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Info hash42f1fe31798dbc71523d0565c7d97e478923924d
DescriptionLittle Women
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA

[Uncle Ed's Sock Drawer Series #2]

(opening for David Lindley & El Rayo-X)
01. intro
02. Lick The Tears
03. Breakfast At Lucille's
04. Life's Just Bitchin'
05. Shampoo Crew
06. Age Of Reason
07. The Grip
08. A Few Good Men
09. Like A Rolling Stone//
10. Under The Lilacs (David Lindley & El Rayo-X encore w/LW)

Source/lineage: SBD> Nakamichi BX-300(?)> Maxell XLII-S 90> ET5500 digital converter(Wav,16/44.1)> flash drive> pc> Adobe Audition 3.0(cuts/S.I.E./fades)> CDWave> TLH lvl8

Recorded by: Ed Williams
Transferred/edited by: Duncanspoppy
Checksumsd4495d3bc55e848a1ac78ff2926b09cf *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t01.flac
5511dc7df850becf294adc4cb1ce4c0f *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t02.flac
d3335074f316721ec0e5c607a66e0ae7 *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t03.flac
bcd0143abd62ad7aed60eb0f2f11fe6d *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t04.flac
749679df809edf36dfa2682c40d9d767 *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t05.flac
7c2a47534c9dada3a6c3a6f15ff66419 *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t06.flac
2e75926c1b058292e3c6355bb1dd8c31 *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t07.flac
a3285ff99bce1d38f3cd0301fbc7ea13 *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t08.flac
56acbb4f9a7d2f2bedb56cf855a731cd *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t09.flac
62f8a1857ea3f8df28e33b59cf66a1e7 *lw1986-11-08 Williams-DP.SBD.t10.flac
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zmanatl 2012-02-06 06:16:56
Vintage! Nice work!

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