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ArtistDrive-By Truckers
ShowDrive-By Truckers 2011-01-27 Crossroads Cafe Huntsville, Ala.
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DescriptionDrive-By Truckers
Crossroads Cafe
Huntsville, Ala.

Recorded by: MSTaper
Transferred by: MSTaper
*** A Team Dirty South Recording ***

Avantone CK-1 (cardoid) > UA-5 > R-09 (@24/28)
FOB/slightly ROC; mics about 7' high; about 40' from the band
SDHC > HDD > Wavelab 6 > CD WAVE > FLAC > Traders' Little Helper

Set List:

01 Intro
02 Birthday Boy
03 Go-Go Boots
04 Where the Devil Won't Stay
05 Putting People on the Moon
06 Cartoon Gold
07 Box of Spiders
08 Pulaski
09 Patterson Rap
10 Mercy Buckets
11 Marry Me
12 Boys From Alabama
13 Three Dimes Down
14 Play It All Night Long
15 Get Downtown
16 It's Gonna Be (I Told Ya So)
17 Drag the Lake Charlie
18 Self Destructive Zones
19 Sinkhole
20 Uncle Frank
21 Hell No I Ain't Happy
22 Encore Break
23 Heathens *
24 Carl Perkins Cadillac
25 I Used to be a Cop
26 Zip City
27 Let There Be Rock *
28 Buttholeville > State Trooper > Buttholeville *
29 People Who Died *

Running time: 2:27

* With Jason Isbell

I almost didn't go to this show because I had to go to work the next day, but
willSFC talked me into it since it was so close to home. I'm glad I did.
Anyone who didn't take Jason Isbell's Facebook and Twitter hints about
being at the show missed a historic occasion. He played one song with the
band then came back out during the encore for blistering versions of
"Buttholeville" and "People Who Died." He looked extremely happy on
Another reason I was glad I showed up was because Will and I were the
only tapers there. We have some video that will eventually pop up on You



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Checksumsdbt2011-01-27t01.flac:a27c900d0f25e9bb44c1b949dc6ff2b9<br />
dbt2011-01-27t02.flac:64e1d401d08a45f3b130847a75fb6610<br />
dbt2011-01-27t03.flac:31ba7038379a6c578857e39e985476a3<br />
dbt2011-01-27t04.flac:5c3ee0cf1d37ac364a45662fd11a0041<br />
dbt2011-01-27t05.flac:7afdfb86de5ab10f5bb274e980b86f6e<br />
dbt2011-01-27t06.flac:1161469a8b1a507e2afceacd23cbaa82<br />
dbt2011-01-27t07.flac:51939488b47edd0f8721d99796e35d4d<br />
dbt2011-01-27t08.flac:1c9bf6a53727d3b1919c713647fc1fba<br />
dbt2011-01-27t09.flac:9ca2d53cdfafe6bae3bb9ea8a5e31744<br />
dbt2011-01-27t10.flac:1c54d37a62a8fa5549de19947e52c960<br />
dbt2011-01-27t11.flac:242dadeccb95f225287ffb73a71ef662<br />
dbt2011-01-27t12.flac:f94b82014a7ce1ff79f2f5d2a772a204<br />
dbt2011-01-27t13.flac:483300ab4eda773a7b5f17459a0a1f66<br />
dbt2011-01-27t14.flac:51bec56f89a1eed1349f9a64a0be8a3f<br />
dbt2011-01-27t15.flac:2353e8b8a709b541fd8257ef98a369b3<br />
dbt2011-01-27t16.flac:2a5be9cd4ba0cc019dae288059b22427<br />
dbt2011-01-27t17.flac:4496ba507bc53771f1af739d54201847<br />
dbt2011-01-27t18.flac:0f452ff14272724cecc739e1fc1b8639<br />
dbt2011-01-27t19.flac:0c4229e22918ab4146fe20c826217e8a<br />
dbt2011-01-27t20.flac:d6ce716bef348a9b2c01e8eb95921aa7<br />
dbt2011-01-27t21.flac:5930a5d9ba3afa28512ea3a24848077e<br />
dbt2011-01-27t22.flac:9a786aae290e76f50bce7cea1fd205a3<br />
dbt2011-01-27t23.flac:2510c89f4f7f6df1e7462cf3ccf7d59b<br />
dbt2011-01-27t24.flac:481ed83dce7aeb11f94a589ebac86332<br />
dbt2011-01-27t25.flac:5219169e94897e5cffb805764aa7f7ec<br />
dbt2011-01-27t26.flac:e540473eb2ec633cfaea5602ae06ecd2<br />
dbt2011-01-27t27.flac:36d0f0953ccbe9fc1efe9efebff5c094<br />
dbt2011-01-27t28.flac:0ef586fb54a287e6d87e1ae51ab33ec8<br />
TypeDrive-By Truckers
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Iowan4Panic 2011-01-28 16:43:58
Thanks!! Can't wait to hear all this since the stream was hit and miss last night. Can't wait to see that video also. Huge thanks to all involved!!
tdwriter 2011-01-28 17:05:28
No problem. I almost didn't go and my son talked me into it. Glad he did. We were the only tapers that I know of.

