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ShowSoulive 06/24/2011 Buffalo Place Harbor, Buffalo, NY DPA 4023>Sonosax>722 *16 bit*
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Buffalo Place Harbor
Buffalo, NY

**16 bit**

Source: DPA 4023>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
Config/Location: DIN/FOH/DFC 9' stand
Transfer: 722>Firewire>Macbook>
Sound Studio 3.6(fades, normalize peak, +gain, track)>
Wave Editor (iZotope Resampler/MBIT+ Dither)>
xACT 2.12(align on sector boundaries, encode, tag, fingerprint)>flac16 (level 8 )
Taped & transferred by: Lenny Stubbe

Set I: (1:14:50)

01. Hat Trick
02. Turn it Out
03. Manic Depression
04. Come Together
05. Something>
06. Eleanor Rigby>
07. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
08. One in Seven>
09. Alan Drum Solo
10. Flurries

- Rain mist and wind gusts on and off throughout set. None of which I heard on the recording
- Co bill with Dark Star Orchestra

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Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.13 on 2011-09-11 10:16:53 -0400

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soulive2011-06-24t05.flac15.43 MBN/A
soulive2011-06-24t06.flac29.55 MBN/A
soulive2011-06-24t07.flac32.30 MBN/A
soulive2011-06-24t08.flac62.86 MBN/A
soulive2011-06-24t09.flac18.29 MBN/A
soulive2011-06-24t10.flac39.46 MBN/A
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LAStubbe 2011-09-11 11:09:49
LMA 16 & 24 bit:
zmanatl 2011-09-11 11:25:02
Nice work Lenny!
pixielf 2011-09-11 12:11:09
Setlist looks cool Thanks a lot!
bigdaddybflo 2011-09-11 12:21:28
Team Buffalo in da house !! good job buddy ! thanks for the love.
BuffaloRuss 2011-09-11 15:14:26
Been watching for this one for awhile! Thank you!

Anyone catch Elvis Costello the next night?
kingkita 2011-09-11 20:23:54
slacking lenny!
LAStubbe 2011-09-11 23:05:26
I do slack sometimes Kingkita! I did the DSO set a while back but kept this one on the backburner for a while because I don't know Soulive's material. Outside of the Beatles stuff I needed to do research on other tunes to get the tracking down.

Russ... somebody may have stealthed Elvis, but if so, getting it from one of the stealth guys in Buffalo usually requires a great deal of groveling unfortunately!

We have a good group of tapers in Buffalo, but most of them just do not post anything that I am aware of.
bluelawn 2011-09-12 18:01:29
thanks Lenny, Bens first show
LAStubbe 2011-09-12 20:44:55
That's right Seth! Forgot about that. Glad I was able to capture your son's first show! Awesome!

What a great day despite the rain.

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