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ArtistLos Lobos
ShowLos Lobos 2011-01-14 Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Australia flac16 (Zoom H4n with internal mics)
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TorrentLos Lobos 2011-01-14 Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Australia flac16 (Zoom H4n with internal mics).torrent (click to download)
Downloads asLos Lobos 2011-01-14 Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Australia flac16 (Zoom H4n with internal mics)
Info hashbde3adad8f39cd6718b941927b9a28a2aacfdaf0
DescriptionLos Lobos
Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Australia

Zoom H4n with internal 90 degr mics 16bit/44.1khz
recorded from balcony second row r/h (Steve Berlin's side)
increased low volume by + 6db with Audacity
track split with CDWave Editor, encoded to flac 8 & checksum with TLH 2.6.0
a wobbegong recording

101 Evangeline
102 Don't Worry Baby
103 On Main Street
104 Chuco's Cumbia
105 Tin Can Trust
106 Will The Wolf Survive
107 Luz De Mi Vida
108 Burn It Down
109 Papa Was a Rolling Stone > I Can't Understand >
110 One Way Out
111 introducing Eric Johns > Always and Forever (Heatwave song)
112 The Neighborhood *with Eric Johns on guitar (ex Heatwave)
113 I Got Loaded (w/Lovelight verse)
114 tuning
115 Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
116 Soy Mexico Americano > Volver, Volver
117 Cumbia Raza
118 audience

*with Victor Valdes Trio (actually there are four in this Trio)
119 tuning / introducing Victor Valdes Trio
120 Canto Veracruz
121 La Bamba (Ritchie Valens version > Traditional arrangement > Ritchie Valens version)

The Victor Valdes Trio opened for Los Lobos
Victor Valdes is an amazing harp player and dancer

Los Lobos was invited to be part of the Sydney Festival
ChecksumsLos Lobos track101.flac:08c582883108b4e02966525a0eb2897b
Los Lobos track102.flac:856c3a7d63c27c5b2ead3abd8e7b6146
Los Lobos track103.flac:2912847c6b48ec85842c246ef3af3c0d
Los Lobos track104.flac:357767df7f385b0dd6f1e8410879d4ed
Los Lobos track105.flac:7b7ad54889d58990f8bb304be477e86e
Los Lobos track106.flac:c3ad3836a4c3c8c892c61aa5f0462c9e
Los Lobos track107.flac:02cb3341e9f78993df33adecfe1e68b4
Los Lobos track108.flac:8f14992a0791b7203e79cac763553705
Los Lobos track109.flac:afb7b9f77b2de48eb9ab036a0f49612d
Los Lobos track110.flac:4e543c79fdc4da03950c392c1e6df0b6
Los Lobos track111.flac:14c85123d0f60daf78e1c533b4cade02
Los Lobos track112.flac:280b4f3f09874d5d17f6f9d9b18232f6
Los Lobos track113.flac:03910d41789a3e0d7f057a902b08da28
Los Lobos track114.flac:2be5c67ac9e4e52c8284bd84c92b6413
Los Lobos track115.flac:45aa4507ca566df8825c25751a93fc21
Los Lobos track116.flac:e2027a70699377ca1f8f0d66d2c75715
Los Lobos track117.flac:5fbca4d6022c103ec87bc6ab5cae216a
Los Lobos track118.flac:df23e453dda0bbea17d1f5227f7b4371
Los Lobos track119.flac:b876473e5c7976de06ae93753e0f96a2
Los Lobos track120.flac:30397a8976467d08139886eb719c4deb
Los Lobos track121.flac:3daad6c0e8c3f1bc15bb6493a1e969b7
TypeLos Lobos
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philandjenny 2011-01-18 03:58:45
happy to help seed this. I was at the show, outstanding night, great to see them back down under
Cheers from Oz
Phil :>)
wobbegong 2011-01-18 04:15:05
thanks for the help, much appreciated

Los Lobos will be back in OZ for the Byron Bay Bluesfest (Friday 22nd April 2011)
would be nice if they can manage to turn this stay into a tour of Australia
kabel65 2011-01-18 07:58:13
Cheers for the Lobos !
Wish they would come back to Perth.
Don`t think they have been here since
the How Will The Wolf Survive tour.

My brother lives in Newtown.
Have to SMS him to see if he caught them !

Cheers from Perth.

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