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ArtistDark Star Orchestra
ShowDark Star Orchestra, Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo, NY 2011-05-20
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TorrentDark Star Orchestra, Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo, NY 2011-05-20.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asDark Star Orchestra, Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo, NY 2011-05-20
Info hash6f064231c482af86bb29388b9c9a7bd521273038
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DescriptionDark Star Orchestra, Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo, NY 2011-05-20

Taper : Steve T ''AKA'' The Little Red Bag

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Nak 700 Mics > Sony M-10

SD Card > Cool Edit > Traders Little Helper

Disc 1 : 1st Set :
02-China Cat Sunflower >
03-I Know You Rider
04-When I Paint My Masterpiece
05-^Loose Lucy
06-^I'll Be With Thee
07-Mexicali Blues >
08-Sitting On Top Of The World
09-Mr Charlie >
10-Music Never Stopped

Disc 2 : 2nd Set :
02-Shakedown Street >
03-Not Fade Away >
04-Eyes Of The World >
05-Feel Like A Stranger >
06-Drums >
07-Space >
08-If I Had The World To Give

Disc 3 : 2nd Set Con't :
01-Scarlet Begonias
02-Greatest Story Ever Told

Notes: ^ w/Donna Jean
ChecksumsDisc101-dso-Tuning.flac:cd723fef877a91ecc81fb97f2142604b<br />
Disc102-dso-China Cat Sunflower.flac:17aaad7155757153d27ec82ef7819d3a<br />
Disc103-dso-I Know You Rider.flac:9a276d7ca96dde46c3638218abac820e<br />
Disc104-dso-When I Paint My Masterpiece.flac:6a9bac78e34a88cf35df5ff0aadcbb5b<br />
Disc105-dso-Loose Lucy.flac:5e7c1415ff832a912224963c0a8f25ce<br />
Disc106-dso-I\'ll Be With Thee.flac:09d487318ef737b2f1ebeb39b23de8ff<br />
Disc107-dso-Mexicali Blues.flac:06d0568e07a41c31d418fd45c7463c8a<br />
Disc108-dso-Sitting On Top Of The World.flac:01872f2c27406a3c405d856d9093d233<br />
Disc109-dso-Mr Charlie.flac:e1d49ddcd7283d8b7cd4036a3af1f6dd<br />
Disc110-dso-Music Never Stopped .flac:ad8d286cf622f519a40acb03ae4eb79c<br />
Disc201-dso-Tuning.flac:bfeff2acb529d170d8117e1d828f40a8<br />
Disc202-dso-Shakedown Street.flac:30dc813808ba9ebcf56a26658bc15b1e<br />
Disc203-dso-Not Fade Away.flac:1f3317e3923fb8c7a57f0853648c3071<br />
Disc204-dso-Eyes Of The World.flac:107b972f1596b9d7a5836f28dbff0c30<br />
Disc205-dso-Feel Like A Stranger.flac:adb49cdd9a401090ceb9bf5dc813a4eb<br />
Disc206-dso-Drums.flac:c14bd3e0ef1b67ce393345da6241fbe2<br />
Disc207-dso-Space.flac:55eeb1217c85eb2337b007712a277698<br />
Disc208-dso-If I Had The World To Give .flac:e2ae4af92877352ea27aed6d1473564b<br />
Disc301-Scarlet Begonias .flac:c23021dce00d326f93b735a6262496b9<br />
Disc302-Greatest Story Ever Told.flac:7a6194fd65a7afdaa67776439515234c<br />
TypeDark Star Orchestra
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Dark Star Orchestra, Mighty High Mountain Fest, Tuxedo, NY 2011-05-20.ffp1.3 kBN/A
Disc101-dso-Tuning.flac14.87 MBN/A
Disc102-dso-China Cat Sunflower.flac40.08 MBN/A
Disc103-dso-I Know You Rider.flac39.02 MBN/A
Disc104-dso-When I Paint My Masterpiece.flac39.33 MBN/A
Disc105-dso-Loose Lucy.flac41.40 MBN/A
Disc106-dso-I'll Be With Thee.flac39.11 MBN/A
Disc107-dso-Mexicali Blues.flac35.81 MBN/A
Disc108-dso-Sitting On Top Of The World.flac24.74 MBN/A
Disc109-dso-Mr Charlie.flac22.02 MBN/A
Disc110-dso-Music Never Stopped .flac47.34 MBN/A
Disc201-dso-Tuning.flac14.79 MBN/A
Disc202-dso-Shakedown Street.flac80.84 MBN/A
Disc203-dso-Not Fade Away.flac49.31 MBN/A
Disc204-dso-Eyes Of The World.flac72.94 MBN/A
Disc205-dso-Feel Like A Stranger.flac51.33 MBN/A
Disc206-dso-Drums.flac45.01 MBN/A
Disc207-dso-Space.flac27.27 MBN/A
Disc208-dso-If I Had The World To Give .flac39.84 MBN/A
Disc301-Scarlet Begonias .flac90.79 MBN/A
Disc302-Greatest Story Ever Told.flac34.95 MBN/A
info.txt796 BN/A
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billydee 2011-05-28 12:51:01
Thanks a million for taping and making this available!

Could not make the show but listened to the stream and this show was smokin hot!
phil_er_up 2011-05-29 07:55:34
Wow what a lineup. Thanks for sharing Joe.
It is appreciated.

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