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Torrenttrevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit.torrent (click to download)
Downloads astrevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit
Info hashbb59d3b0eaf92b69063b39708d15ab140d3cb667
DescriptionTREVOR HALL
Club Soda
Montreal, CANADA

Source: AKG c460b (ck61) > Naiant Bigbox w/ Output XFOS > PMD-661 (24bit/48kHz,GAKables)
Location : ROC,SBD,NOS,11'stand
Transfer : SDHC>USB>HD>Wavelab>CDWAV>FLAC>Foobar/TLH
Recorded by permission and transferred by jibooer (AKA jahdawg)


01. Internal Heights
02. Volume
03. All I Ever Know
04. Brand New Day
05. Good Rain
06. Unity
07. Om Shakti Om
Checksumstrevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t01.flac:9a74a8297ee9ef4de93a4694dc7c3c3c<br />
trevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t02.flac:e3c1dc5a46eacff87199f72b93652f72<br />
trevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t03.flac:3b20dc1d4d0ce75301ba074aaa504201<br />
trevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t04.flac:d0454bc09904bd4d0779ee1db4b38cc4<br />
trevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t05.flac:bfede3a949b7f05ee8364275c894864a<br />
trevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t06.flac:86a0c7b0636d4c8839b278ea69623c14<br />
trevorhall2011-09-06_akg461_16bit_t07.flac:a92fc8bbdcebaf59d94cfc254f0e5f4e<br />
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Size248.59 MB (260668873 Bytes)
Added2011-09-13 17:10:31
Snatched17 times
Upped byjahdawg
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LVDEADHEAD702 2011-09-13 19:01:59
This guy is still a douch bag for hitting on my girlfriend!!!!
He's a little punk ass bitch!

PLEASE feel free NOT to leave a whole chain of comment....this is my personal opinion and has nothing to do with his music
jahdawg 2011-09-13 19:42:11
...and how do you suppose we ignore your social dialogue when you open yerself to alot of abuse like this? It would also help if you learned how to spell douche-bag properly. You personal feelings of having your manhood threatened by lil' ol' Trevor are quite pathetic in all honesty and this is hardly the forum.
LVDEADHEAD702 2011-09-14 02:09:22
Thank you for the spelling update
LVDEADHEAD702 2011-09-14 02:11:02
and trust me if you knew the situation you too would be curious what your reaction would be if he asked your girlfriend to come hang out and get drunk and fuck in his hotel room....yeah sorry he crossed the line.....just

No need to make any more comments on this subject
Tranastasio1 2011-09-14 12:13:21
TY for the "KIND" seed!

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