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ShowPhish 2010-08-14 Alpine Valley - East Troy, WI (mbho) 16bit
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Info hash823b1b03490d5d6b2f8007c713e17d424a9fecb0
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Alpine Valley Music Theatre
2699 Highway D
East Troy, WI

Taped By Brian Price
A Team Kansasouri Presentation

Do not sell this recording.
Please trade as high quality FLAC files.

MBHO KA500HN/MB603>Edirol R44 @24/44.1
Normalize in Audacity>Dither to 16 Bit>Tracked in CDWav>Flac

Set I:

01 Intro
02 Tube
03 The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
04 Suzy Greenberg
05 Funky Bitch
06 Reba
07 Fuck Your Face
08 Alaska
09 Back On The Train
10 Taste
11 When The Circus Comes
12 Lawn Boy
13 Sparkle
14 Gumbo
15 Run Like An Antelope

Set II:

01 Intro
02 The Sloth
03 Down With Disease ->
04 What's the Use?
05 Scent of a Mule
06 Mike's Song >
07 Dirt
08 Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley
09 Weekapaug Groove
10 Bug


11 Quinn the Eskimo

Checksumsfa63a893848546baf693253fd99cd2d7 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t01.flac
291e38479735fd5d47e59e29cdcd0f91 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t02.flac
ba61114905db7f0decfab5f2c81ce231 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t03.flac
a9d3ddc53669a30187f6c43c24364230 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t04.flac
1813d20c8ef580ecda6c0678d435c767 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t05.flac
e6575e56f56252887a066f8d492127cd *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t06.flac
743d6e316d2a2998697525f1375f6310 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t07.flac
b93a890b943e9ca907c33ae54131f3a7 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t08.flac
fe976b8792b6e24d599c5f7cb0db33fb *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t09.flac
e82fc8571df4a718836e18f79aa94176 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t10.flac
0749f625a24cca0275b6252e140f9f1b *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t11.flac
0538738a555870e52dd9ea5b307c917b *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t12.flac
ed50847c1014fe45332dd3854ccda788 *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t13.flac
25872a919ef318c5f716dcf81ff4f5cf *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t14.flac
de0fb84dd7904d5a8735897ae109e18c *phish2010-08-14mbhos1t15.flac
f5a00babc06954e02103aea3781fc51a *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t01.flac
53c04c6e0cc2dbf205ac336dad90d467 *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t02.flac
b6ee2410219f97ce39e477853d4116a0 *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t03.flac
ebcf19ab09e0278c94ee33044616202b *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t04.flac
e79c59a13ccdbda6d15ce4fd4bde29ad *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t05.flac
2b825451149258525cbd14a75bcf8eda *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t06.flac
06e4deb16e81e65d62b37b4c922297c3 *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t07.flac
9fb6072bcbe248e2195e790b8a145586 *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t08.flac
aeb4bb79d999d0feeb25df0f2b744267 *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t09.flac
7bf266599101cecd0cd290f3e21929ff *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t10.flac
d06301c59b75b32c8456dfb842fdee9a *phish2010-08-14mbhos2t11.flac
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jasonsobel 2010-08-17 06:00:54
I just added this one to the etree database:


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