He was the one running the stream off my mics/recorder. He was having trouble getting wifi in the building, but once we put the laptop on the soundboard the connect worked pretty good, from what I heard. Not sure why he didn't use his phone.

He'll be working on the video soon, I'm sure. I expect it to end up at

If I wasn't going out of town tonight for six days I'd put up some of the single cam vid I got. Ran out of my R-09 into the camera and the audio is sweet!

Enjoy this one!

MSTaper (and willSFC!)
Iowan4Panic 2011-01-28 17:22:38
Awesome will be watching for the video!!
Blues_Ken 2011-01-28 18:58:14
johnfitz 2011-01-28 19:14:12
Thank you very much!!
jason_nc 2011-01-28 20:18:50
thanks for making it there and sharing Jason's return with the band
tobin668 2011-01-28 20:30:03
Thanks dude!
jspill 2011-01-28 20:30:48
I was there and it was a SMOKING show! Everything you could ask for in a rock show. Thanks for taping and sharing!
cimburgia 2011-01-28 20:42:40
Wow, shocked they didn't play one of his originals. But glad he sat in nonetheless. Thanks for taping!

- Focker
borobri 2011-01-28 20:53:44
Thanks from over the pond
kbworth 2011-01-28 21:46:55
Dumb question... how do I turn the torrent file into an audio file?

also thanks so much for recording the show! this one will surely go down in dbt history
bamalums 2011-01-28 23:55:49
kbworth. Foobar2000. It will play the flacs or convert to wav. Thanks MSTaper!
kbworth 2011-01-29 02:12:10
bamalums: I tried foobar2000, plus youtorrent and dbpoweramp and something else. I think I'm just allergic to technology. thanks for your help though!
borobri 2011-01-29 09:49:07
Try Traders Little Helper TLH.Once you have worked out how it works it is very simple to use.. Bri..
russiancrowe13 2011-01-29 10:40:19
This looks outstanding. Thank you for taping and sharing it.
taperx 2011-01-29 10:54:01
Thanks for this. KBWorth, I use DBPoweramp with no problems. Even on this. Can you describe the trouble you are having? Do you have the FLAC decode option installed on your version of DBPoweramp?
reservationgirl 2011-01-29 15:56:50
tomfrey 2011-01-30 14:21:00
KBworth is probably making the same mistake my brother was making, thinking that the .torrent file itself contains some musical information.

kbworth, there should be some information on the etree site itself about how to use a bitorrent client. I'm sure someone can hep f those directions are hard to follow.
mtnlivin 2011-01-30 17:42:18
Thanks for this awesome show! utorrent is real easy to use bt client. Also, burrrn for converting flac to wav to disc.

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