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Showph1994-12-09 Mesa Ampitheater Mesa, AZ *TiPh Shnfamily companion*
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Torrentph1994-12-09.5468.shnf.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash04bb2b74494366cbe6254faba6658f2587702c0b
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DescriptionPhish 12/09/94 Mesa Amphitheatre - Mesa, Arizona

Source: Set I: DAUD/FOB Schoeps mk4(ORTF) > KC5 actives > CMC5 >
Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD-500e > Sony D10 @48kHz
Master (from D10) used in below transfer

Set IIpt: DAUD/OTS Schoeps mk4(ORTF) > KC5 actives > CMC5 >
Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD-500e > Sony D10 @48kHz
Master (from D10) used in below transfer

Set IIpt+E: DAUD/FOB Schoeps mk4(hat) > KC5 actives > CMC6 >
Aerco > Marantz PMD-700 @48kHz
Master (on Marantz PMD-700) > clone used in below transfer

Conversion: R500 > Canare Coax > Digigram VXPocket/Sony Pixbook >
Soundforge 5.0 (fade in/out/edits/48>44.1 at highest setting[4of4]
with anti-alias filter) > CD Wave > mkwACT v0.97
(shn files have seek tables appended) **No DAE at all**

Detailed info: Set I FOB was done on a stand, during the set break the rig was moved to the OTS
and the first part of set II is from the OTS. This recording was patched with
the set IIpt+E source (mk4/hat) as the Apogee battery died during ____.
See below for info on the patching.

Minor Edits: Fades in/out beg/end of sets--5 sec in all cases
Nasty analog/FOB noise on master removed in Guyute at __:__ using 'channel
swap crossfade' with a total duration of 10 sec where the glitch occurs at 5 sec;
mix w/ both crossing at 0.0db. Missing part of second set/encore patched before
____, at d_t__ __:__. The patch was done using a crossfade with overlapping
duration of 8.533s and the source going from -infdb to 0db and the destination
going from 0db to -infdb.

Tapers: Eliot Byron (I, IIpt) and Steve B. (IIpt and Encore)
Huge thanks to Eliot who supplied the DATs for this transfer!
Transferred and uploaded by Jim Raras <> via Dankseeds
Please contact me with questions etc. There are also 48k shn's of this seed for archival.


This seed is currently being reviewed by dankseeds. If you see this
statement, it's because the seed hasn't been certified yet or this is
just an old info file.

Please check
to find out the status of this seed and to download an updated info

For more information about dankseeds, please visit

Disc 1 / Set I 01:04:18
01. Intro/Crowd 00:29
02. Llama 03:56
03. Foam 09:57
04. Guyute 10:08
05. Sparkle > 03:50
06. I Didn't Know 03:47
07. It's Ice 09:24
08. If I Could 07:43
09. Run Like an Antelope 15:04

Disc 2 / Set II 00:58:46
01. Intro/Crowd 00:27
02. Wilson > 04:47
03. Poor Heart > 02:15
04. Tweezer 26:09
05. McGrupp > 09:24
06. Julius > 07:10
07. Big Ball Jam 02:29
08. HYHU > 01:53
09. Cracklin' Rosie > 02:58
10. HYHU 01:14

Disc 3 / Encore 00:44:13
01. You Enjoy Myself 21:21
02. Suzy Greenberg 05:54
03. Encore Break/Crowd 02:49
04. I'm Blue I'm Lonesome 02:57
05. Foreplay/Long Time 07:18
06. Tweezer Reprise 03:54

Setlist from "The Phish Companion"
Checksums0ffa0e5c28fe92221a68363297007527 *ph94-12-09d1t09.shn
6ae6ce46d797dd6eb81a448d6ccdcc88 *ph94-12-09d1t02.shn
7fd3946d9f7e5aafce7e8056925a9385 *ph94-12-09d1t03.shn
df8bc256ee00f6e353969a1b886dfade *ph94-12-09d1t04.shn
cd5cb363205915d0b5b21935b9424ee8 *ph94-12-09d1t05.shn
645861504fab24a7e259585c9f352773 *ph94-12-09d1t06.shn
57bc74be1bbac0da0cf799933a795ed1 *ph94-12-09d1t07.shn
06292ac153a9f3c9579d57373eb472e3 *ph94-12-09d1t08.shn
7a01e0db0214ce20904cdcff651052f6 *ph94-12-09d1t01.shn
9fd3cbbe7a3009374a498f06baeb7e6c *ph94-12-09d2t10.shn
50c01e632f012e327985057afffcb53b *ph94-12-09d2t02.shn
af8b938eebb7570395a5ed164c939f59 *ph94-12-09d2t03.shn
750170eda7eab6711970b75b617da84e *ph94-12-09d2t04.shn
74587f1f2bb9b51d7e406b90a5ec81bd *ph94-12-09d2t05.shn
920ceef1505b210976cf968bd216b1ae *ph94-12-09d2t06.shn
32d6d3fc1126462089e1c6fad2b78a1a *ph94-12-09d2t07.shn
90e427c97966e7a5379d2395c34f5cfc *ph94-12-09d2t08.shn
c1320ebc0a77073a65c051394960a55a *ph94-12-09d2t09.shn
456d2b476c4daed0f1b0b855b6c0fcb6 *ph94-12-09d2t01.shn
09753ee59d566edf96bf4fe053178c48 *ph94-12-09d3t01.shn
ee12445a4587dfe9e30f83b31d2d4ca0 *ph94-12-09d3t02.shn
130af575bf35cc9e12989fe4942c1845 *ph94-12-09d3t03.shn
526b5c48abec7ca428581df1d6d68c02 *ph94-12-09d3t04.shn
bc8adf2817f72f2ad408b6557e340450 *ph94-12-09d3t05.shn
592bda7bd214d9005f82c81a10f78c51 *ph94-12-09d3t06.shn
Visibleno (dead)
Last seederLast activity 766 days, 04:17:38 ago
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Added2010-12-09 08:47:49
Snatched75 times
Upped byshnfamily
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