper notes:
So this is BARN43, the other half BARN42 -- the Global Noize set at the Howlin' Wolf from Jazzfest 08, after the Russell Batiste and Friends set that I previously posted. Jason Miles and DJ Logic were able to bring together a lot of BIG names on this stage for this show -- Billy Martin, Karl Denson, Oteil Burbridge, Bernie Worrell, Christian Scott, Topaz. The music is definitely some sort of hybrid jazz/world beat. I guess the night of the show, it felt a little strange after a pretty great funky throwdown opener, also with lots of big name special guests, to have a band play much more "head trip" oriented jazz/world beat combo, late at night in New Orleans. Well maybe if I was one of those who indulged in certain substances it would have made more sense, but I wasn't. Anyway, upon listening back now, it's a really killer set of music if you're in a certain mood for sure. I think I appreciate more now listening at home than I did that night. You can really hear the personalities of each of the individual musicians coming through in the music -- Billy Martin, Karl Denson, Oteil Burbridge, and Bernie Worrell, in particular, sound exactly as you might expect them to sound, and they mesh really well on the unfamiliar material.

Long live Jazzfest, and my appreciation series continues. :-)



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*** Start of New Orelans Jazzfest Appreciation mini-series (note that BARN13 technically belongs in this series) ***
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BARN42 - Russell Batiste and Friends, The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, 5/1/2008 (on
BARN43 - Global Noize, The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, 5/1/2008 (on
Checksums960de07605bfd22aa5b2b5e7efa122e6 *globalnoize2008-05-01t01.flac
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ca461747b909dd042ad787362d218ec6 *globalnoize2008-05-01t07.flac
7575aa989fa646e05516aad5627d6157 *globalnoize2008-05-01t08.flac
4e29db3593dda6bbcc55e4495eae366d *globalnoize2008-05-01t09.flac
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a021bb3afc687ff8d0ba29dc216303c7 *globalnoize2008-05-01t11.flac
e5ef30655b5b4223322c2cea871c811e *globalnoize2008-05-01t12.flac
f23efc64cb10649f868e63a37d1c1bfb *globalnoize2008-05-01t13.flac
b4fb2ea624af84a25c11ce1108b6635f *globalnoize2008-05-01t14.flac
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Add a comment 2010-05-25 00:28:12
Check out the (grainy -- it was DARK in the venue!) pictures I took at this show:

Also, I posted this same set up at if you'd prefer to download directly OR stream:
RBayers 2010-05-25 07:51:52
thanks, i've been wanting to hear this set ever since I saw a poster for it. I was down there for 1st weekend in 2008 when I saw the poster advertising this for the 2nd weekend..
nealbook 2010-05-25 10:46:07
Thanks. I was at this show and my bro-in-law, who knows Bernie W., got us backstage. Quite a night. i was able to get on stage and watch from behind an amp for parts of both sets. Great view!!
gcollett 2010-05-25 17:55:44
Dig It...

thx for these NOLA shows.
bvaz 2010-05-25 18:50:54
thanks again.
need to catch up on listening but looking forward to these jazzfest additions.
mike246 2010-05-25 21:36:26
Mike B in CT here. Thanks for the NOLA sets Scott! Will I be seeing you this Friday at the BB for Papa Mali?
cfunkthecuz 2010-05-25 22:52:46
Hey Scott, like your notes there. Listened to some of those Yolk recordings on archive. those guys were a big inspiration for me and my band mid 90s... glad someone captured some of it. Thanks cfunk
jbelinky 2010-05-25 23:48:59
Anyway you can post the Ivan Neviile Dumpstaphunk show from that year? 2010-05-28 01:04:01
Hey Mike -- Yep, we'll be at Papa Mali tomorrow! See you then!!!

jbelinky -- the Dumpstaphunk show is available here:
Pro_ject 2012-08-30 23:43:25
Thank you!

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