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ShowDustin Burley 2012-02-09 Byers Street Bistro - Staunton, VA SBD
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Torrentdburley2012-02-09 Byers Street Bistro - Staunton, VA.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asdburley2012-02-09 Byers Street Bistro - Staunton, VA
Info hash8632f6cdcc15d0ce5b4b060c06df8e861ceda2af
DescriptionDustin Burley
Byers Street Bistro
Staunton, VA

Source: SBD > Tascam DR-07 > PC > Flac16

Set I:

The Rebellion >
Illusions >
Crossroads >
Illusions >
Folsom Prison Blues
Back in Old Wyo >
Twentieth Century Fox >
Back on Old Wyo
The Day Will Come
Ocean King
Happy Jack Road
Auga Di Flow (part 1) >
Lost in the Rockies

Set II:

Punch you in the Eye >
Psycho Killer >
One Way Out >
Psycho Killer >
One Way Out >
Empty Spaces >
Psycho Killer >
Black Widow
Backroads to Zion >
One Way Out >
Backroads to Zion >
Truck Stop Shower
Elements >
The Rebellion Reprise
Drive by the Sun
Waves at High Tide


Last Auga Di Flow (part 1) 3/25/2009 Firehouse Grill - Fairfax, VA [309 shows]
Last Drive by the Sun 5/9/2007 City Limits - Altoona, PA [465 shows]
Checksumsdburley2012-02-09d01t01 The Rebellion.flac:188db9253a15baa4eea36d44bbc651c2
dburley2012-02-09d01t02 Illusions.flac:80c49191f68badde5e0198bcd763602b
dburley2012-02-09d01t03 Crossroads.flac:740f65ddfa5a5ce3f6be44d259c58628
dburley2012-02-09d01t04 Illusions.flac:19731a466803246f8275dcb909328d37
dburley2012-02-09d01t05 Folsom Prison Blues.flac:8fbdd4deac2f599426f9bee7b6e76769
dburley2012-02-09d01t06 Atlantis.flac:2fb3cb991651681db6e6af5f155818b3
dburley2012-02-09d01t07 Back in Old Wyo.flac:72655771df1227115e78ec4ac6ac5aa0
dburley2012-02-09d01t08 Twentieth Century Fox.flac:1c85033018ee400982cb101ba8aa7a5f
dburley2012-02-09d01t09 Back in Old Wyo.flac:8a9afb2fe364c43c6e215a1d53a36ea8
dburley2012-02-09d01t10 The Day Will Come.flac:d4a027163bc29fd18fe28449dd6de99e
dburley2012-02-09d01t11 Ocean King.flac:b7f897252db3f7ae6a5cecb132baf1cf
dburley2012-02-09d01t12 Happy Jack Road.flac:8cfe695b4a1fcf7039ddae407304e3b2
dburley2012-02-09d01t13 Auga Di Flow pt 1.flac:a13805add69f4e579763beae2ead9bdd
dburley2012-02-09d01t14 Lost in the Rockies.flac:fcbefd8b6f34dd13316edf0ab870cea8
dburley2012-02-09d02t01 Punch You in the Eye.flac:da1e58f46bb4459d61c4a781fc2b138b
dburley2012-02-09d02t02 Psycho Killer.flac:a92d949cd7f51dd4d42268014a93458c
dburley2012-02-09d02t03 One Way Out.flac:aca8919c42c4321e4c4f622168fd5551
dburley2012-02-09d02t04 Psycho Killer.flac:5c1869b5189b5c5bb50e96d10c8be388
dburley2012-02-09d02t05 One Way Out.flac:08b98d06833e6957daf652314b2fe44d
dburley2012-02-09d02t06 Empty Spaces.flac:b529ad6c963ea44d083be8c63432e67a
dburley2012-02-09d02t07 Psycho Killer.flac:8bedfdae86eee5054ebef84e01574866
dburley2012-02-09d02t08 Black Widow.flac:2d90256d5ec90e577074c0b113e4a7a5
dburley2012-02-09d02t09 Backroads to Zion.flac:73b0ec910595b768fa1564c82d71140f
dburley2012-02-09d02t10 One Way Out.flac:410ec051f0e74c05bfaf29c68193bca1
dburley2012-02-09d02t11 Backroads to Zion.flac:8fab9455d06ae66a8b5fc640ebb6c42f
dburley2012-02-09d02t12 Omaha.flac:7e74c37ca10646dd6d78a5032005513b
dburley2012-02-09d02t13 Truck Stop Shower.flac:9f853ec4f74f9c7f7dad495f28d68d0f
dburley2012-02-09d02t14 Elements.flac:57300314d440b6590c7425b39367d037
dburley2012-02-09d02t15 Have Mercy.flac:9ce0b4e2f1e3d22b54b3108414de1554
dburley2012-02-09d02t16 The Rebellion Reprise.flac:0362eaa12f0435bff8751463de60dec6
dburley2012-02-09d02t17 Drive by the Sun.flac:d9466900b0b56a5e43d911844fda93f7
dburley2012-02-09d02t18 Waves at High Tide.flac:cb6e9e92637244349b45077a17023061
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organicplanet 2012-05-20 05:40:16
Wow, this show needs some love, only 13 downloads? This 2nd set is pure raw energy. Sounds as good as it looks, give this show a shot.

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