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ArtistBruce Hornsby
ShowBruce Hornsby 1996-04-22 - Mississippi Nights - St. Louis, MO (SBD) *New Source*
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TorrentBruce Hornsby 1996-04-22.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash514e369463caafb67089b9b150456d64a1c12e15
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DescriptionBruce Hornsby
Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, MO

Source: Soundboard > DAT (48kHz)
Lineage: DAT/M > DAT/1 > Marantz PMD-700 > Marantz PMD-660 (16/48) > Audacity > CDWav > FLAC1644
Recorded: unknown
DAT provided by: Christian Richart
Transfer/seed: Brad Foster

~ One set ~

01. Spider Fingers > (Mountain Jam)
02. White Wheeled Limousine > (My Baby Wrote Me A Letter)
03. Hot House Ball
04. Drunken Hiccups >
05. Western Skyline >
06. Masterpiece
07. Scarlet Begonias
08. Fields of Gray
09. Under The Boardwalk
10. The Changes
11. Rainbow’s Cadillac
12. Across The River
13. Wharf Rat >
14. Talk Of The Town
15. Defenders Of The Flag
16. Carry The Water
17. Valley Road
~ Encore ~
18. Mandolin Rain >
19. Brokedown Palace
20. Walk In The Sun >
21. Cruise Control

Total tracks = [02:07:58]

-- Level dip at the end of t07 Scarlet, present on DAT.
There appears to be no music missing, just ~10 sec dip in the levels, this was left as-recorded.
-- The crowd noise during the encore break was faded out on the DAT/crossfaded.
-- Setlist courtesey of
Checksumsbh1996-04-22t01.flac:628f003f5fea9d7129e5ad5918deda1f<br />
bh1996-04-22t02.flac:cc22460f799399bdfd582919cd2bfd9e<br />
bh1996-04-22t03.flac:170606b931ea9c192e938327601d05b8<br />
bh1996-04-22t04.flac:7046b13a25fbb8b04cdcf973322e0f4e<br />
bh1996-04-22t05.flac:fef8ec1d24667991f83617e34cfd0c0d<br />
bh1996-04-22t06.flac:70f8857e05ca0fadedd571d19d49cf73<br />
bh1996-04-22t07.flac:7ead06278347b7ad3a0bc02a8126d3e4<br />
bh1996-04-22t08.flac:27f0fa21f085a900b800c0d098d3ba3d<br />
bh1996-04-22t09.flac:1599cea691fed43d4e4f4bf0b82f3c5e<br />
bh1996-04-22t10.flac:505eb6a05a486c5801b6af9e7018ad9f<br />
bh1996-04-22t11.flac:f5cbd7df4619742b0732312deb061adb<br />
bh1996-04-22t12.flac:92f143cb6854cf9f8e70959e3bb20db0<br />
bh1996-04-22t13.flac:771b81ac1db801c62d25d44e167c2c0d<br />
bh1996-04-22t14.flac:18fcae88be058be8f5ff0fd69acb9b0a<br />
bh1996-04-22t15.flac:aae8b1fb236dabcd8e3dd372c0a26e0d<br />
bh1996-04-22t16.flac:2034155fe22e0dbe3f8063eebd37463d<br />
bh1996-04-22t17.flac:12efdc128f6f22f68ee05a2ee0220a36<br />
bh1996-04-22t18.flac:0ec417de2df0bb7e170493feb4b3f8b8<br />
bh1996-04-22t19.flac:194015d1ad71f460d47dcebc8714458f<br />
bh1996-04-22t20.flac:67211f54b8572e3a347f32a345777c0d<br />
TypeBruce Hornsby
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weirhornsbykimock 2012-02-10 00:43:45
Looks great THANKS!
chris keenan 2012-02-10 10:57:04
Looks great man! Thanks a ton!

anyone ever seen 5/23/96, State Theater, Portland, Maine? I was there and I've never seen it anywhere.

Again, thanks a lot.
Eyes113073 2012-02-11 00:20:36
Thanks very much for sharing this! I love the 1993-1997 Hornsby shows!
Eyes113073 2012-02-11 14:20:58
Does anyone have 11/20/93 or 8/22/95? Many thanks again for the Hornsby!
weirhornsbykimock 2012-02-11 15:27:48
My favorite Bruce era is 2000 to now. I wish more recordings from the 2000's circulated especially 00 - 04.
I like not having Debbie Henry signing back up these days. I didn't enjoy her wailing. Bruce's voice is awesome and he doesn't need a back up singer. I consider the 90's the Debbie/guitarless era.
The 90's usually didn't have a guitar player after 92 up until Doug came in 98.
The 2000's got more jazzy and jammy as the songs extended a lot more. Plus I enjoy a lot of the new songs that came out during the past 10 years. Plus Steve Kimock made a ton of guest appearances in the 2000's.
The format of Bruce's shows is even better these days, as well, as you got that little segment where he plays 2 songs on the accordian and then 2 on the dulcimer.
Don't get me wrong I still like the 90's but I love what and how he does it now. Bruce and the Noisemakers are on fire!
I just don't understand why he isn't bigger than he is. He is one of my favorite jambands.
GuinnessGoon 2012-02-11 16:23:11
Thank you for sharing this.
I am pretty sure I don't have it.
I second that on hoping to see more shows from the 2000's circulate here.
I always see 90's stuff and most of it has been circulated here hundreds of times especially all the Furthur Festival stuff.
Thanks again.

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