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ShowGalactic 2010-07-31 Gathering of the Vibes; Seaside Park; Bridgeport CT (neumann km184>v2>mini-me)
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July 31, 2010
Gathering of the Vibes
Seaside Park
Bridgeport, CT

source: Neumann KM184> v2> mini-me> Tascam HD-P2 (24bit/48 kHz)
[DIN 90* tapers section]

transfer: CF> USB> Samplitutde 11> cdWave> FLAC

taped/transfered by Rob Clarke robclarke.km184 -AT- gmailDOTcom

disc 1:
01. Gemini Rising
02. Gossip
03. You Don't Know
04. Balkan Wedding
05. Heart Of Steel
06. Cineramascope
07. Ooh Nay Nay

disc 2:
01. Boban
02. Tell Me What's On Your Mind
03. Boe Money
04. No More Okey Doke
05. From the Corner to the Block
Checksumsgalactic2010-07-31d1t01.flac:08a3e49c610cba10df4856d317c0a6a7<br />
galactic2010-07-31d1t02.flac:13f85a9e8892d3817fd22b9040e36c9d<br />
galactic2010-07-31d1t03.flac:fbb8adf022ec2ef2abfd3c917d9e2142<br />
galactic2010-07-31d1t04.flac:41e4ee58ac52b299d0cc4c5753c5dc03<br />
galactic2010-07-31d1t05.flac:d23266203fd050d50f3d5aabb29e5edd<br />
galactic2010-07-31d1t06.flac:df994afbe9206b4cc534fc04b8d2c7cc<br />
galactic2010-07-31d1t07.flac:a259c0f2107ce9bc4190bc03c4d19f05<br />
galactic2010-07-31d2t01.flac:1be780f61675d19a5fe608a13a07217a<br />
galactic2010-07-31d2t02.flac:2e72031316b53de709abc5e35bac6fab<br />
galactic2010-07-31d2t03.flac:e71f05334d1b57d294c3c1e9148d5212<br />
galactic2010-07-31d2t04.flac:6ef9cb3c42b13bad90f70e586dfb8216<br />
galactic2010-07-31d2t05.flac:ccad837d02c8df57990afc67f1127e9b<br />
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robclarke 2010-08-04 19:01:33
Here is another one from this past weekends Vibes

Please post any setlist corrections here, I did my best trying to figure it out but may have made a mistake.

many of my other recordings from this years GOTV have already been posted to the Live Music Archive so look for them there

CamLwalk 2010-08-11 13:16:05
Great recording. I've been really enjoying the fruits of your labor this past week. Much appreciated. Fantastic weekend I'll never forget.

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