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ArtistMike Gordon
ShowMike Gordon 2010-09-05 moe.down.xi Gelston Castle; Mohauk, NY (neumann km184)
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DescriptionMike Gordon
September 05, 2010
Gelston Castle
Mohauk, NY

source: neumann km184> V2> R44
OTS slightly FOB ROC

transfer SDHC> USB> Samplitutde 11 > cdWave> FLAC

recorded/transfered by Rob Clarke robclarke.km184 AT gmailDOTcom

disc 1:
01. Andelman's Yard
02. Sugar Shack
03. Walls of Time
04. 15 Step
05. Spiral
06. Idea
07. Crumblin' Bones
08. Dig Further Down
ChecksumsmikeGordon2010-09-05d1t01.flac:cfea506d475de105dc55666da581d544<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t02.flac:12b65de690de811693b11e86c53cabdc<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t03.flac:c04ffbe81ed3f46ed04da3b8f8a0fb8f<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t04.flac:035c67692bc947ef443f880693b7895b<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t05.flac:b6c2c934c3de1b9d49f8fabbaf6efd76<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t06.flac:88a6a83917e5baebc37cc376b893d48b<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t07.flac:a1f0eaaf3572603bffdb751c6161e785<br />
mikeGordon2010-09-05d1t08.flac:556548047235997bc0453f00931ffc2e<br />
TypeMike Gordon
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robclarke 2010-09-07 15:53:42
Here is Mike Gordon's set from this past weekend's moe.down

I already have all 3 days of moe up on the archive,
more from this festival to come here and the archive
Mistercharlie 2010-09-07 16:35:28
Thanks for taping and sharing, Rob!!!!!!!!!
nycjamgal 2010-09-07 19:09:13
Thx for getting this posted so quickly Rob! The show was only a quick hour, but the song choices were great. I really enjoyed the "Walls of Time."

Here's a link to a vid I shot of the new Mike song, "Idea."
bigdaddybflo 2010-09-07 19:17:31
Thanks Rob for the love!! it sure took along time to get Mike's sound just right, 2 maybe 3 songs in, wish he got to play a little bit longer
LAStubbe 2010-09-07 19:30:30
Nice video (and sound!) Jen!
jasonsobel 2010-09-07 19:45:02
I just added this one to the etree database:


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